Naruto: Uchiha's Genjutsu Demon

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Karin Uzumaki

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Hearing Naruto say her name Karin flinched at first and then asked in a quivering voice " W-Who are you? H-How d-do you know my name?"

Before Naruto could reply to her questions Neji along with the others came through the bush. Seeing more people Karin stepped back. "Is this Karin Uzumaki? She has red hair just like Yami told us." Lee said pointing toward Karin.

Neji and Sasuke were looking at the numerous injuries and bite marks on Karin's arms. Even Sakura was shocked after seeing the state of the redhead girl.

Naruto lifted his hands showing that he had no weapon and said "My name is Naruto Uzumaki. I am a konoha genin. I thought I was the last Uzumaki."

Karin tilted her head and looked at Naruto's hair which were yellow and said "How can you be a Uzumaki. You don't have red hair."

"No No...he is telling the truth. He is an Uzumaki." Sakura said as she came forward.

"S-Stay back." Karin said while pointing her kunai at Sakura.

"Don't be scared. We are here to help you. How did you get so many injuries and bite marks? And why are you alone here?" Lee said. Everyone could tell that Karin wasn't just injured but also underfed.

Just when Karin was about to answer everyone heard footsteps coming from behind them. Sasuke and Neji had cleared the bushes in their way so everyone had a good view as too who is coming from behind. As they turned back they saw 2 grass genins walking toward them. They were both a little injured but nowhere near as Karin.

Seeing Neji and the others both the genins became alert. One took out a kunai from his pocket while the other one sheathed a short sword from his back.

"Why did we have to face another team just after we fought against one?" the genin with a kunai said to the other.

"What do you guys want?" the one with the sickle said.

Seeing them Karin shouted "SHIGERI."

Sasuke gripped his sword and said "So you are her teammate."

"Heh...she is no teammate of ours. Just a waste who we use to heal." the one with the kunai said.

Shigeri looked at Karin and said with a little anger in his voice "YOU BITCHH...you must have brought them to our hideout. You will be the first one to die after them."

Sakura frowned as she heard this 'How can someone have such hate for their own teammate? Looks like she really is bullied by them as Lee told me.'

"Even if you kill her, we won't give the scrolls we have." Shigeri said.

"You are ready to sacrifice her for just a scroll?" Neji asked. He did believe what Yami told him but just a few days ago he had understood that he must guage things himself rather than judging things by what you hear.

Shigeri sneered as he heard this "Heh...why would we care about such a trash? Her mother died as a disposable tool and so will she."

Tears started streaming out of Karins' eyes as she heard this. She remembered how weak her mother was when she died. How the grass shinobis used her to heal and threw her away when she was of no use.

"What do they mean?" Lee asked as he looked at Karin.

Karin hesitated a little and then said "Me and mother can heal someone if that person bites us. Our chakra has normal healing properties. The shinobis of hidden grass used that property of my mother to such an extent and she even used up her lifeforce and died."

Hearing this Neji and the others felt immense anger rise in their heart. They couldn't even imagine what Karin and her mother must have gone through and what the future for Karin will be like if they didn't save her.

The one who was the angriest was Naruto. As a fellow Uzumaki he felt bad for Karin's condition. He felt that all these years he had lived in hell. Being called a monster, a fox and many more things but now he understood that Karin had gone through something worse than that.

"HOW COULD DO THIS TO HER" Naruto shouted looking at Shigeri and the other genin with burning anger in his eyes.

"What wrong with that? This is the only way she can be usefull." Shigeri snickered.

Naruto wanted to rush and beat the two grass genins but Sasuke stopped him.

"From now on, she will come with us and even after the chunin exam she will stay in the hidden leaf." Sasuke said.

The grass genin chuckled and said "Do you think we will give you are tool just because this is your village? Do you think the hidden leaf will offend the hidden grass just for this trash?"

Hearing the words tool and trash angered everyone including Neji who would usually be calm. Before Neji could say Lee and Naruto rushed toward the grass genins.

"These two..." Sasuke cursed. He was angry by all this but he knew better than to rush into things blindly. But now that Naruto and Lee had initaited a fight, he had no option other than supporting them in the fight. He was about rush in the fight as well but Neji looked at him and said "Stop."

"Those two have already started the fight. Now there is no way that we can avoid a conflict." Sasuke said with a questioning gaze. He couldn't understand why Neji would stop him from helping their teammates.

Neji looked at Naruto and Lee who were exchanging attacks with the grass genins and said "Both Naruto and Lee have suffered a lot from the people around him. Both have been called trash numerous times so they understand what it feels like when someone is disgusted just by your existence. Let them fight. Let them bring out the pain they have suffered all these years so that they can end the suffering this girl has gone through."


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