2 Yami's Determination

The memories of Yami Uchiha started flooding his mind and slowly he started feeling that it was him who actually lived it. He found out that he was 4 years old and he was 3 years younger than Sasuke. He started seeing flashbacks from the moment he was born and how his elder brothers doted on him and his parents cared for him. Mikito wouldn't let Yami away from his sight and Fugaku's eyes weren't cold while talking to him. He saw how Itachi would bring him storage scrolls filled with chocolates whenever he would come home and even Sasuke would insist on taking care of him. The first thing Yami had learned after unlocking his chakra was how to use a storage scroll.

Yami shook his head because he knew that this isn't the time to relive his memories and so he left his home.

'I need to find out where Sasuke and Itachi are first then think about my next move.' Yami thought while he was running around in the Uchiha compound trying to find his brothers. After a couple of minutes, he saw Sasuke unconscious in the middle of the road and Itachi was missing.

'In a few hours, the Anbu and Root shinobi will come here. I need to do something about this weak body.' Just as Yami was thinking he remembered something. He walked around for a few seconds and found the thing he was searching for... corpse of an Uchiha Jonin. There was a hole in the man's chest, Yami crouched down and put his left hand which had the devouring law tattoo on the corpse.

'Now, how do I activate it? Let's see' Yami inserted his chakra in the tattoo but nothing happened. He tried a few more times but still nothing.

'Seems like this power has nothing to do with Chakra' Yami came to the conclusion and simply concentrated on the tattoo and his palm which was touching the corpse. Suddenly he felt a pulling sensation and snakes in the tattoo started rotating around the skull and spread on Yami's fingers making his entire left hand from the wrist to the tip of his fingers turn black and when he saw the corpse he could see it drying up with the naked eye. After 30 seconds the perfectly healthy Uchiha Jonin's corpse had turned into a dried mummy.

The biggest change was happening in Yami's own body. This thin body started changing and lean muscles started developing. He could even feel his chakra had increased severalfold. He could feel his body bursting with physical strength and chakra.

Yami removed his hand from the corpse and stood up and he saw that the dried corpse collapsed into ash and flew in the air. In a few seconds the entire corpse disappeared and beside it was standing a 4-year-old with red eyes. His black hand also turned normal and the black snakes went back into the tattoo. Yami felt all this was unreal but seeing the corpse completely disappearing he knew all of it was real.

The realization of seeing so much bloodshed and devouring a corpse had just hit Yami. No matter how many times he had seen such gruesome scenes on his computer, the real thing was much worst. His nose was filled with the smell of blood.

'NO...NO...NO This isn't the end and I won't let it be one. Just because of a few greedy Uchiha elders and the schemes of Danzo I won't let my parents die. I won't let Itachi suffer and die a painful death. I remember the Rinnegan can be used to revive multiple people.' Yami's eyes were filled with determination. He wasn't someone who would accept something like fate.

He ran back to his house and saw his parent's corpses. He went to his father's room and searched for a few empty storage scrolls. He came back to the hall and stored his parent's bodies in the scroll.

'Do I need to collect someone else's corpse?' Yami was thinking when he remembered Itachi's girlfriend Izumi and her mother. Izumi had lost her father during the Nine tales attack 7 years ago. She and her mom had visited Yami many times and after Yami got sick a week ago, Izumi and her mother would check on him every day.

'Now what do I do with the other Uchiha's? Most of them were arrogant and egotistical which is what brought them to their death. I don't want to bother myself with the likes of someone like them but I don't want their Sharingan's to fall in the hands of Danzo and his Root shinobis.'

Yami left his home and started going to different houses in the Uchiha compound and plucked out their eyes. 'For now, I'll keep these eyes. I want to know what happens when I devour them. I don't plan on replacing my eyes with any of these so no need to put them in a special chemical jar like that snake Orochimaru' Yami stored the eyes in storage scrolls. After going through almost all the houses he found Izumi's mother Hazuki Uchiha. He put her entire corpse in a scroll with his parents.

'I remember in the Canon Izumi was killed at the steps of Konoha Military force headquarters by Obito Uchiha.' Yami sprinted in the direction of the headquarters and there is was...Izumi lying dead on the steps covered in blood.

'The sun will come up in two hours. I haven't left a single Sharingan for Danzo to find and now I have to keep these scrolls filled with 4 corpses and multiple eyes safe. I don't think there is any better place than the Naka Shrine.' Yami bolted towards the shrine. As one of the sons of the Uchiha clan the seals to open the Naka shrine were taught to Yami from an early age.

Yami came to where the Naka shrine was located and performed the hand signs. On the stone slab in front of him, different seals started to appear with a seal that looked like a Sharingan. The stone slab lifted in the air and Yami entered it. After going in the shrine he saw a big stone tablet at the end of the shrine hall. There was something inscribed on it but Yami couldn't read even a single line. On one side of the shrine, there was a row of shelves. He saw that there were different types of jutsus kept there. He looked around for a bit when a group of scrolls caught his attention.

"This is what I need to practice from tomorrow...genjutsu."


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