1 naruto world

" freeloader ! dont you dare ignore me now ! I know that you are home so come out ... "

ahem ! this shouting lady is my aunt claus. I'm just your average earthling living in the modern society but my circumstances are somewhat special.

my parents were both doctors and me being their only son , they made sure that I was living without any problems. well everything changed when they suddenly died in a car crash leaving me 9 years old alone .

this bastard aunt was the only sister of my dad . I dont know what she did but the next day all the properties under my parents name were transferred to her and somehow she became my guardian . this was the start of my misfortune .

she being a bitch who slept daily with a different boyfriend, wasted all my parents' hard earned honest money . while she enjoyed her drinks , I was being completely neglected . fortunately , I had a high IQ from birth and my thinking was very mature so I lived my life somehow .

but how can a small boy lived under so much pressure of modern society without any support ? it's TRUE that my heart was one the verge of completely breaking but I encountered the world of anime and manga which saved me in time .

I absolutely hated this modern society as all humans just lived for benefit and love and compassion were almost nonexistent now but I could not possibly hate the technology which made the inventions like smartphone , computers etc possible.

the basrtard aunt continued to hit and scold me for years to vent her anger or whatever but fortunately she was out of home most of the time. in that time I either studied or watched anime which made my days fulfilling.

and now I'm feeling annoyed more than ever as this bastard aunt is looking for trouble and a mysterious pop up quiz on my smartphone screen . the thing mysterious is that I have already switched off my phone but this pop up doesn't disappear at all . it read -

would you like to live life in naruto world?

yes or no

I actually didnt mind these forums or whatever so being an otaku i immediately pressed yes. then -

you have chance to ask for one wish ! only one cheat power , ask away !

now that I have confirmed that this pop up is very mysterious , I'm starting to believe that maybe I can really leave this shitty world. the reason I'm annoyed is that i can't decide on power since an hour now !

well the naruto world is magical and has so many interesting powers like - sharingan, wood release etc so of course I'm hesitant as this shitty someone who is behind this magical quiz has given me only one wish .

in the end I typed my wish -


and closed my eyes..


( after one hour )

now I'm actually inside a new body and have already confirmed that this world is really not earth .

the body's previous owner was apparently called Sato ren and he died young at 11 years of age . now I'm feeling depressed and excited at same time . the reason being that I feel bad for the previous owner .

I have all his memories now so I can feel his emotions too . he was so close to fulfilling his dream to become a ninja but he died unexpectedly from a heart attack . I have some medical knowledge so I know the cause.

this guy was actually a civilian orphan and had to live a poor and rough life before joining the shinobi academy at the age of 8 . his situation improved as he was given some allowance after joining the academy but the poor malnourished body caused his doom .

he trained like a maniac all the day and neglected proper care of his body . the weak body could not take the burden of sudden heavy tempering so finally collapsed now .

I'm not a kind person or anything but still this guy's precadement really depressed me.

but on the other hand I'm feeling extremely happy too because I can finally escape from that shitty life and adventure in a new world...

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