Naruto: Uchiha’s Unserious Saga

Friend Shisui faces a life and death crisis. Meanwhile, Itachi, a devoted disciple, is on the brink of embracing his destiny as the epitome of 'filial piety' within the Ninja World. The eyes of the entire clan will soon become specimens for others, because they are consumed by an obsession they cannot get rid of. Under the watchful eye of the Konoha Corrupt Quartet, Uchiha Funan, a fifteen-year-old retired cadre of the Uchiha clan, deals with overwhelming pressure. This pressure leads him to make the decision to venture beyond the confines of the clan. --- This is a translation of a Chinese Novel, with minor changes in some parts of the original story. I don't own the picture in the novel cover.

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Chapter 77: Intrigue and Allegiance

Fugaku suddenly asked: "Funan, where are Mikoto and Sasuke?"

"Of course I sent them away!" Funan said thiefly. "Clan leader, don't think about it. It's so dangerous these days. If I don't send the little guy in the family away quickly, what if there's a fight? "

Fugaku gave a thumbs up.

No wonder Mikoto left a letter a few days ago, saying she wanted to go out for a walk, and then disappeared with Sasuke.

Because she used a special code that only the couple knew, and because the village was tense and Fugaku's identity was sensitive, he could only grit his teeth and endure it.

In the following days, he received letters from Mikoto reporting that they were fine.

In the letters, she vaguely hinted that this was related to Funan, but she claimed that she had left voluntarily.

He was relieved now!

No matter what Funan wanted to do, Fugaku still recognized his abilities. He has already fully cooperated with the opponent, so Funan won't attack him again, right?

Funan smiled widely, giving a thumbs up with a gleam in his teeth.

Others stopped laughing.

Danzo pointed at Funan with trembling fingers, gritted his teeth and said: "You... Uchiha Funan, how dare you? This... this is lack of trust in the village."

The corner of Funan's mouth twitched and he looked at Danzo speechlessly.

"Okay, Danzo, stand down!" Hiruzen gave a cold shout and looked at Shikaku.

He understood that Shikaku might have a problem, but at this moment, he couldn't find anyone except Shikaku who could help him.

After a brief silence, Shikaku said slowly: "One third!"


"And..." Shikaku stared at Funan and said: "Those who left the Uchiha clan must come back as soon as possible. Konoha is our home."

"This..." Funan looked at Shikaku's cold gaze and said with a smile: "The supplies will be half."

"Okay!" Shikaku said coldly. "Half of the list is given!"

"Excellent!" Funan gave a thumbs up and said: "Tomorrow I will publicly announce that due to my inexperience, I am not suitable to be Hokage."

"I will propose that Lady Tsunade assume the position of Fifth Hokage, and in the meantime, Akimichi Torifu will act as acting Hokage until her return."

"That's ok." Hiruzen also agreed with this.

After everyone left, the Konoha Corrupt Quartet sat in the office.


Koharu sighed and asked: "What should we do?"

"Don't be anxious!" Hiruzen said calmly. "As long as Uchiha does not take the position of Hokage, we have not failed. Konoha is still under our control."


"If Funan doesn't take the position of Hokage this time, he will have no chance." Hiruzen said coldly. "What does he think the position of Hokage is? After giving it up this time, will he still have his share next time?"

Koharu remained silent.

Hiruzen held the pipe and smoked it with a bitter look on his face.

After a while he threw his pipe on the desk and said coldly: "Okay, you all go down and get ready. After Akimichi Torifu becomes the Hokage's agent, the wind will inevitably rise again."

"And the Fifth Hokage?" Homura asked: "Shall we bring back Tsunade?"

"No!" Hiruzen looked gloomy and said: "I suspect that Tsunade is connected with Uchiha Funan."

"Are they connected?"

"There is one thing that I have never told you!" Hiruzen picked up the cigarette, took two puffs, and then said coldly: "Uchiha Funan has his own summoning beast!"

"And what?" The others still didn't understand.

Hiruzen glanced at them and said calmly: "The summoning beast of Uchiha Funan is the slug!"

Late night.

Jiraiya hid in the shadows, silently observing the blonde-haired boy in front of him.

The little boy is about three or four years old.

In that face, Jiraiya could glimpse his own disciple, as well as Kushina's shadow.

The little boy was walking alone on the street. There were people passing by, and the moment they saw him, their eyes were full of disgust. Some even scolded him without hesitation, telling him to get away.

Those insults hit Jiraiya hard in the heart.

At this time, the little boy would smile and step away cautiously.

It was as if the world disowned him.

"How do you feel about that?" A light voice sounded. Jiraiya looked up.

Funan sat on the eaves nearby, looking at Uzumaki Naruto with interest.

Jiraiya said nothing, because he really didn't know what to say. He never dreamed that his disciple's son, the hero of Konoha, would actually live such a life.

Yesterday, after Naruto fell asleep, Jiraiya secretly visited him. The place where he lives is the most remote corner of the village. The things in the room are also the simplest, or the crudest.

The refrigerator was full of food that was about to expire, or had expired, or was rotten. Even so, the child was not willing to throw it away.

This scene made it difficult for him to breathe. However, he didn't say anything, he just silently glanced at the ANBU who were watching around him, then turned and left.

In the past few days, he had visited many old people in Konoha and asked them about Uzumaki Naruto.

Most people avoided talking about it. There are also some people who say bluntly that they dare not take care of it.

As long as someone takes care of it, they will be warned overtly and covertly, and even Danzo will come to their door. Then, they will take some young shinobi from the family.

These answers made Jiraiya feel incredible.

Jiraiya was like a furious lion. "Minato's child..."

Funan sighed and said: "Sometimes, I have thought about helping him, but, Jiraiya, you know? Even if I try to help him discreetly through ordinary people, Danzo will constantly scold and criticize me."

"I understand what Hiruzen means, but it's hard for people to accept. Is power really that important?"

Jiraiya didn't know how sincere Funan's words were. However, he really couldn't accept it in his heart. He went to question the Hokage, but the other party casually changed the topic, and finally got around to the Uchiha issue.

"Funan, what should I do?" Jiraiya asked with a confused expression. He once believed that Minato was the child of destiny and placed his hope on him. However, Minato died.

He began to look for the child of destiny outside again, and at the same time, it was also a kind of escape. He was regretting that if he had been in Konoha on the night of the Nine-Tails, Minato would not have died.

However, he really couldn't accept it. The changes in Konoha over the years made him unwilling to stay here.

He thought Minato could change things.

"How to do it? What do you want to do?" Funan asked back. "If you want to protect this child, you will confront the Hokage. This just makes me, Uchiha, happy. If not, do you think the Hokage will change his attitude because of you?"

"Or do you prefer to stay in Konoha?"

'Stay in Konoha forever?' Jiraiya looked a little hesitant. "Or maybe I should take him with me?"

"Impossible!" Funan sneered and said: "Do you think Hiruzen or Danzo would accept that? If you mention it, tomorrow you will be considered a missing-nin of Konoha."

Looking at the irritable Jiraiya, Funan smiled and said: "Actually, there is a way to get the best of both worlds."

"What?" Jiraiya quickly looked at Funan. There was expectation and vigilance in his eyes. He had seen Funan's tricks during the Third Great Shinobi War. Often his enemies died without knowing how. It was a true death without honor.

"Tsunade!" Funan spit out a name.

"Tsunade?" Jiraiya was startled and said: "What do you mean, let me go find Tsunade?"

"Yes, go find Tsunade and ask her to return to the village."

Jiraiya was startled again, then suddenly realized: "You want Tsunade to become the fifth Hokage."

"Exact." Funan smiled and said: "You also know what the situation in Konoha is now."

"I don't want Konoha to be destroyed and I don't want to continue like this. Therefore, the people of Sarutobi Hiruzen's lineage must no longer become Hokage, and the other party also does not want Uchiha to become Hokage."

"So, we must find someone qualified to be Hokage and keep the balance between us."

"Jiraiya, if you don't want to be Hokage, then you have to let Tsunade do it."

"I can trust Tsunade's character. She is Hiruzen's disciple. Wouldn't Hiruzen trust his disciple?"

"If she becomes Hokage, do you still need to worry about Naruto?"

"That woman is so loud with her mouth, but she is so soft in her heart."

Jiraiya's eyes lit up.

But after a moment, he couldn't help but look at Funan with a strange look. "Funan, Tsunade is a Senju."

"I know!" Funan waved his hand and said: "Jiraiya, why do you think I am going against Hiruzen? For rights? Bullshit, in the final analysis, I am doing it to protect myself."

"It is true that many people are dissatisfied that Konoha is in such trouble, but what can Uchiha do?"

"We can't just stand by and let them kill us, can we?"

Jiraiya nodded unconsciously.


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