Naruto: Uchiha's Genjutsu Demon

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The Fear of the Unknown

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"The animal was something I have never seen in my life nor in my nightmares."

Hiashi and Hiruzen felt a little odd seeing the horror on Yazu's face. He was no newbie who would get scared so easily. There must have been something that made him like this.

Yazu continued to explain as he said "It was as big as a single storied building and its skin was silver and black in color. Its claws were big and were black in color. It had a big mouth and its big teeth were easily visible. It had a purple tongue and a long tail with a red stinger at the end. The stinger looked like a big ruby crystal that was pointed at the end. The animal had cat-like eyes and gills on both sides of his face. When I first I saw him I did have the idea to attack his underbelly as it seemed like the weakest part but when the animal jumped from above me I saw that there were black spikes on his underbelly. The entire thing looked like spiked armor so I abandoned my plan to attack it.

I knew that using any of the techniques that I knew on him would be a waste so I started running and changed directions randomly. At that time I didn't know that he could sense my chakra signature as well. When he caught up to me, I attacked him with kunais and shuriken but they couldn't even pierce his skin. He didn't even seem bothered by it. He then came closer to me and his stinger pierced my stomach. The animal remained calm without making any kind of noise or howling the whole time. After piercing the stinger, he waited for a few seconds as if trying to find something inside my body with his stinger. Then he grunted as he looked at me, pulled out the stinger, and slapped my body away with it."

Yazu told the entire story patiently and looked at the expressions of the three old men but to his surprise, they weren't horrified only confused. Hiashi looked at his father and asked "Is there any mention of such an animal ?" The Hyuga elder shook his head and didn't say anything. There was complete silence in the room. They all tried to picture the monster in their head but they couldn't think of anything. Even Yami who had memories of his previous life had never heard of such a monster. At first, Yami thought that the monster must be from some other universe. For once Yami was getting excited that maybe someone from a different universe he knew about had come here but to his disappointment, it was nothing like that.

Hiashi told the maid and the guards to take Yazu back into the room and then looked at the genins and asked "Have you seen anything like this in the forest of death?"

The genins looked at each other and shook their heads. Hiruzen then looked at the doctor and said "Take a look at the kids and confirm whether they have the poison in them or not." They knew that they didn't need to go in and get tested one by one but can be easily tested as the toxin makes one's chakra signature appear grey in color. The doctor activated his Byakugan and glanced at each genin and the jonins standing behind them for a couple of seconds each. His attention stopped when he looked in Naruto's direction. He was about to say something but Hiruzen put his hand on the doctor's shoulder and asked in clear words "Did any of their chakra appear to be grey in color?" Hiruzen squeezed the doctor's shoulder a little and the doctor understood that the only thing he needs to answer is whether anyone has a grey chakra signature and nothing more than that. He gulped his saliva and said "N-No Hokage-sama. None of them seem to have the toxin in their body."

Hiruzen gave a fake smile and looked at the genins "All of you go and train. It's a relief that all of you are safe and there is nothing to worry about. And those who are participating in the 3rd round all the best. I will be waiting to see your performance in the finals."

"Hehe…don't worry Jiji, I will make sure to defeat everyone in the competition." Naruto declared. The solemn mood of the entire room just changed in an instant.

"Is that so Naruto? Then I will have to see what you do." Hiruzen said and motioned the genins to go but their jonin instructors to stay.

Yami didn't want to leave and wanted to hear more about this incident but he couldn't do anything about it. While entering the house he saw that there were seals on the walls and he knew that these seals wouldn't let him hear anything happening inside even with his enhanced hearing. After Yami and the others left, Hiruzen looked up toward one of the Anbu guarding him and said "Have Inoichi come here." The Anbu just nodded and body flickered out. Everyone except the genins was aware of the Anbu hidden in the ceiling. Even Yami could hear the Anbu breathing but it was an obvious thing that the Anbus will be protecting Hiruzen even if he is in the Hyuga clan's main house.

"Do you not trust what Yazu said now?" Hiashi asked Hiruzen. He wasn't offended by this just curious.

Hiruzen looked in the direction of Yazu's team and said "When you hear something so obnoxious then it is hard to believe. An animal that was never seen or known for so many eras just appears and attacks a village's exam and then random ninjas near the border. We can't trust something like this blindly."

Everyone nodded as they heard his reasoning and they were convinced by it as well. With the explanation that Yazu had just given, it didn't sound like a summoning animal at all.

Hiruzen then asked the doctor "What did you see?"


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