Naruto: Uchiha's Genjutsu Demon

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Empty-headed Lee

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"What do you mean by that Yami?" Neji questioned. He didn't understand in what context Yami was asking him this.

"I meant if you want to go with Lee to find and help the girl or you have something else to do in the forest?" Yami asked.

'He definitely meant something else...' Neji thought as he narrowed his eyes while looking at Yami. Yami simply smiled at that. He actually meant to ask if Neji has anything better to do other than question everything Yami says. Over the past few months and the recent land of waves mission had let Neji understand a little about how Yami thinks. He knows Yami always has an ulterior motive and wouldn't do something just out of the goodness of his heart.

Seeing that Yami wasn't saying anything Neji said " I will go will Lee. Not because I care about some random girl but because he is my teammate and the test requires all the team members to reach the tower." Neji didn't want to acknowledge that somewhere he also wanted to save a damsel in distress.

Hearing this made Lee very happy and he patted Neji's back "I knew I could always count on you Neji." Neji made an annoyed expression at that but didn't say anything.

Yami clapped his hands and said "Great...I don't know much about her except that she has red hair, wears specs, and is bullied by her teammates. I came across her info by accident."

Yami then bid his goodbyes and left his squad. He started speeding in a completely different direction. He wanted to create an ample distance between himself and his team. He didn't want Orochimaru to catch up to him when he is with his teammates.

'In a hurry, I forgot to leave a clone of mine with them. Chuck it...I have the bats that will help me locate them. For now, I need to find a safe place so that I can focus and sense where that snake is. I am 90% sure that he is after me but I don't wanna take risks. Neji has already seen him. If they cross paths then Neji's curiosity might get the better of him.' Yami thought as he was rushing in a direction the teams were scarce due to high forest density.


On the other side of the forest, Neji had already located team 7 in the forest with his byakugan. Naruto's chakra was different than normal people and Neji already knew this during his waves mission. Among the countless chakra signatures in the forest of death, finding Naruto didn't prove to be much of a challenge for Neji.

"How far are they?" Lee asked while hopping from one tree to another with Neji.

"We have almost reached. They seem to be fighting some genin squad." Neji said. He could see 6 chakra signatures entangling with each other which gave him the impression that they were fighting with someone.

After a few seconds, Lee and Neji heard the sound of a tree falling. They quickly rushed to see what happened and saw 2 mist genins were trapped under a tree while a third one was unconscious on the ground.

'They already took down a squad. Though the opponents are weaklings, this is a good pace seeing that the test has just started.' Neji thought as he looked at Naruto and Sasuke who were standing in a fighting stance staring at the fallen tree. Neji then saw Sakura who was standing in the back doing nothing. 'Does she provide the squad with anything? I have never seen her be any use to the squad.' he thought.

"HEYY Sakura." Lee shouted and jumped nearing the paired-haired girl giving her a small heart attack.

"Ahhhh" Sakura screamed as she saw someone appear beside her in an instant and fell back. Naruto and Sasuke were also alarmed by seeing this and quickly turned back. Sasuke was even about to activate his Sharingan and had one hand on the hilt of his sword.

"Huh." Naruto blurted out as he saw Lee. He and Sasuke relaxed after seeing that it was no enemy.

Lee felt embarrassed scaring Sakura like this so he apologized and stretched his hand toward Sakura.

"I am sorry for scaring you like that Sakura. Hehe...how are you?"

Sakura was in a daze after seeing this but she still replied "I-Its okay-y. I am good nothing to worry about." she said as she took his hand and stood back up. Dusting off her flat ass she looked at Lee and asked "What are you doing here?"

Sakura's impression of Lee wasn't as bad as in the canon. In the canon, he was just someone who suddenly appeared and started to woo her as well as challenge and defeat her prince shining Sasuke. But this time he was someone who was a strong backup in the land of waves. Lee was also Yami's teammate which made him trustworthy in the eyes of Sakura.

Seeing that the little misunderstanding was cleared, Neji also jumped down the tree. Seeing Neji Sasuke looked around in search of his brother but he couldn't find Yami.

"Why are you guys here and where is Yami?" Naruto asked before Sasuke could.

"What do you think?" Neji said while spreading his hands. Sasuke knew Lee and Neji weren't the type of guys to abandon their teammates but Yami was the type to go off alone.

"He must have gone alone..." Sasuke said while he shook his head. He didn't like this habit of Yami as it was Yami who had made him realize how important it is to work as a team. Yami going off solo truly made Sasuke worry.

"We are here because Yami told us to help you Naruto." Lee said. Naruto was a bit confused as he heard this. As always Lee had said things without thinking much.

'Is Yami looking down on me or team 7?' Naruto thought.

"Why would we need any help? We are strong enough to defeat anyone in this forest." Naruto said with a proud expression as he glanced at the fallen mist genins.


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