Naruto: Uchiha's Genjutsu Demon

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The disguised Snake

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After Yami reached home he saw that Sasuke hadn't come back from his squad meeting yet. Kakashi did tell Yami once that Sasuke would also be suitable to learn Chidori and he was thinking of teaching it to Sasuke so that he can have an ace move during the chunin exams. This meeting wasn't of Sasuke alone but of the whole team.

After a few hours, Sasuke came back home. It was already close to dinner time. Yami had cooked beforehand as he figured that if the meeting didn't end in a few minutes, it would take a few hours.

As Sasuke entered he gave Yami a murderous glare. Yami couldn't help but giggle when he saw that.

"Looks like you went to see grandpa Jiro."

Sasuke grit his teeth and said "You could have contacted me through your summon and told me grandpa Jiro will pounce on me for the rest of the money the moment he sees any one of us."

Yami put 2 bowls of hot soup on the table and said "If I did that then I would have to give him money the next time I meet."

Hearing this Sasuke's murderous glare intensified. "Where have you spent all the money you gained from so many missions?"

"You must be hungry after training. Come and eat now."

"What a subtle way to change the topic." Sasuke said sarcastically and sat down at the table.

"So where do you think tomorrow's round will be held?" Sasuke asked as he was devouring the soup.

Yami acted like he was thinking for a few seconds and then said "I don't know where but I am sure it will be based on survival."

Sasuke looked up as he heard that and asked "Huh...Survival? Why would you think that?"

"Isn't it obvious? the first round tested our knowledge and courage and we know that the last round is always 1v1 matches so the only option is to see how we can survive in the wild during long-distance missions and how we will do it when other shinobis are on our back.

Sasuke nodded as he said " What you said does make sense. So, whip out that bracer that cost me a fortune."

Yami nodded and pulled up the sleeves on his left hand. He had specifically put them on this hand to hide the devouring tattoo as well as if someone sees his devouring then they might think it is due to this bracer.

Seeing the shiny scales on the bracer, Sasuke couldn't help but touch their smooth surface.

"Are they tough enough to handle a sword?" Sasuke asked.

"Enough to deflect attacks." Yami then popped out the blade with his chakra. He decided to skip the part where the blade can be popped out manually and the holes inside the blade.

After talking a few more minutes about the bracer, Sasuke decided that he doesn't need one right now. He is already happy with his sword.

The next day Yami along with his team were waiting in the academy's training ground. There were many teams from different villages there. About 20-30% of the participants had failed the 1st test.

A few minutes later, two Konoha jonins appeared on the stage of the ground.

"I hope everyone who has passed the 1st test is here. Follow us to the venue of the 2nd exam. Anyone who wants to quit and leave now. But before you come with me, I need you all to sign something."

"What do we need to sign?" A stone genin asked the jonin.

"You need to sign a waiver that if you die during the 2nd exam then the hidden leaf isn't responsible."

Murmurs spread across the training ground. They all wanted to become chunin but some of these people didn't want to do something where they have a high chance of death.

Some shinobis even snickered seeing the cowardly ones. The 2nd Jonin nodded and started distributing the paper to everyone participating. Even the Konoha genins were given the same sheet of paper. Sakura was scared when she read it but then she saw that her two teammates had instantly signed without thinking about it for a second so, in the end, she signed it as well.

"Follow me now and don't go exploring the village or you might get disqualified." the jonin said in a stern tone and walked down from the stage. He left through the academy gates and the genins followed him. They didn't need to walk for long as they reached a far away training ground which had a forest on one side. The forest had barbed wires stopping in from encroaching on the training ground and there were many warning labels hung on these barbed fences.

The two Jonins quickly approached the only person standing on the ground. It was a woman in her twenties with purple hair and purple eyes. She wore a heavily netted shirt and a brown jacket on top of it.

As everyone came Anko clapped her hands and said "Looks like everyone is here. I am Anko Mitirashi, a Konoha jonin and the place behind me is called as the forest of death. This is the place where you will be staying for the next few days to pass your 2nd test." Anko said while pointing at the dense forest behind her.

Yami knew all this so he didn't give much attention to all the things Anko was blabbering. He suddenly sensed someone's eyes on him. He didn't turn around to look immediately as he knew that this could be Orochimaru himself. Yami had no confidence in defeating someone like Orochimaru not just because of his strength but also because the snake had many ways to escape with his life. The cursed seal on Anko is one of them.

Neji didn't have the same patience that Yami had. When he sensed the gaze on him he instantly turned back to see a girl with long hair. She looked beautiful but Neji was getting a creepy feeling by just seeing her. Seeing Neji turn Yami wanted to facepalm himself.

'Hehe...I thought the Yami didn't sense my gaze but looks like he did but didn't react. On the other hand, his teammate is too sensitive to it. A Hyuga...as expected of those white-eyed pacifists.' the creepy woman thought flaunting a long tongue.


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