Naruto: Uchiha’s Unserious Saga

Friend Shisui faces a life and death crisis. Meanwhile, Itachi, a devoted disciple, is on the brink of embracing his destiny as the epitome of 'filial piety' within the Ninja World. The eyes of the entire clan will soon become specimens for others, because they are consumed by an obsession they cannot get rid of. Under the watchful eye of the Konoha Corrupt Quartet, Uchiha Funan, a fifteen-year-old retired cadre of the Uchiha clan, deals with overwhelming pressure. This pressure leads him to make the decision to venture beyond the confines of the clan. --- This is a translation of a Chinese Novel, with minor changes in some parts of the original story. I don't own the picture in the novel cover.

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Chapter 76: Funan's Folly

Funan pointed at Danzo and said coldly: "You open and close your mouth because of Konoha. When have you ever done it for Konoha?"

"When the Second Hokage died, you ran away."

"You tried to assassinate the Third Hokage."

"When the Fourth Hokage died, you hid to the side. Don't say anything about watching over the Uchiha clan. Who among the people present would believe that?"

"You only have two ounces of meat, and you still want to keep an eye on the Uchiha clan. Only I can beat you and your roots until you eat shit. If you don't believe it, let's try it! Speak with facts!"

Danzo turned blue.

Funan then looked at Koharu and Homura. They both became tense.

But surprisingly, Funan ignored them. "I'm too lazy to talk about you two useless things."

Both of their bodies were shaking with anger.

"Funan, calm down!" A shadow touched Funan's shadow and forced him back.

Shikaku said solemnly: "There is a possibility of peaceful solution to the problem, why think about dying together!"

"Hmph!" Funan just snorted coldly, then broke Shikaku's shadow restraint technique, and said calmly: "We'll see what certain people decide."

Hiruzen's face had begun to turn purple.

"Okay!" Shikaku smiled bitterly and said: "Tell me your conditions first?"

Funan pointed at Hiruzen and said: "This thing, don't let him take the position of Hokage. I feel upset when I see him."

Hiruzen was so angry that his whole body was shaking.

"Why?" Funan said disdainfully. "Are you not convinced? Single fight or group battle, your choice!"

"Your Sarutobi clan boasts of having three thousand shinobi, I will face them alone!"

"Hokage-sama." Shikaku looked at Hiruzen with a wry smile and said: "What you just said is indeed true. Uchiha has sacrificed a lot for the village. This is an indisputable fact."

Hiruzen stood up expressionlessly and walked aside. Danzo and three others followed closely behind. The four of them sat in another corner.

Fugaku and others sat behind Funan and confronted them.

On the other side, Ino-Shika-Cho and Torifu were sitting quietly.

Three sides form a triangle.

At this moment, Jiraiya was a bit redundant. He sat quietly and watched silently.

"First of all, Sarutobi Hiruzen, resign as Hokage!" Funan said unceremoniously and coldly.

"Funan, don't go too far!" Koharu said angrily. "Hiruzen is the Hokage. Do you know how many things he has done for Konoha?"

Funan said disdainfully: "I really don't know how much he has done for Konoha. I only saw that many people died because of him."

"Besides, I'm scared for someone as cool as him to sit in the position of Hokage!"

Funan calmly spit out a name: "Uzumaki Naruto!"

At that moment, Koharu and the others kept quiet about the words they were going to say.

Jiraiya's eyes were extremely cold, and he couldn't hide his anger as he looked at the Third Hokage.

Funan said coldly: "This is the Will of Fire! If people in the village know that Uzumaki Naruto is the son of the Fourth Hokage, do you think the Third Hokage will be sacked?"

"Okay!" Hiruzen sighed deeply and said: "I originally planned to step down as Hokage."

"That's your idea!" Funan sneered and said: "Why should you resign? You should be removed."

"Besides, Hiruzen, do you really want to step down as Hokage?"

There was strong sarcasm in his words.

"Maybe…" Hiruzen said calmly. "Uchiha Funan, continue to tell me your conditions?"

Funan looked at Torifu and said: "Akimichi Torifu can become the agent of the Fifth Hokage."

At this moment, countless eyes focused on Torifu and Shikaku.

Shikaku cursed inwardly. Funan's words undoubtedly indicate that there is cooperation between the two.

Hiruzen's gaze turned strange as he said indifferently: "That's not a problem. I already talked to Torifu a few days ago. Although he didn't agree, he is willing to make some sacrifices for Konoha."

Torifu's face turned red.

The irony of Hiruzen's words was too strong.

'Sarutobi Hiruzen won't kill me secretly, right?' Torifu was very worried.

People like Hatake Sakumo are dead.

The death of the Fourth Hokage is said to be related to him.

The Sannin also had various problems.

Damn, although he is also Kage level, compared to those people, he really doesn't count for anything.

"I want a batch of supplies!" Funan handed the list of supplies prepared in advance to Hiruzen.

Hiruzen took a look and felt dizzy, he almost fainted. "You're dreaming!" Hiruzen roared, his newly regained calm disappearing instantly, almost bordering on madness.

This scene surprised everyone.

Jiraiya reached for the list, and after taking a look, his face turned dark.

After Shikaku read it, he almost slapped Funan in the face with the list.

A notable feature of this list is its breadth. From combat weapons to medical equipment, it has it all!

Shikaku roughly estimated that without about five or six billion, it would be impossible to complete it. 'Funan, how much have you taken from me, have you forgotten it? How dare you ask for so much! How big is your stomach?'

"Impossible!" Hiruzen said flatly. "I will give you at most one-tenth of the supplies here!"

"If you give me one-tenth, then let's just go to war!"

"You really think I don't dare?"

"You dare, is there anything that you, Sarutobi Hiruzen, dare not do? You even dare to torture Naruto!"

"You are talking nonsense!"

The two started to yell at each other, leaving everyone else dumbfounded.

"Okay!" Shikaku shouted. "Do you really want to start a war?"

Funan sneered and said: "Some people just don't show sincerity."

Shikaku said seriously: "Funan, this amount of supplies is really too much."

Funan looked at Shikaku aggrievedly and said: "You are so heartless, and you won't help me. Have you forgotten our past?"

Shikaku's expression darkened, he gritted his teeth and said: "Stop doing this, I will give you at most one-fifth of this list!"

Hiruzen's expression softened. As expected, Ino-Shika-Cho was still on their side, and the reason for the fight was because of Danzo, who had gone too far.

Funan was startled and looked at Shikaku in surprise.

Torifu was also very strange and winked at Shikaku.

"Hmph, one-fifth is impossible!" Funan curled his lips and said coldly: "If it's one-fifth, I might as well start a war directly."

"Funan, don't talk about starting a war at all times!" Shikaku said solemnly. "Do you really want to start a war? If a war starts, you, Uchiha, will be the first to be destroyed."

Funan looked at Shikaku coldly.

Torifu is about to take over. Is he eager to suppress the Uchiha clan first?


Although the Sarutobi clan is now very powerful, they are just an ordinary shinobi clan after all.

Without the care of Sarutobi Hiruzen, they can be suppressed with a little bit of tactics.

In particular, the materials they have used to develop to this day are almost all of Konoha's public funds. Once it is announced, will other shinobi let them go?

The Uchiha clan was different.

They are rich in geniuses, especially this generation, who have given birth to so many Kage-level powerhouses. Who wouldn't feel chilled after hearing this?

Fugaku, Shisui and others also thought of this, their eyes changed slightly, and they sighed silently in their hearts.

It was okay when the Senju clan was around. There was a shinobi clan who could compete with them, and other shinobi clans could still tolerate them.

"I really don't want to start a war." Funan said in a calm voice. "But if a war really starts, I don't mind."

"Funan!" Shikaku's voice was serious. "You are not such an extreme person."

"You are wrong, Nara Shikaku!" Funan smiled slightly and said: "Actually, I'm not just an extreme person, I'm the most extreme. Of course, with your level, you still have no right to force me to this point."

"What do you mean?"

"What I mean is that I have already left an escape route for the Uchiha." Funan said casually. "The Sarutobi clan has thousands of shinobi, the clan of Shimura, Utatane and Mitokado also have several thousand. What merits does my Uchiha clan have to compete with them?"

"The Senju clan has really integrated into Konoha? I've checked none of them can be found, who knows how long ago they became compost?"

"Senju Nawaki is dead and Senju Tsunade was forced to leave."

"I'm afraid. Of course I have to leave a path for the clan."

Hearing this, everyone present was stunned.

"Are you surprised?" Funan looked at the people present strangely and said: "Why are you surprised? I spent three years in the Uchiha clan's territory, I can't spend all my time chasing girls right? My waist couldn't handle it."

"Ahem!" Itachi couldn't help but cough.

Funan showed a mean smile and said: "I'm not afraid to tell you that the first thing I did during the three years of silence in the Uchiha clan was to find a way out for the clan."

"Can I allow the blood of the Uchiha clan to become extinct in my generation?"

"You think, am I very smart!?"

"Quick, quick, praise me!"

Damn it!

Hearing this, Hiruzen was about to explode on the spot. Is what Funan said true? Most likely true.

Everyone's expressions collapsed on the spot.

Only the three Uchiha people were energetic. Good Guy! Was there such a thing?


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