Naruto: Uchiha's Genjutsu Demon

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Meeting The Sannin

As Zabuza and Haku entered the motel, they saw many people sitting around at the tables drinking, eating, and enjoying themselves. They were definitely noisy to the extent that Zabuza had to take a deep breath to calm himself down. As they were looking around, a woman In her 30s came toward them and asked "Welcome travelers, what would you like to have?"

Haku hesitated and asked "What is the specialty of your inn?"

Seeing Haku and hearing his soft voice, the woman like others mistakenly took him as a girl. She bent down a little and said "Aren't you a sweet flower…we have ramen, soup, Dango, and even pork buns. What would you like to have?"

Haku looked at Zabuza and asked "Can I take a few pork buns?" Zabuza and Haku had traveled a lot for the past few days so Zabuza nodded and then looked at the woman and asked "Get her some pork buns. Do you have a gambling den?" Zabuza asked the last part in a low voice. While traveling he had noticed that the inns preferred to keep gambling a little hidden as the people playing didn't want to become targets of bandits or greedy mercenaries.

Seeing the cute Haku with him the woman didn't think that Zabuza would be a bandit or a mercenary so she said "We do…please follow me to the backrooms of the inn."

Haku and Zabuza followed her. As they were walking they saw that she had led them into a corridor that had multiple doors on both sides but only the last door on the left had two people outside. Those two looked like guards so Zabuza figured that this must be the room where wealthy merchants gambled. As they reached near the door where the guards stood the woman nodded at them and they stepped aside. The woman opened the door and went in while signaling Zabuza to come in as well. As they entered they saw various different groups sitting and gambling. They all looked like merchants and the room was as big as the main dining hall.

'The other doors must have been just for show. The amount of money I see on the tables right now is more than enough to run this entire village nicely for almost a decade.' As Zabuza was thinking something bumped into his leg. As he looked down he saw that it was a pig wearing a maroon jacket and a pearl necklace. Zabuza quickly recognized it as the pig Yami had mentioned in the letter. He picked up ton-ton and looked at it from every angle. When he first read about this he thought that a pig with the legendary Sanin and her disciple must be a monster masquerading as a normal pig but now when he looked at it properly it looked like nothing but a delicious pig.

Ton ton quickly realized what was going inside Zabuza's mind just by seeing him gulp down his saliva. She quickly started squeaking and calling for help. And in the next few seconds, the black-haired Shizune wearing a dark brown colored Kimono came toward Zabuza running. Zabuza hadn't held ton-ton in a firm grip so Shizune was able to take her from him and pressed the scared ton ton to her flat chest. "Where had you run off to? I told you many times not to do that." She started berating the scared pig who was almost in tears.

"Excuse me…are you Shizune?" Haku asked. Seeing that her name was called Shizune looked at Haku and said "How do you know?"

Before Haku could say anything a table came flying toward Zabuza. He quickly dodged it easily and looked in the direction it came from.

"SHIZUNE RUNNN…they must be sent by our debtors from the previous village." A shout was heard.

When Shizune heard this her eyes widened and she was about to run when Zabuza held her hand and said We are not sent by the debtors but by someone else. Shizune stopped and so did the figure that had started running.

Tsunade and Shizune weren't running from the debtors in fear of getting beat up. Tsunade was one of the strongest Kunoichi and Shizune was also her disciple.

"NOO Wait…we aren't sent here by any debtors. We came for something else." Zabuza said as he held Shizune's wrist. Shizune quickly stopped in her tracks and looked at Tsunade who still not visible due to the dim lights. Zabuza looked ahead from where he heard Tsunade's voice and the next second she appeared. Her bust appeared before the rest of her body. She had worn a sleeveless grey kimono and dark blue pants. She put both her hands on her hips and asked "Then why are you here? And how do you know Shizune?"

Zabuza looked around and saw that the woman who brought him and Haku here as well as the merchants who were playing were all looking at him. He let go of Shizune's wrist and said "Can we talk in private?"

Seeing that there was no malice in his voice, she nodded slightly and said in a haughty tone. "Follow me." She and Shizune left while Haku and Zabuza followed them. After a few seconds, they reached Tsunade's and Shizune's room. Tsunade sat on the bed and signaled them both to sit on the chairs near the wall. Zabuza knew that even if he wanted he can't defeat this monstrous woman and on top of that if he messes up even a little bit, the little monster would tear him apart. He suddenly felt that the freedom he once loved too much was gone.

He then took out a scroll from his kimono. This was the same scroll Yami's messenger bat had swallowed. He proceeded to hand over the scroll to Tsunade.

The legendary Saninn was familiar with most of the poisons so she looked at the scroll for a few seconds and then took it from Zabuza. Without opening the scroll she asked "What is this? Who sent you?"

Zabuza shook his head and said "I don't know…I was offered a lot of money to find you and give this to you. We have been tracking you for the past week."

Hearing what Zabuza said got Tsunade thinking 'This kind of scroll is only used by the higher-ups of the clans and the villages. If someone from the village wanted to contact me through scroll then they would have used Anbu or given leaf shinobis a mission. Why hire a mercenary? Things seem fishy but if it is someone who cannot trust the leaf shinobis then they would have to contact me in such a method. Looks like I won't get the answers to my questions till I open the scroll. This man looks all neat and clean but I can smell the blood on him. He must have not killed anyone for a long time but he is battle-hardened for sure. On the other hand, the girl with him is not a girl but a boy but he isn't this guy's son.'


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