20 Mr Kaiju Returns With Training!

Midterms went on, Zayd felt like time flew by, and he could not believe how easy everything felt once he had revised.

It was like a whole new world of nonchalance was opened up to him.

As the days passed and the examinations reached their end, Zayd spared no effort in taking care of his Aunt. Anything that he could do to relieve her stress was his priority.

Going to the Gym every day, Zayd made sure he did not lose his edge by practising his Boxing on the heavy bag. Meanwhile, he would learn more and more Taekwondo via the internet.

'I love the internet.' Zayd thought as he finished another session of training at the Gym. His workout left him soaked in sweat which was something normal.

By now, Zayd's muscles had already begun to change a little. Zayd's muscles were becoming more defined by his hard work in his workout sessions. He did not want his physique to fade as he trained his Boxing.

Mr Kaiju had not been in School due to personal reasons. Strangely, it was as though it was normal for him to not come in for days at a time.

'Is it related to that gangster, Hanzo?' Zayd thought before shaking his head as he focused on his last bit of revision before the final day of Midterms.

Going downstairs once he finished, Zayd made some tea for Aunt Naomi and helped her out as best he could, which in this case was to be there while she relaxed.

"It's weird how I always feel better having you here. Isn't it strange, Zayd?" Aunt Naomi said to Zayd as her head lay in his lap. She looked up at his head from below.

"I don't think so. I think it's perfectly normal for you to feel better with family around. Especially since I'm your favourite family member." Zayd replied with his thoughts.

"Oh really? Who said you were my favourite? Why not your granddad?" Aunt Naomi inquired.

"Well, nobody said that I was your favourite. Also, I am alive after all."

"Zayd! You can't say that!" Aunt Naomi said as she burst into laughter. As she was speaking, it seemed she was attempting to hold it in. She failed.

"Why are you laughing then?" Zayd responded to his Aunt.

"You know I like dark humour!" Aunt Naomi said smilingly. She covered her face with her hands in an endeavour to stop herself from laughing.

"So... was I right about being your favourite family member that's living?"

"Zayd!" Aunt Naomi began to giggle again. She, for some reason, could not stop laughing, but it felt remarkably therapeutic.


Returning to School the next day, Zayd did the last of his Midterms which meant that Clubs and other Extracurricular activities would be back on. Finally, Zayd could learn some more from Mr Kaiju if he was in School.

Going to the Old Gym once more, Zayd entered, and he saw the mountainous Mr Kaiju stood near the ring once more.

On the floor near him, Zayd saw a different kind of pad. Usually, Zayd did Boxing, and so they were small and fit on Mr Kaiju's hands like gloves.

Now, there were some long ones.

"You going to stand there or what?" Mr Kaiju grumbled.

"Where have you been for the past few days? How do you know who Hanzo is? Who is he?" Zayd fired a few questions at Mr Kaiju.

"To sum it all up, no. Get yourself ready. Today is going to be intense." Mr Kaiju said as his intense stare bored into Zayd.

True to his words, Mr Kaiju made the session unbearable. The rounds were longer with shorter breaks. Essentially, in his words, Mr Kaiju wanted to see how Zayd performed when he had an 'empty gas tank'.

As the rounds went on, Zayd slowed down. However, Mr Kaiju noticed something spectacular about Zayd.

Usually, one's mind had to be conscious when fighting to do things like keeping the guard up. When people 'gassed out', they expended all their energy. The fatigue makes their form worse, and their foundation decides how worse they get. For example, a fighter capable of throwing perfect punches, as they 'gas out', their striking becomes less accurate.

A lot of factors are to be taken into account when fighting.

Anyway, the thing that made Mr Kaiju's jaw want to drop was that no matter how 'gassed out' Zayd was, his form remained constant.

It seemed like muscle memory, but that was unlikely.

Something like this was not muscle memory. Everything seemed to have embedded into Zayd.

As fighters 'gassed out', their punches had less power due to less correct form, which was quite problematic. As such, some professionals trained cardio until they were great with keeping up a fight for long. Sometimes the fighter would lose the match in MMA as they would be only fighting five rounds. However, there are a few who can keep going. In that case, in a street fight, they are much better fighters. Their sheer endurance makes them threats in matches sometimes.

Mr Kaiju allowed Zayd to refill his 'gas tank' once he finished seeing how Zayd performed when tired.

"Can you continue?" Even more shocking was Zayd's recovery. It was insane how he could continue after five minutes like he had not just been through some intense training. A sip of water to quench his thirst, and Zayd was ready.

"We're going to do something different today. That's what these pads are here to do. Let's see how you do with kicking."

"I thought you only do Boxing." Zayd inquired with a curious expression on his face. He wiped the beads of sweat he had away with a towel.

"Who said I only do Boxing?" Mr Kaiju replied, his words making Zayd feel like he had heard those words before.

"Uh. I don't know. Anyway, let's do this." Zayd said as his excitement overpowered the exhaustion.

"You are a freak." Mr Kaiju said.

"Is that good or bad?"


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