60 chapters Calmness

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"Mash the sweet potatoes into a puree. While it's hot, add some butter and then pinch in some cream cheese."

"Throw in an egg yolk too."

"How about millet pumpkin porridge? Don't make too much."

Jiang Yuan explained his actions as he went along, sharing some skills with Li Li on the side. Dazhuang had been with Li Li for quite a few years, and it must not have been easy getting by with such plain meals every day. It's nice to have a good meal once in a while, but the daily diet shouldn't be too shabby either.

However, Li Li clearly didn't catch Jiang Yuan's hint.

She watched Jiang Yuan cook with serious attention, then licked her lips and said, "Let's make more of the millet pumpkin porridge, and we can eat what's left."

Jiang Yuan looked up sharply at Comrade Li Li.

Li Li shot back a glare, as fierce as a Rottweiler, and said, "What's wrong? Fried rice can be dry, it makes sense to pair it with millet pumpkin porridge."