3 Meeting an Old Enemy, Slap in the Face

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Back on the familiar campus, Fu Jiu had an indescribable feeling. There was a broadcast going on, but she was not sure if there would be an exercise session later…

"Oh? Who's that handsome guy? Is he new? Why haven't I seen him before?" The girl was talking with her friends, and she asked them to look in Fu Jiu's direction.

"He smiled at me just now! Those little canines, so sexy!"

"Hold on, he looks so familiar, him! Is he Fu Jiu?!"

After getting closer to take a look, a number of girls were completely stunned!

How could this beautiful man be that nouveau riche, Fu Jiu?

But he did enter their class!

Fu Jiu put her school bag on the wooden desk, lifted her long legs slightly, and sat down as she was going to take her small laptop out.

And they heard a bang!

Someone pulled out the chair next to her and looked at her with a gloomy face. "Take your stuff away. I don't freaking wanna stay a second longer with you, you huge sicko!"

This was Fu Jiu's deskmate Jiang Feiyang, the most handsome guy in Class D. He played basketball well, and he was good at dealing with girls.

Even Fu Jiu herself had chased him before.

Fu Jiu's head hurt every time she thought about the fact that she had actually chased him once.

But she was never really someone who allowed people to get violent in front of her.

"You don't?" Fu Jiu sounded emotionless, and she put her hand on the side of her face indifferently and looked at him. "Then f*ck off."

"What did you just say!" Jiang Feiyang acted up and wanted to grab her collar and pull her in!

Unexpectedly, Jiang Feiyang pounced but missed, and his whole body crashed into the desk. His jaw was aching so badly.

Fu Jiu, who was standing at the side, looked at him with a smile. "I haven't really been liking violence recently, so Classmate Jiang, let's try to get along. How about that?"

Everyone thought they were having secret talks like brothers.

Only Jiang Feiyang knew how much painful pressure the arm exerted on his back. His eyes were red as he ground his teeth. He couldn't believe that a weak wimp could actually beat him!

"Odd. Fu Jiu used to blush so badly back when Jiang Feiyang talked to him. Why is he different today?"

"Nothing odd about that. Fu Jiu only has eyes for Young Master Qin now, so he can't be bothered with others anymore."

"Heh, how ballsy, daring to fantasize about Young Master Qin."

"Just wait, someone will fix him."

Fu Jiu lowered her eyes with all the noise happening in the background, and she flipped open the physics textbook atop the table.

Jiang Feiyang swung his arm and harrumphed coldly. "Listen clearly. You are not going to live long. Not to mention Young Master Qin himself, even those school guards with him will kill you."

Hearing that, Fu Jiu laughed again and raised her eyes from the physics textbook. "Whether I'll die or not, that's for later. But if you say another word, I will rip your jaw out!"

Jiang Feiyang: "…"

Sh*t, why did he feel frightened?

That little wimp's eyes were so scary!

The bell for class rang, and Fu Jiu could finally have a little quiet naptime.

However, trouble still arrived at lunchtime.

A group of girls who were wearing skirts surrounded Fu Jiu in the middle, and the tone in which they spoke was filled with explosive hostility.

"How did the Fu family produce this gay nouveau riche. How disgusting!"

The hungry Fu Jiu was stopped just like that, and her eyes turned cold.

After hearing their words, she abruptly raised her head, a cold smile gradually suffusing the corner of her mouth.

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