Naruto: Uchiha’s Unserious Saga

Friend Shisui faces a life and death crisis. Meanwhile, Itachi, a devoted disciple, is on the brink of embracing his destiny as the epitome of 'filial piety' within the Ninja World. The eyes of the entire clan will soon become specimens for others, because they are consumed by an obsession they cannot get rid of. Under the watchful eye of the Konoha Corrupt Quartet, Uchiha Funan, a fifteen-year-old retired cadre of the Uchiha clan, deals with overwhelming pressure. This pressure leads him to make the decision to venture beyond the confines of the clan. --- This is a translation of a Chinese Novel, with minor changes in some parts of the original story. I don't own the picture in the novel cover.

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Chapter 78: Jiraiya's Proposal and Hiruzen's Concerns

Jiraiya had to admit that, to a large extent, the current situation of the Uchiha clan was due to pressure from the Hokage. If the Uchiha didn't stand up and resist, Hiruzen and Danzo would definitely eradicate the Uchiha.

The Uchiha had contributed a lot to the village, and Jiraiya didn't believe they deserved to die or be eradicated as a clan.

"Okay, I get it!" Jiraiya said with a deep look. "No matter what your plans are, letting Tsunade return to the village is not a bad thing."

"Yes!" Funan said with a smile. "Tsunade is back to balance both of us and nip the danger in the bud. Also, you could stay in Konoha for a while and help stabilize the situation."

"With the strength and ability of the two of you, you will definitely be able to slowly ease the relationship between us."

"We all want peace, don't we?"

Jiraiya nodded repeatedly. Although Funan might have other motives, what he said was not wrong. Tsunade's return is beneficial to everyone.

The only problem now is how to bring Tsunade back. That woman really didn't want to return to Konoha. Let alone becoming Hokage.

Funan seemed to have noticed something and said kindly. "Talk to the Hokage about this. You cannot avoid it. Tell the Hokage that if Tsunade returns as Hokage, the Uchiha can also make certain concessions. After all, I don't want to start a civil war that leaves the village vulnerable to other villages."

Jiraiya nodded his head and his gaze towards Funan became friendlier.

Jiraiya said in a deep voice: "Funan, don't worry, I'll go find the old man right away."

Seeing Jiraiya's back, Funan smiled.

"What is so funny?" Itachi's voice sounded.

He and Shisui arrived at Funan's side.

Funan smiled and said: "Do you think the Hokage is willing to let Tsunade become the Hokage?"

"He should agree, right?" Shisui thought for a moment and said: "Tsunade-sama has enough strength and prestige. She herself is still a disciple of the Third Hokage. Her return will only strengthen the Hokage faction. There is no reason for the Hokage to object."

"That sounds good…" Funan chuckled and said: "But what would you think if I told you that my summon beast is a slug?"

"Is it... a slug?" Itachi and Shisui were dumbfounded.

"Haha!" Funan laughed and turned to leave.

Not only are they surprised, that woman Tsunade also gasped when she found out, she even personally searched for Funan once.

"Tell me, what would the Hokage think if he knew my summon beast was a slug?"

Shisui was startled: "He knows?"

"Yes!" Funan said with a smile: "In the name of Itachi, I informed him."

Itachi's face turned dark, and he said: "Why in my name?"

"The Uchiha that Sarutobi Hiruzen trusts the most is you!" Funan chuckled and said: "I can already imagine Sarutobi Hiruzen's expression as if he had eaten shit after he got the news."

Shisui frowned and said: "Are you sure that Hiruzen will be suspicious of Tsunade? Don't forget that Tsunade is Hiruzen's direct disciple."

Funan smiled and said nothing. Under normal circumstances, Sarutobi Hiruzen would not doubt it.


The current situation is so complicated, how can Sarutobi Hiruzen dare to take a gamble? Also, he was getting too old, and he was already becoming paranoid.

In addition, there is the most important point.

Senju Nawaki.

The death of the heir of the Senju Clan was too dramatic.

Although the news was blocked, judging from Tsunade's behavior, she should have some suspicions. Even Orochimaru and Jiraiya, their behaviors were not entirely normal.

However, as a confident party, Funan has nothing to fear since he has done this. He can just test it out.

Funan stood up and walked towards the clan area.

"Funan, what are you going to do?" Shisui caught up and asked curiously.

"What else can I do?" Funan rubbed his shoulders and said: "Of course I'm going to find a beautiful young lady. I've been exhausted these past few days. I want to relax."

"You…" Shisui suddenly stopped, looked at him speechlessly, and said: "Are you going to find Shirayu?"

"No, it's another very beautiful young lady!" Funan glanced at Shisui and said: "Perhaps you should also consider your personal matters. By the way, how about the Akimichi clan?"

Shisui broke out in a cold sweat and said: "Why do you think of them?"

"Nonsense!" Funan said with a smile: "Akimichi Torifu is about to become the Hokage's agent. Of course I have to fawn over him."

"I don't believe you one bit!" Shisui left one last sentence and turned to leave. He was sure that Funan was playing tricks on him again.



"Old man!"

Looking at the broken glass on the ground, Hiruzen took a deep breath. "Jiraiya!"

"If you don't go through the door, that's fine. Why did you smash all my windows?"

This Jiraiya is getting more and more outrageous. In the past, he would simply climb through the window, but now he simply broke the glass and ran in.

Does he not take into account the consequences? This time Hiruzen was so scared that he almost used a fire jutsu. He thought it was an Uchiha attack!

The ANBU were also frightened, and they all rushed into the office with nervous expressions.

When Jiraiya saw this formation, he couldn't help but shrink his neck and said sarcastically: "Old man, don't be nervous, put your hands down. This gesture of yours scares me."

Hiruzen snorted heavily, put down his seal hand, waved his hand to ask the ANBU to retreat, and said angrily: "Tell me, what do you want from me?"

"It's about the Fifth Hokage!"

"Huh?" Hiruzen's expression changed, he looked at Jiraiya and said: "Do you want to take over?"

It's not a bad thing if Jiraiya wants to be the fifth Hokage. This guy has a loose personality. He probably doesn't want to do anything serious when he becomes Hokage, so he'd better let them handle it all.

Looking at it this way, Jiraiya is really a suitable candidate.

"I don't want to be one, but I can recommend one!" Jiraiya said with a smile: "Tsunade, I recommend Tsunade to be the fifth Hokage."

Hiruzen's expression changed slightly.

"Why do you recommend Tsunade?" Hiruzen said calmly. "Couldn't you try as Hokage?"

"I really can't!" Jiraiya chuckled and said: "Tsunade is definitely more suitable than me. Whether it is strength or prestige, the other party is qualified enough, especially her background. She is the orthodox of Konoha."

Jiraiya's mouth was like a machine gun, kept buzzing, and he didn't notice the look on Hiruzen's face, which was getting worse and worse.

"By the way, Uchiha Funan just came to me. He said that if Tsunade becomes Hokage, Konoha will become more stable. He also trusts Tsunade. When the time comes, the Uchiha clan is willing to retreat."

"Uchiha regressing?" Hiruzen lowered his head, his voice became calmer, and said: "Because of Tsunade, Uchiha is actually willing to give in?"

"Yes!" Jiraiya looked at Hiruzen and said solemnly: "Old man, you guys have caused a lot of trouble recently. Wouldn't it be nice to balance things out by bringing back Tsunade to smooth things over?"

"Correct!" Jiraiya added another sentence, saying: "If Tsunade becomes Hokage, I will also be willing to stay in Konoha temporarily and help her."

"Oh!" Hiruzen raised his head again, returning to his kind expression. "I understand, but you know that the Hokage matter is not something that I can decide alone. I will have to discuss it with Danzo and the others."

"Discuss with them?" Jiraiya's heart sank. "Why?" Jiraiya couldn't help but ask: "Old man, don't you believe Tsunade?"

Hiruzen picked up the pipe and took two puffs before saying slowly: "There is one thing you don't know, Jiraiya."

"What's up?"

"Tsunade has a connection with Funan."

"How, how is this possible?" Jiraiya was startled and said: "When did they have contact? Why didn't I know?"

"Who knows." Hiruzen said calmly. "Maybe it will be during the Third Shinobi War."

"That's not right!" Jiraiya categorically rejected it, saying: "Funan had fought under me and had cooperated with Minato, and has a collaboration with Nara Shikaku, and has nothing to do with Tsunade."

Hiruzen sighed quietly: "Because of this, this is even more worrying."

"Old man, you..." Jiraiya was startled and said: "Could it be a mistake?"

"My information is not wrong." Hiruzen didn't notice Jiraiya's expression and said: "Did you know? Uchiha Funan's summon beast is a slug."

"This..." Jiraiya couldn't help but be stunned.

Looking at Jiraiya in a daze, Hiruzen sighed and said: "Do you understand now? Funan has something planned and his thoughts are a mystery to us. The only thing we know for sure is that he is an extremely dangerous person."

"No, old man!" Jiraiya looked at Hiruzen in surprise and said: "Funan has slugs, so what? Does this mean anything?"

"Doesn't this mean something?" Hiruzen frowned deeply.

"I believe Tsunade!" Jiraiya's words became deeper, and he said: "Old man, why? Why don't you want to trust your disciple? Tsunade has been taught by you since she was a child. Don't you understand what kind of person she is?"

Hiruzen's hand holding the pipe trembled slightly.


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