Necromancer Of The Shadows

"I should have stayed home and played video games." This was Ray's last thought before darkness engulfed him after he was hit by a car. But surprisingly, instead of finding himself before the gates of hell after dying, Ray found out he was transmigrated into another world. The world Ray was transmigrated to was called Arora World, a place where you can use different kinds of skills, magic, and even acquire powerful classes. Ray found himself in the body of a young boy named Evan, who was studying in a hunter academy after awakening his abilities at the age of fourteen. At first, Ray was happy that he was transmigrated into the body of someone who had awakened his abilities and could use the magic he always wanted to use. However, as Ray went through Evan's memories, he finally realized that everything was not as simple as he had expected. Evan had a unique physique that didn't allow him to increase his power like other people. Because of this useless unique physique, Evan was the weakest hunter in the entire academy. And that was not all; the more Ray looked at Evan's memories, the more he realized just how troublesome his situation was. "I know I entered this body without buying a ticket, but isn't this too much?" Ray said in a depressed voice after going through Evan's memories. Will Ray be able to survive in this new world? Is the physique of his new body really useless? Join Ray on his adventure to find out. -------------------------------------------------- Cover is not mine, found it on pinterest. If you are the owner and want me to remove, just comment on any chapter.

Zero_writer · Fantasy
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1048 Chs

Back To Earth? (Part 2)


A massive explosion shook the starting area of the first layer as a storm of black flames and icy blizzard collided, turning the northern section into a sea of black flames and the southern region into a winter landscape frozen in ice.


Amidst the chaotic scene, a nearly twenty-meter-tall bear covered in snow-white fur roared in anger and glared at the black bird flying high in the sky with eyes filled with hatred.

The bear lifted its massive paw to strike the bird using its skill, but suddenly, the surroundings around it turned crimson red, and the smell of blood filled the air. The moment the surroundings turned red, the bear's body froze and its eyes widened in horror as it realised it couldn't move its body.

The bear felt as if its own blood had turned against it and was stopping its movements.