319 Unwanted Attention

"I understand...What are you going to do?" Tsunade asked.

"I don't need to. I am sure that he will make a move soon but he won't face me until he is sure of it. Leave my spilled blood here...let it increase his curiosity." Itachi said and body flickered away. Tsunade glanced at Itachi's blood and then continued to walk toward the Hokage Building.

Since this matter was a village secret and supposed to stay that way, Shikamaru decided to take Temari somewhere else. He knew that she will be leaving soon so he was showing her around in the village. The rest of the crowd except Team Kurenai and Asuma who knew most of the things went to the Hokage office. They were interested in knowing what actually happened in the hidden mist and what was currently happening in regard to Yami.

As Itachi and Tsunade left the training ground, 3 figures dressed in black appeared from nowhere and stood surrounding the fallen blood. One of them kneeled down and collected as much as he could and then the three of them disappeared instantly.

"The bait is set...let's see if the fish bites it or not." Itachi's voice came from the terrace of a house that was far from the training ground. Due to his Sharingan, he was able to see this happen even if it was far.

Itachi's eyesight was slightly affected due to his use of the Mangekyo Sharingan but Itachi's ocular powers were still strong enough to see someone who was at a distance.

In a gloomy room, the eyepatched and single-eyed Danzo was sitting reading some files.

"Dammit...this Tsunade...what does she think she is doing? She is blocking me from picking up kids for the root from the orphanage and now the people that I had planted in the shinobi force are going missing?" Danzo muttered as he threw the papers at the man standing beside him.

"I am sorry Danzo-sama. But when we sent Sai as a replacement for Yami Uchiha, Tsunade promoted the Uzumaki girl and put her in the team." the root shinobi who just got showered with documents said.

Danzo looked at the root shinobi and grit his teeth as he said "You idiots...I told you to gather information about every participant of the chunin exams then how did you fail to tell me that there was a girl with the last name Uzumaki."

The root shinobi looked down in embarrassment and said "The hidden grass village didn't give us the correct list and added the girl's last minute. Many from our research department began to hound me to bring her to them so they could experiment on her."

"Of course, they would...she can heal anyone who bites her and also has the Uzumaki chains. She attracted the attention of Naruto Uzumaki and the others due to which Tsunade took her in and even assigned a legal guardian for her." Danzo said. He had tried to subtly threaten Hayate so that he hands her over to the root but Hayate turned out to be more stubborn than Danzo thought and rejected it.

"The girl's other legal guardian is from the Anbu so we can't touch her. Ugh..these past years have really put me in a tight situation. Koharu and Homura's death has also caused quite a stir at the elder's table and now more and more elders are siding with Tsunade." Danzo muttered when another root shinobi walked in front of him.

"Danzo-sama I have some news." the root shinobi said.

"What is it?" Danzo asked in annoyance. He was not in the mood to take anymore bad news.

"My team spotted Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha fighting an Anbu under the supervision of Lady Tsunade and the toad sage Jiraiya." the root shinobi reported.

The annoyance on Danzo's face increased as he heard that and said "So the two brats have returned after these years of practice. Now, what am I supposed to do with this bad news?"

The root shinobi gulped down his saliva and said "The anbu who fought them seemed to be a secret. My team heard that he was groomed by Lord Third as a spy and now he is under the orders of Lady Tsunade. He is pretty skillful and his strength could rival that of a Kage level shinobi. My team collected some blood of his that was spilt during the fight."

Danzo raised his eyebrows as he heard that and stood up "I know most of the spies that Hiruzen raised but he is crafty enough to do things by keeping me in the dark."

The root captain who was already standing beside Danzo asked "Danzo-sama since Itachi Uchiha is dead, why don't we get our hands on Sasuke Uchiha."

Danzo looked at him in pure anger and agitation and said "Do you think I didn't try that? I approached the council and Tsunade for it. But at that time, Tsunade showed others what Yami was doing in the hidden mist and how useful he is to the village. I even leaked Yami's info and his deeds against the hidden stone shinobis to the elders and the Tsuchikage of the hidden stone but they were already too late. Yami had ended the war but due to our info, before the remaining stone shinobis could be executed for the war, the stone elders negotiated compensation in exchange for their lives."

"This could be bad for us Danzo-sama" The root captain said.

"Yes..although the Tsuchikage Onoki didn't know it was us that gave him the info, Yami's ending the war proved that the Uchiha's are still a pillar of this village and I we couldn't get our hands on Sasuke as well as the Uchiha property. Seeing the tension mounting, Tsunade must have had Kakashi leave the village with Sasuke."

The root shinobi whose team collected Itachi's blood asked "What do we do now Danzo-sama? Do we stop investigating this Anbu spy as he seems to become trusted personnel of Lady Tsunade?"

Danzo didn't say anything for a few seconds and then he coldly said "No...I am done tiptoeing around now. Find out all you can about this spy...inside as well as outside the village. If I can't get him...then I'll kill him" Danzo grit his teeth in anger.


Hokage Building (Same time)

As Tsunade reached her office she saw that Sasuke, Naruto, Jiraiya, Kakashi, Asuma, Kurenai, Sakura, Shikaku, and Shizune were already in the office.

"You all seem to have a lot of questions. Kakashi I think it would be best if it's you who starts narrating what conspired in the hidden mist. I am sure Sasuke knows some part of it as Yami did send him a letter as well." Tsunade said as she sat in her chair.

Kakashi nodded and started telling the things that happened in the hidden stone. The ones in the room were shocked after every new revelation that Kakashi would make. firstly, be the identity of the genjutsu demon and what all he accomplished alone. They had read some of it in the bingo book but they didn't know how much to trust the displayed information.

"Wow, so the fact that he took down those bases alone and killed those stone shinobis was true? No wonder the Tsuchikage was pissed...Haha" Jiraiya said and laughed.

Tsunade gave Jiraiya a deadpan look and said "Jiraiya, don't encourage it or else Sasuke and Naruto won't hesitate to follow in his footsteps. I didn't say anything because the situation was such."

Naruto didn't understand why Tsunade thought it was wrong so he asked "Grandma Tsunade, the stone shinobis were fueling the war then didn't Yami's actions become the right decision?"

"Ya it might be, but politics is very slippery and the entire narrative can be changed easily. Though I am sure that Yami had ample proof to prove that Stone shinobis were at fault and that the leader of the stone shinobis was acting differently from the village's orders." Tsunade said.

After that, Kakashi narrated the rest of the story, including the monster's death many reactions came but Naruto's was the biggest one.

"WHAT??? HE KILLED IT?" Naruto shouted as he widened his eyes and walked a step closer to Kakashi in excitement.

"Yes, but he was injured since the monster exploded his entire body by overloading it with Chakra or whatever energy that was." Kakashi said.

"I didn't know that Yami could use scorch release. In fact, isn't our kekkai Genkai the Sharingan?" Sasuke asked. He wasn't surprised by the fact that Yami kept this secret because he knew that Yami would never mention the jutsus he has learned nor he would ask Sasuke. The only times Sasuke saw them were in their spars.

"Apparently it's not new to have 2 kekkai Genkais. And since scorch release only had one user it's hard to tell if it's really the blood that does it." Kakashi shrugged.

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