Naruto World with a Simulation System

Author's words: I am not recreating the naruto world instead I am taking it as a base to write the story. if you want to read a simple recreations then read other fan fictions. also there are similar worlds to naruto where aliens comes to drain the vitality of their planet just like otsutsuki clan, like nitro in toriko world, galactus in marvel world, transformers in transformers world.... I am going to use these are continuation where he takes his people along to other world for conquest.  -------------- An old assassin was sought out by his own son and killed him to get the power of the head of the international assassin’s organization in to his hands. “Old man your skills are becoming rusty these days and you were killed using this simple trick. Are you really the greatest assassin in the world? From now on I am the greatest assassin in the world.” “Hahahaha” But suddenly the old man started to laugh loudly. “Son, you should know in your heart that did I really tried to avoid being killed by you. It is just that I am bored by this world. Well there are beauties but I am not young any more. So I wanted to leave this world peacefully. In order to let you inherit the throne of my assassin’s organization, I pulled some strings to make you come here and kill me. You will gain prestige and I will rest in peace. Hahahaha……….. Son before I go I will give you a final advice. ‘Don’t fall into this kind of silly traps and try to kill someone you cannot.’ ‘The assassin is called assassin, not because he can kill but kill the person without the knowledge of the other party by any means.’ Ghouf, Ghouf (Sever coughing with blood in the mouth) Well my times are up and it is a good last game. Good bye my son, Also don’t die early and disturb me on the other side. Hahaha……. (Laugh and silence)” The old assassin died sitting majestically on the thrown leaving his son standing like a clown in the silent hall. “F*** that old man, He even played with me before his death. Sigh” …………………..

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Chapter 18: thoughts of bringing the dead back to life

Chapter 18: thoughts of bringing the dead back to life

From the shadows Shisui saw the fight between them and nodded his head.

Itachi has previously shared his thoughts to him about his fight with Rito.

So he came here to take a look but he never expected to see the same thing again but even worse this time.

This time the under currents spread quickly and there is even a frown on the face of Fugaku Uchiha the head of the Uchiha clan.

In the evening Rito went to the bank to cash out the money.

Well he took out 2 million in cash out and transferred the remaining 8 million to his original account.

After that he went to the graveyard to pay respect and return back home as usual.

On the way to graveyard he would buy flowers from the Ino's family store from time to time.

The cost is not big so it is not a problem.

This is all to build up connections with the families of his future wives.

As for Mikoto, Rito has to speak to her before coming to an understanding.

She is a very loyal person that would not defect no matter what.

Rito actually loved this nature of her very much.

So in order to get her, he has to let her die once and then bring back her from the dead.

This is the same with Kushina who is already dead.

This world has some techniques that can bring the dead back to life.

But there are not fully developed.

To be precise they are severely lacking in many places.

The very concept of bringing dead back to life has many theories but they did not go through the right way.

Hey are missing some key concepts to make the dead reborn.

But Rito is different.

In the previous life after the death of his beloved wife he fell into madness for 5 years.

He tried every possible way to bring her dead wife back to living.

Even though he gained a lot of knowledge and methods of bringing dead back to life, he was unable to bring her back to living.

There are 2 main reasons for that.

First is that earth no longer has the source of energy that was once mentioned in the ancient times.

He doesn't know why it was removed or what happened.

Second is that the cycle on earth is very quick.

The soul of the dead will only remain normal for 13 days after the death of that person.

After that it will be moved to reincarnation or change plane.

Even if the dead have resentment they will only leave the curse of resentment to give the punishment while the dead leave this plane.

He doesn't know where they will go or reincarnate.

Well he himself has come to this world.

This indicates that they will be moved to different world based on their obsession.


But in the Naruto world these two conditions can be fulfilled.

There is energy in this world which is similar to the energy mentioned in many of those mythologies.

Other than that this Naruto world has this safety net called the pure world where the souls rest and did not go away for who knows how long.

The concept of the cycle of reincarnation in this world did not follow the normal laws back on earth.

So with the knowledge he has and the rules he can find he can pull back the dead and make them reborn.

As long as he has enough energy he can do that.

But most of his knowledge is fragmented and every fragment is a process that contains one or more key points that are useful to him.

Other than that he has to find a way to link those concepts to the laws of this world.

Also he has to find enough energy to bring the dead back to life and sustain them for normal life.

Finally he has to make sure that the dead that were brought back to life love him instead of wanting to die again.

There are many restrictions that he has to cross over to bring the dead back to life.

Also he hates many male ninja of this world because the only thing they have in their mind is to kill, kill….kill.

They never even consider the way to use their brain to make the world peaceful.

This stupidity started from the sage of six paths that gave the ability of mass destruction to these people.

Rito resented these people.

In this life he has the means but he cannot bring back his wife here because he doesn't know where she is.

She liked many things and probably she might have reborn in that world to enjoy there.

So he can only give up thinking about that.


He did his exercise for the night and recharged the system with 2 million Ryo directly, ate some food and took a medicinal bath before sleeping.

Tomorrow is a big day.

Based on the last simulation he acted and defeated Itachi.

So he will be visited by an elder of the Uchiha clan to speak to him and give him pension in the name of his mother.

They will even speak about wanting Rito to join back into their clan.

Fugaku is really a man with good insight.

But his cunningness is far less than that of the old man third Hokage.

Well the cunningness of the third Hokage and even Danzo is far worse than that of Rito.

He has to get up early and prepare how to answer so that he can make the best out of it.

No matter what the answer is the elder would invite Rito to meet with Fugaku and even have lunch there.

Any way tomorrow is a holiday so it is not a problem.

The choice of Rito is still the same even he will not leave the house he was born and raised to relocate to Uchiha clan….


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