7 Lucia Everlast, Collaboration, and Success

Most magicians, unless they dream of becoming palace magicians, wanted to enter famous towers or prestigious families. The biggest reason was none other than money.

As is often the case with magical families, a substantial amount of wealth went into their research and experiments. And the higher the tower's reputation, they not only received tremendous sponsorship and donations from nobles but also from the country itself.

One could argue that it was like pouring water into a broken well, but if done properly, it could change the entire country's level. A significant example was the installation of mana-powered trains scattered throughout the empire. Thanks to them, travel time was drastically reduced, leading to a logistics revolution.

In addition, the role of towers was vital in various aspects of daily life, such as illuminating the streets at night with inferior mana, extending people's active hours, or developing fertilizers from the remains of Pophus, greatly solving food supply issues.

However, what I wanted to say was this.

While magical research could yield significant potential profits when successful, until then, it was like being a money-eating hippo.


I muttered in frustration as I looked at another failed potion, reciting words in Korean. When I glanced to the side, I saw only a few remaining combination ingredients placed pitifully. If I used them all, I would be left with just enough money to restock once more.

"I received quite a sum of money. I underestimated the cost too much."

I thought making a stamina-boosting potion would be a piece of cake. But what's going on here?

"The mixing ratios of each ingredient aren't implemented in the game."

In the game, you just put the items listed in the combination recipe and press the combination button to get the result. However, in reality, the quantity and ratio of each ingredient used were crucial.

I had been trying for two days now, but I was on a losing streak.

Let's check the time. It was already time to close the laboratory's door. In the end, I packed the ingredients into my backpack and finished the clean-up.

"Should I increase the ratio of leaves rather than Mohaim fruit? No, judging by the side effects, it seems the ingredient that acts as a neutralizer..."

I examined the notes where I recorded the results of the experiment and walked outside. Coincidentally, someone from the adjacent laboratory also came out, opening the door simultaneously.

"Oh? Senior."

With a cheerful voice, Lucía, with short pink hair, waved at me.

"Have you been researching until now?"

"Yeah. You too?"


Lucía, nodding her head, glanced at the notes I was looking at and asked curiously, "What experiment were you conducting?"

"It's a secret."

"I'm curious. If I tell you about my experiment, will you tell me?"

"No. Can't do."

Especially not to you. You can't give even a slight hint to these geniuses. If you let them know one thing, they'll figure out ten more things.

"Senior, were you always like this?"

"Don't change the subject so suddenly. But I won't tell you even if you ask."

"No, no. Seriously. Beautiful people like me usually get everything handed to them as soon as they start talking."

"You're saying that about yourself?"

"I am beautiful, that's a fact. What can I do? Senior, you used to show interest in me, but now you're pretending not to know?"

I could see a hint of audacity in her words. It reminded me of the time I was slightly taken advantage of. That bastard, Adrias. He claimed to have no money, but he was throwing it around in strange places.

"He seemed quite bold when dealing with freshmen."

One of them was right in front of me. With the money I spent on this guy alone, I could have done the experiment at least five more times!

"Even during the herbology lecture last time, you seemed a bit different."

"I've matured a bit."

"It still feels like you're the same when you say that."

"If you have nothing to say, I'm leaving."

"Just a moment! Will you really not tell me?"

"I have no business with you."

"Phyruna mushroom!"

My footsteps, which were about to ignore her, stopped.

I tried to bury my emotions as deep as possible and turned around.



"Well, it's obvious. You stopped."

"So, what?"

"Hehe. If you want to know what it is, tell me what experiment you conducted."

At that time, it wasn't like a non-playable character telling me what I needed or something. Indeed, the world is unfair. How did only those two figure out the most crucial secret ingredient all at once?

In the game, they didn't know because they had talent and their skill proficiency increased rapidly. In reality, geniuses were truly monstrous existences.

'If things continue like this, I'll be easily taken advantage of.'

Of course, I had many other combinations. The problem was that I had very little money left.

I couldn't afford to experiment with other combinations, not even half a penny. It was a painful realization that I had never imagined that so much money would be spent on research. I pondered over it, but even if I didn't reveal what experiment I conducted, it wouldn't matter.

It would be better to speak frankly and at least try to evoke a bit of sympathy.

"Sigh. I was researching a stamina-boosting potion."

"Hehe. I thought so."

"You're doing the same thing?"

"Yes. Your advice has been a great help."

I wanted to sew shut the mouth of the person who was with me at that time. I was too flustered by the situation of a playable character talking to me, and I answered all the questions without thinking.



"Are you angry?"

"Angry? Yes, at myself."

"Oh. You really seem different."

"Don't make fun of me. It drains my energy."



"Would you like to work together with me?"

Her sudden proposal made me blink my eyes.

Together? Me? With Lucia Everlast?

"In fact, it's the same as you finding everything."

I would be happy, but why? Why did she want to share it with me?

She was undoubtedly more likely to discover the mixing ratio before me, being a genius like her. It was strange and suspicious for her to share it with me when she could do it alone.

"I'm currently searching for a certain remedy. It hasn't been discovered yet, so I have to find it entirely on my own."


"People say that even a worm can roll if it has the skill. I didn't know you had such an ability, Senior. Maybe someday you could develop the remedy I'm searching for? It's about gaining favour in advance."

Is there a skill for rolling worms?

This guy, who lacks social skills more than me, is the first I've seen. Perhaps the world is fair after all. Anyway...

"Thank you."

"What are you thanking me for? After all, it was your research, right? Maybe you even developed it before me."

Me defeat you?

It's absolutely impossible right now. It's nonsense.

"Then let's work together from tomorrow?"

"Sure. See you tomorrow."

It's fortunate that things ended like this.

If I hadn't run into her today, I would have lost the patent for the stamina potion without even realizing it.

'I was lucky.'

Yes, I was lucky. As long as luck is always on my side, it doesn't matter. But that's not always the case. There's nothing more foolish than relying on luck.

So, as a reflection, I'll run double the usual 6km today.

It has been a consistent exercise since I returned from the cemetery, but my poor stamina had not improved in just a few days.

"But still, for a brighter tomorrow."

I'll run today too.





"Another failure."

"Senior~ Take a little break!"

Lucia's voice came from beside me, sounding exhausted.

I thought that now that Lucia was here, the work of making stamina potions was over, but I was mistaken. I had already used up all the remaining ingredients I had, and even the ingredients she had were running out.

"This time, the narcotic ingredient came out strong. Wasn't there a shortage of Matara?"

"It doesn't always require Matara when the narcotic ingredient comes out. There's something called synergy. Instead of increasing Matara, try reducing it and adding a little more extract of Totara tree and Phyruna mushroom."

Hmm, her words made sense.

But I've been feeling this since earlier...



"Why does it seem like I'm the only one doing the experiments while you're just talking?"

"It's because of my mood, it's my mood."

It was hard to believe that she was in a bad mood when she was lying on the experiment table and eating snacks. Still, it was ironic that her occasional interjections actually helped me get the direction of the experiments right.

"Well, a thirsty person digs a well."

It wasn't Lucia who was in urgent need of money, but me. Lucia, being the illegitimate daughter of a merchant noble family, was far from being short on funds.

I guess it would be a waste to start the experiment right away. I opened the herbalism textbook that Lucia had brought.

"There it is, the Totara tree... It's here."

Unlike the item description in the game, it contained a lengthy explanation. Of course, most of it was unrelated to our current research, but there were definitely things to learn.

It was somewhat frustrating and unbelievable that I had been blindly experimenting without even knowing these things...

"Senior, I'm bored."

"I know. Just wait."

After reading the book, I started the production again based on the results of the previous experiments and Lucia's advice. The sensation of touching the ingredients in my hands was better than ever.

"Oh. This time, it feels good, right?"

"Does it?"

I didn't say it, but somehow it did feel good. I silently kept my doubts to myself.

After making the 702nd potion...


[You have created the Potion of Stamina Enhancement (Intermediate).]


The message that had never appeared before blocked my view.

Is this real? Did I really make it?

My body was trembling, and I couldn't move.

"Why? What is it? Is it done? Then let's try it now."

While I was unable to say anything, Lucia, who didn't know the result, put the potion she had just made into the inspection device. The value that appeared indicated success, of course.

"Uh, uh? There are no side effects? What is this?"

"I did it. I made it."


Lucia, who was momentarily dazed, looked at the result and turned her face towards me. Then, a smile bloomed on her face like a spring flower.

"Wow! I did it! I did it!"

It should be "we did it," you idiot.

I understand.

Even for me, who knew the combination method from the game, it was difficult to achieve success like this. Starting from scratch, it must have been as difficult as picking stars from the night sky for those who were researching.

I tried to savour the joy for a moment, but once again, a message blocked my view.


[Talent 'Potion Making Buff Series (Universal Talent)' obtained.]

[Conditions have been met.]

[An evolvable individual has been discovered.]

What now? All of a sudden?

[Adrias Cromwell's Talent: Potion Making Buff Series (Universal Talent) has a 32% potential for evolution.]

[Would you like to proceed with evolution?]

It says that the newly obtained talent can evolve.

I was still unable to grasp the mechanism, as I had never experienced obtaining an evolved trait in the game.

For now, I put it aside for a moment. I should endure it, as there was Angela's case as well. And I wasn't particularly pleased that it was only 32%.

"Senior, quickly! Let's go register this!"

Yes. For now, setting everything aside, registering it was the priority.

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