Naruto: Uchiha's Genjutsu Demon

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Seeing a 9-year-old rush at it with a sword, the brown snake became more ferocious. It had many humans and genins would simply start running away or just freeze in place seeing him. Though he wasn't anywhere near as strong as summons from the Ryuchi cave, he was still a big and deadly snake.

The snake didn't just want to swallow Yami whole as he did with other weaklings but he wanted to tear the kid in half and hear his screams. As Yami reached closer to the big snake, sparks of lightning could be seen dancing throughout the blade. Yami didn't want to expose his purple lightning to Orochimaru.

As at the last second, the snake turned his mouth sideways as he expected Yami to target his eyes which is what many people do when dealing with snakes. He wanted to see the shocked look on Yami's face but that didn't happen.

Yami jumped to the side and pierced his sword in the snake's underbelly. The brown snake did have scales on the underbelly but they weren't as strong as the rest of his body. Lightning discharged through the sword making all the insides of the snake spasm. Yami didn't have any plan to give the snake another chance to attack. Yami suddenly stopped the lightning discharge and covered his sword in wind chakra. This wasn't the time to shock or stab but to cut. He tightly gripped his sword and ran toward the tail of the snake while his sword's blade was still in the snake's belly.

Blood started spurting out from the belly where Yami's sword was cutting the snake open. Orochimaru who was still standing on the top of a tree branch was seeing all this with complete amusement. He didn't care one bit whether the brown snake lives or dies. His happiness had already reached its peak seeing his future body perform so well.

While all this was happening, no one had any idea that a fight like this was taking place in the forest of death. Yami hadn't forced Orochimaru to use much of his strength so like in the canon, Anko hadn't sensed Orochimaru's presence.

Seeing the brown snake on the doorsteps of death, Yami looked at Orochimaru. It was time to end the facade.

"Who are you and what do you want?" Yami asked.

"Who am I? For now, it doesn't matter...sss...and for what I want is..to give you power." Orochimaru said trying to gauge Yami's reaction to his last sentence.

Yami didn't say anything but kept staring at Orochimaru. Seeing this Orochimaru clicked his tongue and said "I didn't want to do it but let's do it the hard way." Orochimaru started jumping on branches around Yami. He was moving at a speed that Yami had never seen before.

'Only those Kumo jonins were able to move at this speed after using lightning chakra. Orochimaru is truly at a whole different level.' Yami thought as he activated his Sharingan. He was now able to see the pale-faced snake at a speed where he could react and even fight with him. Yami still kept looking around a little frantically to make Orochimaru think that he was too fast for Yami to comprehend.

Yami made some hand seals and slowly the surrounding felt like it was melting and changing into something else. Orochimaru also lowered his speed seeing the surrounding melt.

'Ohhh...this brat is trying to cast a genjutsu.' he thought. The surrounding of a jungle changed to that of a volcano.

"Oh...so you were able to successfully put me in a genjutsu kid. I must say that was unexpected." Orochimaru amused. For a second he remembered the time when Itachi had put him in a genjutsu making him feel as if large iron nails were stabbed into his body.

'This kid might surpass Itachi in terms of Genjutsu as well as other things.' Orochimaru thought as he tried to break the genjutsu. He could see Yami standing a few meters ahead of him but there was a stream of lava flowing in the middle. As Orochimaru walked a few steps toward the stream, he started feeling the heat.

He then saw Yami slam his palms on the ground making the calm stream of lava come to life. A snake completely made of lava the same as Orochimaru rose from the stream.

"You think something like this is enough to scare me, kid? We both know this isn't real. The only reason the genjutsu is still intact is because I haven't focused much on breaking it."

What Orochimaru just said was the truth and even Yami knew that. Even Yami was thankful that Orochimaru didn't put his mind to breaking the genjutsu.

Seeing the lava snake stand still a smile grew on Orochimaru's face. He thought Yami had lost the will to fight as Orochimaru had declared it to be only a trick to fool others rather than actual lava. But this is where Orochimaru was wrong as the next second the snake pounced toward Orochimaru's shoulder. The snake bit Orochimaru's shoulder and then exploded.

"Ahhh" Orochimaru winced in pain as the snake exploded "HOW?" he exclaimed with a loud voice looking at his shoulder and then at Yami who had a smirk on his face. The genjutsu then broke like shattered glass and the scenery changed back to the jungle.

Orochimaru looked at his left shoulder and saw that some part of it was blown off. The clothes on his left side were burnt as well as soaked in blood. He just couldn't comprehend how Yami was able to give him actual physical damage.

'Why didn't my instincts go off when his physical attack was approaching?' Orochimaru thought.

The smirk on Yami's face had become wider seeing the bewildered Orochimaru. He wasn't entirely sure of this plan but knew that if this worked, he could instill a small amount of fear in Orochimaru's heart. Enough fear that Orochimaru will be a little cautious around him.

"Tell me kid how you did it and I will give you a gift." Orochimaru said but desire burning in his eyes.


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