Naruto: Uchiha's Genjutsu Demon

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Karin Last Hope

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Sasuke knew exactly what Neji was talking about. The entire village had ostracized Naruto and called him a monster and whatnot while Lee was discriminated against for not being able to use chakra at all. Even when Yami had told Sasuke about having a teammate who can't use chakra, the first thing Sasuke said was why did such a guy even become a shinobi? He himself had discriminated against Lee without even knowing him. Not until Yami told him about Lee's specialization in Taijutsu did Sasuke believe that Lee wouldn't be a burden. Seeing Lee fight with Shigeri bare-handed and beat up Shigeri so easily, Sasuke understood that this resulted from Lee's stubbornness and hard work.

"Won't you help your teammates fight with mine?" Karin asked in a meek tone.

Hearing this Sakura patted her non-existent chest and proudly said "We don't need to. They can easily handle themselves. Can't you see they are beating the hell out of your teammates?"

'She is right. Her teammates are on a different level than mine. Are they really fighting for me?' Karin thought as a slight blush appeared on her cheeks.

After a minute or two Naruto and Lee returned to the group with 2 scrolls in hand. Naruto tossed the scroll his team needed to Sasuke and threw the other one

"Hehe...this was easy."

Lee smiled and looked at Naruto "We make a good team Naruto, don't we?" Lee asked and Naruto nodded.

Shigeri and the other grass genin were sitting on the ground beaten up badly. They weren't unconscious and just at the start of the fight they understood that these two genins aren't something they can handle. They tried to split and run multiple times but the weirdo in green spandex was very fast and would kick them back into the fight where the yellow-haired loud mouth's clones would beat them up.

"Come and heal us Bitch." Shigeri shouted at Karin while he and his teammate are injured all over.

Karin flinched a little when she heard Shigeri call her but then Sakura stood in front of her and yelled "She is already weak herself and you still want her to heal you. How shameless can you be?"

"From now onwards Karin will stay in the hidden leaf. She is an Uzumaki." Naruto declared. Sasuke looked at Naruto and then at Karin and asked "What do you want Karin? Do you want to go with them to the hidden grass or do you want to stay in the hidden leaf?"

Karin looked at the angry faces of her teammates and then at the Konoha genins who she just met. They were all looking at her and waiting for her decision. Karin clenched her fists and said in a stern tone "I don't want to go back to the people that killed my mother. But are you guys sure that your village will accept me?"

Naruto came forward and said "Haha...don't worry. I will talk to jiji myself about this. There is no way that he will say no to me."

Sakura shook her head and looked and said "Karin Uzushiogakure used to be an ally of the hidden leaf before they were destroyed so don't worry."

Karin was more optimistic than before after listening to what Sakura just said. She was also happy that she found another Uzumaki here. She looked at everyone and asked "How did you guys know about me?"

Neji cleared his throat and said "Ahem...It was actually my teammate Yami who told us about you. He said that your surname being Uzumaki is what got his attention in the first place and that he found out you were being bullied by your own teammates."

"Bullying would be too small of a word for what they did to her and her mom." Naruto said as he grit his teeth and sent a glare toward Shigeri and the other grass genin. Shigeri was getting angrier and angrier as he kept hearing all this. He wanted to kill Karin in front of them all but he knew that he wouldn't stand a chance.

With hatred in his eyes and his words he said "Do you guys think this is so simple? That she will be accepted like that?"

Lee was confused when he heard that and asked "What do you mean Shigeri?"

Shigeri chuckled while blood was trickling from his mouth and said "She will be killed if I spread the news that she is a spy working for the hidden grass and even if that doesn't happen, I can go back and tell the village of your traitorous decisions and you will be hunted by the hidden grass for the rest of your life."

'What he is saying does make sense.' Neji and Sasuke thought at the same time and looked at each other. Naruto was confused even after hearing all this and asked "Sasuke is this true? Can he really do that to her?"

Sasuke nodded and said *sigh* "Yes he is right about it. The villages won't take a chance if they think that someone could be a spy and for the second thing of her being hunted by the hidden grass is also a serious thing. They can claim that Karin knows a lot of secrets of the hidden grass and they want to kill her so that these secrets don't land in the hands of our village. If any of this happens then Karin's life here could be worse than hell."

Karin started to fall in a state of despair as she heard this. She was about to cry but she felt a hand on her shoulder. She opened her eyes and saw Sakura who had a smile on her face "Don't worry Karin. We will find a solution for this as well."

(A/N: By we she means everyone except her.)

Karin looked at Sakura and then at Sasuke and Neji "Is there actually a solution to all this?"

Sasuke and Neji looked at each other to guess whether the other had any solution to this problem and when they were about to shake their head, they heard a voice coming from behind Shigeri and the grass genin.

"Of course there is."


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