144 Assembly of Dark Magicians

The place we relocated to was underground. It was a sealed chamber, which ensured that no sound escaped, even though it was directly connected to the banquet hall. Thankfully, it was spacious enough to accommodate all the gathered dark magicians.

'The probability of the world's destruction significantly decreases if only those present here were to die.'

Of course, it was an absurd thought. Moreover, now that I knew the Emperor was targeting us for our wickedness, I also knew that this wouldn't be a fundamental solution.

As long as the insane Emperor remained alive, even if all the dark magicians here died, it would only distort the episode and wouldn't bring me any closer to my goal.

'By the way...'

Did you expect me to join this assembly? The number of chairs was just right. I felt uncomfortable as if I had been manipulated according to Hegel's intentions, but I had to lower my head for now.

Anyway, with various information about the future and things that others didn't know, I was confident I could gradually infiltrate the assembly.

'To do that, I need a faction first...'

Luckily, I had Luna as a reliable ally. She must have sensed my gaze because Luna looked at me with a questioning expression.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine."

Just a while ago, I had made a mana contract along with the pledge to join the assembly. Even though this meant I was now officially part of the assembly, it was a commitment I had prepared for.

There were severe penalties for breaking the oath, so it was a solid proof of my dedication. In any case, Luna had been worrying about me since that incident.

"Child, sit next to me."

Morne beckoned to me, pointing to the seat beside him. Naturally, Luna sat down beside me.

Nearly fifty dark magicians took their seats. But as I looked around, I noticed the formation of various factions.

'Roughly five factions, I suppose.'

If we consider neutrality as one faction, there were a total of five factions.

The first was Morne's faction, which I belonged to. It consisted of Morne's disciples and necromancers.

Luna was sitting beside me, giving the impression that she was part of Morne's faction, but she was closer to neutrality.

Next, there was Jester and his faction, who had returned just a while ago. Earlier, due to compatibility, Morne had taken a step back, but Jester was undoubtedly a high-ranking dark magician.

And he always had the most members in his faction, managing the assembly.

I turned my gaze to the third faction.

'They haven't arrived yet.'

The owner of the third faction didn't appear.

"Eyca Imp."

Eve Millennium, Luna's mother, and a powerful witch called Eyca Imp had dominated both major mountain ranges. Now that Eve was dead, she was gaining notoriety as the strongest witch.

Eyca herself didn't attend this gathering, but Dragan, who belonged under her, seemed to be the focal point of the faction.


A man wearing a half-mask appeared. He wore a sleek black mask that covered half his face. While he had remained silent since entering the banquet hall, his presence couldn't be hidden.


Even though I had played the game, I only knew his name; I didn't know his last name. He was a mysterious figure with many enigmas surrounding him, including how he formed a faction.

All I knew was that he was an incredibly powerful warlock-level dark magician and had connections with the shadowy figures across the continent.

'Morne, Jester, Eyca, Fayd.'

These four were the owners of the factions currently leading the assembly. Among them, Morne's faction was the weakest, as it was formed mainly by a small group of necromancers. So, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the other three factions, excluding Morne, were the ones truly moving the assembly.

"Thank you all for gathering amidst your busy schedules," Hegel said once the atmosphere had settled a bit.

Surprisingly, Hegel didn't form a faction and remained neutral. However, judging from how he had pulled me in and his hidden intentions, he probably had his own plans for not forming a faction.

"First, let's deal with the regular agenda items, and we'll address the main agenda last."

Hegel naturally took the lead in the meeting and had his subordinates present the meeting agenda.

They reported on various situations from different regions, available information, and recent significant events that had been gathered.

Each faction began offering their opinions and speaking up for their interests, and the meeting heated up.

"The next item on the agenda is Maximen Cronell."

Maximen Cronell.

The gazes of those who had been speaking turned toward me.

"As you know, Maximen Cronell had been traveling for the sake of awakening his lover, Isabelle Lucifer. However, we recently received news that he succeeded in awakening her. She woke up immediately after visiting the Rodren Academy."

The intensity of their gazes continued to escalate.

"I would like to give the floor to our new member, Adrias Cromwell," as Hegel's subordinate finished the report and took a seat, everyone started to focus solely on me.

Jester was the first to speak. "Isabelle Lucifer, the biggest weakness of Maximen Cronell, has awakened. Not only has his weakness been resolved, but a powerful ally has also emerged. As everyone knows, Isabelle is a direct vampire, and she is closely related to the succession to the throne. Maximen may be Maximen, but Isabelle is a presence that can change the continent's landscape."

"What are you trying to say?"

"First, I want to know how she woke up. Since the person responsible for her awakening is here..."

Jester's gaze shifted towards me, and his faction members, like an unspoken pressure, all nodded and looked at me.

"Adrias Cromwell, would you like to speak?"

I shrugged casually. "I got lucky."


"You may or may not know, but I have experience in potion making. Maximen came to me for that reason, and Isabelle woke up by chance due to the treatment."

"Are you asking us to believe that?"

"Whether you believe it or not, it doesn't matter right now."

My words sparked the interest of Jester's dark magicians.

However, I continued calmly, "What matters now is this: it's a fact that I treated Isabelle, and Maximen considers me his benefactor."

"Haha," Morne, who was sitting beside me, chuckled happily.

Dragan from Eyca's faction, who had been listening to the conversation, also nodded.

"That's true. What's important now is not how you treated her, but the fact that she was indeed cured."

The atmosphere took a sudden turn.

Just a while ago, when I wasn't yet officially a member of the assembly, people had remained cautious, but now, they began to nod approvingly.

Being the benefactor of Maximen was a title with extremely high value.

Moreover, considering that Isabelle, who had directly benefited from my help, would naturally have goodwill towards me, it was only reasonable.

In short, I could be considered a highly valuable talent.

'I didn't expect things to turn out like this.'

As the factions began to discuss among themselves, Morne's necromancers sitting beside me started to show favor towards me.

"Hey, it's truly fortunate that Adrias has joined the assembly. He already had a reputation within the academy, and now, to think he would even capture Maximen, that's truly impressive."

"Yes, indeed. Maximen had been wandering for over 40 years. To resolve such a matter in an instant, Adrias is undoubtedly different from the rest."

As they exchanged words warmly, other factions were making a commotion, but in the midst of it all, I slowly began to speak.

"It seems like everyone is making a bit of a misunderstanding..."

Did they sense the ominous undertone in my words?

Suddenly, it grew quiet.

"Let me say this again: I am Maximen's benefactor, not yours. I don't understand why all of you are fawning over me."

Cold water was poured on the situation. Those who had been contemplating how to use me suddenly stared at me with stern faces.

"Adrias Cromwell."

In the icy atmosphere, Hegel called my name. He was looking at me with an intrigued expression, but I couldn't help but feel tense about why he was calling me again.


"Your words are absolutely correct. Your contributions are clearly your own."

All the dark magicians from the four factions were nodding in agreement at Hegel's words.

However, Hegel's speech wasn't over yet.

"But now, you're also a dark magician of the assembly. You can't just take, you have to give as well. Are you planning to come here only for information and not contribute anything?"

"I wouldn't do that," I replied, shaking my head.

And then, I revealed the hidden information.

"I don't have anything to offer regarding Maximen. After all, Maximen isn't exactly someone I can control, right?"

People who had thought about Maximen's character and actions nodded in agreement. His personality and deeds were well-known, after all.

"Instead, as a celebration of joining the assembly, I'll share one piece of information."

"Are you confident enough to raise our expectations?" Hegel asked, smiling.

I smiled back at him. I wondered whose smile would last longer.

"I'm confident. It's about Salem. He will return soon."

"Salem? Are you talking about Salem Ededia?"


"Can you be more specific? I'm not quite sure what it means for him to return precisely."

When Salem's name was mentioned, Jester, who had been silent for a while, became uneasy.

The expressions on the faces of others didn't seem pleased.

"I made a deal with Salem. And Salem has most likely fixed his body by now."

The instability of Salem's body was probably known to most warlock-level magicians. Given that he had obtained great power and knowledge at the cost of his own body, the fact that his body had been repaired would be a nightmare for Salem's enemies.

'People who were relieved that Salem would die soon won't be able to sleep peacefully now.'

"Adrias Cromwell! You're spouting nonsense!" someone shouted desperately.

I raised both my hands, palms upturned. "Well, it's your choice to believe it or not. I don't need to lie."

"If this is true..."

Morne interjected, "Adrias Cromwell will become a figure who receives protection from both Maximen, known as the strongest swordsman, and Salem, known as the devil."

"Hah!" Jester snorted as if he found the idea ridiculous. The information had been given with the intention of planting such thoughts, and thanks to Morne, things had become easier.

"Hahaha! This is amusing. Very amusing," Hegel's sudden laughter filled the conference room. The tattoos on his face moved vigorously in response to his emotions.

"You've been using not only Maximen but also Salem. It seems you revealed this information not for our sake but for your own."

"How each of you chooses to accept it is your own business. I simply shared the information."

"Right, right. That's probably true. But, you know..."

Hegel's tattoo contorted in a bizarre way. When I sensed something unusual in his expression, I subtly placed my hand on Galakshur.

"No matter how I think about it, you're dangerous. It might be better to just kill you right here."

Hegel's appearance began to change

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