Chapter 49 Rescue

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"There's a lock, open it." Wei Zhenguo's expression grew much more serious.

The lockpicker wordlessly set to work and swiftly picked the lock on the sliding door.

Having been staking out the location for several days, Wen Ming also sensed something, took a deep breath, exchanged a glance with Wei Zhenguo, and then forcefully slid open the door.

A vertical shaft was revealed before everyone's eyes.

"Notify Mu Zhiyang and have them follow Tan Yong closely. I'll send them backup, and once reinforcements arrive, proceed with the arrest," Wei Zhenguo grabbed Wen Ming and continued, "Don't rush, I've checked the surroundings. The nearest building is 30 meters away, and there are no other entrances or exits. We'll also wait for backup."

"I can go down first, and you guys cover from above," Wen Ming said, excitedly pulling out his baton.