Chapter 47 Trial and Error

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Wei Zhenguo was a very adaptable man.

At least, to Mu Zhiyang, his own mentor was quite adaptable. He knew well the survival logic of the lower strata of society and was skilled at dealing with all kinds of people; he used petty thieves as informants to solve bigger cases, and occasionally caught a few to pad his case-solving statistics.

But this time, the stakeout and surveillance had really made Mu Zhiyang question his life.

For three consecutive days, Mu Zhiyang had rested only one night, spending the rest of the time enduring in the car, to the point that later on, when he used a bottle to relieve himself, he could aim without looking down.

What made Mu Zhiyang's predicament indescribable was that his mentor, Comrade Wei Zhenguo, had spent even more time on the stakeout, slept even less in the car, and was even more accurate when it came to peeing.

Just when Mu Zhiyang thought he couldn't hold on any longer for the nth time, the car door was suddenly opened.