59 Chapter 59

"What the hell is that…"

The thunderous echo attracted the attention of the nearby ninjas. Both forces saw it, then they noticed Feng who was bathed in silver light, and lightning arcs entwined his Chakra Sword.

Almost all the ninjas present were elites, and with just a glance they instantly judged that the technique that was currently intertwined within the Chakra Sword on Feng's hands was based on Chakra Nature Transformation.

A-level ninjutsu!

That's an A-level Lightning Release Jutsu!

'Although he has a weird behavior and is inexperienced, to be capable of mastering an A-level ninjutsu at his age, his level of talent is indeed beyond doubt…'

'Hatake Feng and Might Dai, we really underestimated these two'

Morinoi Ibiki's thought, but the panic in his heart was still there.

He's afraid that even if Feng's strength reached to that of a Jonin, along with Might Dai. their enemies still have the advantage of having more Jonins!

With their stamina decreasing every second, he's afraid that only with the help of the Third Hokage would they be able to escape this situation..

"You said, leave everything to you?"

One Upper Jonin from Hidden Rock said to Feng with a sneer on his face as he pointed his short sword towards Feng "A kid like you?"

That's just an A-level ninjutsu.

As an Upper Jonin, he already mastered this level of ninjutsu.

Hearing Feng's statement, it was as if he could easily deal with the situation they are in. The brat sure knows how to brag.


Might Dai was also a little surprised.

He was surprised because he was stopped by Feng for not opening the Final Gate, and the other one was that the light that was enveloping Feng seems similar to Hachimon at the same time they're also different. It looked like it was a technique that was based on Hachimon, another kind of Taijutsu.

Feng was indeed a genius to be able to develop this kind of technique, but can he really reverse their dire situation with just this, remember, their enemies have more than ten Jonins.


His thought was instantly replaced by shock.

He saw Feng that was bathed in silver light and holding his Chakra Sword suddenly disappear, moving across the battlefield at the speed that the naked eye couldn't see clearly.


The nearby ninjas could only catch a glimpse of a silver light. The next moment, there was a sudden arc in the void that appeared behind an Upper Jonin from Hidden Rock Village.

The Upper Jonin was stunned as a trace of horror and disbelief flashed in the depths of his eyes. He wanted to say something, but only a mouthful of blood came out when he opened his mouth.

After staggering for two steps, he fell to the ground and was unable to support himself.

You can clearly see that there was a deep wound behind him that exposed his ribs and spine, and the slash also tore his heart and lungs from the back!


The Upper Jonin who previously mocked Feng had a stiff expression on his face and his pupils shrank violently, as he looked at Feng with disbelief.

What the fuck was that speed?!

While he was shocked, Feng took a glance at him.

Just the mere gaze made all the hairs in his body stand up; it was as if he was being stared at by a terrifying monster. He felt death looming and it was useless even if he wanted to struggle!


This kid is extremely dangerous!

Where will his attacks come from? Left? Right? Behind?

His vigilance has reached its peak and his body was in an extremely tense state. He doesn't dare to relax even just a bit and he controlled his breathing.

The next moment.

"...Crescent Slash!"

Feng's voice sounded out.

His whole person disappeared in an instant, and a silver light flashed across the battlefield that suddenly appeared in front of that Upper Jonin. Feng's Chakra sword and that Upper Jonin's dagger will collide with one another.


That Upper Jonin who had been extremely vigilant did not expect that Feng would choose attacking from the front instead of using his speed to attack him from the flank. He tried his best to slash the dagger to resist the Chakra Sword in Feng's hand, he even infused his chakra on it.


But at the moment of contact, his dagger was cut in half like it was made of tofu!

A crescent shaped arc fell in an instant, directly splitting that Upper Jonin's body in half and even included the ground underneath him!

KIlled in a single attack!

That Upper Jonin didn't even have time to cast Substitution Jutsu!

The ninjas nearby, whether they're from Konoha or Hidden Rock, when they witnessed this scene, all of them couldn't help but be dumbfounded.

With the exception of people from the Hyuga and Uchiha clan, almost everyone couldn't follow Feng's movements!!

"Is that the Lightning Release: Chakra Mode from Hidden Cloud VIllage?!"

"Too fast…"

Even the Jonins of Hyuga and Uchiha Clan took a deep breath with shocked expressions. Even with their ocular abilities, they can barely catch Feng's actions!


Feng's figure disappeared again.

Only a gleam of silver light can be seen passing through the entire battlefield, wherever that light passes an elite from Hidden Rock would fall, even Jonins failed to resist the attacks and are killed with a single blow.

In just a short moment, a dozen Jonins have already died, there were even three Upper Jonins that fell from the side of Hidden Rock VIllage!

This situation immediately caused an uproar in the battlefield.

"Quick! Restrict that kid's movements!"

"Damn it! Even ninjutsu can't keep up with him!"

The Hidden Rock force who were originally relying on their larger numbers to suppress the Konoha advance force fell into chaos as even Chunin ninjas who were not targeted by Feng, were distracted and were forced to split their attention guarding against him with horror while fighting.

But it wouldn't matter.

Even if they concentrated in defending against Feng, Jonin's didn't even have the ability to resist him, much less the Chunin ninjas.

Although Jonin's may be able to evade and resist Feng with the help of a shadow clone, and substitution techniques. Unless they've hidden their main body, then they wouldn't have time to cast any ninjutsus.


Feng flashed once again, and another Chunin Fell.

"Earth Release! Stone Trap!"

It was here that a furious voice came from one side.

With the movement of the ground, the place where Feng was standing suddenly collapsed as Feng's body was suddenly dragged underground.

After binding Feng, he formed hand seals and with an angry shout he placed his arms on the ground as the earth rolled violently.

"Earth Release! Earth Prison Dome!"

He was an Upper Jonin from Hidden Rock Village who fought numerous times against ninjas of Hidden Cloud Village so he was experienced in dealing with individuals who specialized in speed!


The earth shattered into countless rubbles as they surrounded Feng in the center, trapping him in the center.

After the dome was casted, it seemed to immediately suppress Feng's chakra. The silver-white light that was enveloping him began to fade away and the Lightning that was intertwining on his Chakra Sword also began to disappear.

"This dome can restrict the flow of chakra. You can't use techniques here easily...Do you think you can still rely on your speed here?"

"You're dead, kid!"

That Upper Jonin spoke coldly to Feng.

Seeing this scene, the nearby Hidden Rock ninjas finally heaved a sigh of relief.

"Fortunately, we have Senior Neru with us..."

"I really didn't expect that Konoha would have a speed-type ninja that can even rival those from Hidden Cloud. We would be doomed if he was left all alone."

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