Chapter 56 In summary

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The large conference room.

The air conditioning whirred, blowing forcefully enough to make the Diao Lan in the corner sway.

The Diao Lan seemed unhurried and composed as it stretched out gracefully, its appearance like Zhao Feiyan having found a job in heaven and earth, or Pan Jinlian having discovered her second fortune in a live broadcast room... When the wind changed slightly, the leaves and branches of the Diao Lan experienced less wind, their posture becoming firm and strong, akin to Pan An strutting through the streets, or Wang Xizhi drunkenly calling out over the mic.

Liu Jinghui took the report from Yu Wenshu's hands, only to see it filled with dense numbers and charts.

Liu Jinghui flipped directly to the last page and found a paragraph written boldly: "In conclusion, there is reason to suspect that the Apricot Valley Copper Mine, located 25 kilometers west of Changyang City, is the site where the body was hidden."