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It wasn't that Li Mengran had never thought of confiding with her mother.

But in her mother's eyes, grades were the most important.

Although their family was good, it was still of the worker-class.

It seemed like children were always compared in her mother's circle.

Especially during the new year, they were first be compared by their looks and after that, sensibility. Of course, grades were the most important.

She had just been promoted to her sophomore year, but she was already expected to enter the best universities in the country. The pressure left her stifled.

But she could overcome all these.

The one thing she couldn't overcome was the look of resignation which her mother gave her when a group of aunties were discussing grades.

After every gathering, her mother would wear a sour face.

Though she wouldn't direct her anger at her, she would not speak to her while driving.


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