Naruto : The Wind Calamity

The MC transmigrates into Narutoverse in the body of a civilian orphan. Luckily for him, the transmigration results in chakra being unlocked. Follow the story of the MC as he grows in power and stabilizes himself into the world of ninjas and trains to be the strongest.  Warning :  1. The MC won't be op for a long time. All his power would be gained via hard work and training over years (so if u want an op mc right from the word go, this one ain't for you) 2. No harem (probably no romance either) 3. There will be a lot of killing (maybe gore too, not sure if I can do gore right though) 4. The story will start slow. Quite a few of initial chapters will be around training, orphanage and academy life, instead of directly becoming a Genin. 5. MC is a careful person, he won't put his life at risk unless there is no other choice. 6. I haven't read (nor will be reading) Baruto. So Baruto plotline won't be considered much in here. What to expect : 1. Smart and consistent MC  2. Lots of training 3. MC manipulating the plot to his advantage 4. A lot of original arcs.  5. Plot will mostly stay the same (at least till Shippuden), but I won't repeat any scenes/dialogues that took place in the manga (as I'm assuming you've already read it). Disclaimer : I don't own Naruto or its characters (except the original characters I create). The image used in the cover isn't mine and belongs to R. J PS : It's my first fanfic, I'm hoping it turns out good. All reviews and constructive criticisms are welcome. Grammar and English should be fine, but I'm not sure how good the dialogues and scenarios will be. Hopefully I'll improve as this fanfic progresses forward.

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Chapter 611 : A Shocking Development!

'Majestic Destroyer Flame!'

Orochimaru was initially caught off guard by Fujin's Wind Domain. He had never seen a technique like that one. However, when he sensed Fujin's Wind Domain, he realized that it was made purely of Wind Chakra. Hence, he attacked with a massive supercharged Fire jutsu and even strengthened it with Yang chakra to prevent Fujin from blowing the flames away before they reached the domain.

As Orochimaru had expected, from the moment his fire jutsu touched Fujin's Wind Domain, it expanded at an extreme speed, filling up the entire domain in less than a second! In the Forest of Death, a fire dome with a radius of 50 meters appeared in the blink of an eye!

Anko, who was the closest to Fujin and Orochimaru's battlefield, looked at it with shock and thought, 'What the hell is that? And who used that jutsu?'

Immediately after, a bitter smile appeared on her face as she realized, 'He was right. I wouldn't stand a chance against something like this. Even after all this time, I'm still not capable enough to take my revenge...'

In the tower, Hoka and Renjiro were looking at the fire dome with a worried expression. They weren't sure if it was Fujin's jutsu or if it was something Orochimaru used. They glanced at Fujin's clone, but his face didn't display any emotions.

Around 1.5 kilometers away from the Fire Dome, three Genins were standing on a branch and looking towards the Fire Dome. Lee asked, "Neji, can you see what is happening there?"

Neji's squad was initially farther from the battlefield. However, after realizing that a massive battle was taking place, they moved closer to investigate what was happening. Their current spot barely allowed Neji's Byakugan to see the fight.

As Lee and Tenten looked at Neji, they were surprised to see his dumbfounded expression. Tenten asked, "Neji?"

Neji snapped out of his thoughts and said with slight fear in his voice, "It's incredible. I didn't know that jutsus like these existed. Both of them are too strong…"

Unlike his canon self, Neji had seen Guy sparring with Fujin regularly and understood that there was a vast difference between him and them. However, the glimpses that he caught in this battle were a real eye-opener! Despite being called as one of the most talented Hyuga, Neji understood that he wouldn't last even a second in such a fight.

Lee asked, "Who is fighting?"

Neji answered, "One of them is Fujin. His opponent is the one who used snake summons. From his abilities and appearance, I'm afraid that Fujin is fighting Orochimaru, one of the three Legendary Sannins!"

Lee asked in surprise, "What? It's Fujin? As expected of someone who spars regularly with Guy sensei!"

Neji shook his head and said, "His spars with Guy sensei were a joke compared to the abilities he is displaying. Fujin is far stronger than I imagined. However, he is in trouble right now. His opponent is too strong. Being trapped in such a devastating flame, I'm not sure whether he can survive!"

Around 2.3 kilometers from the Fire Dome, another squad was sneakily looking at the Fire Dome. Ino asked, "What do you think that is, Shikamaru? The heat is so intense that I can feel it all the way here!"

Shikamaru replied, "First that massive snake and now this dome… The ones who are fighting definitely aren't Genins. We should stay away from them."

Ino and Choji nodded. Several kilometers away, Kurenai's squad was also looking at the Fire Dome. Akamaru whimpered in fear once again while Shino looked at his bugs and said, "My bugs are afraid to go near those flames. That battle is very dangerous. It might be more dangerous than the Suna squad."

Kiba nodded and said, "Yes, even Akamaru feels so. Man, I wonder what is happening there! Did someone hijack our Chunin Exams?"

Some distance away from them, Rasa's children were standing on top of trees and looking in the direction of the Fire Dome as well. Understanding the intensity of the battle, Gaara became excited. He wanted to move there but both Temari and Kankuro noticed his change.

Kankuro immediately said, "Gaara, control yourself. We already have our scrolls and don't need to go there!"

Temari immediately added, "That's right Gaara! Don't forget our father's words!"

Hearing his siblings, Gaara calmed down slightly. Temari looked at the Fire Dome again and said in a very soft voice, "Besides, seeing the massive snake that was summoned earlier, there is no doubt that one of the ninjas fighting is Orochimaru. Seeing that massive Wind jutsu earlier, his opponent should be Suzuki Fujin. Orochimaru might be trying to eliminate him before…"

Her voice was so soft that only her brothers could hear it. Both understood what she was implying.

As for the Genin who was the closest to the Fire Dome, Sakura looked outside her hiding spot with fear. She muttered, "What is happening there? How can ninjas fight like this? Wake up soon, Sasuke, Naruto…"

Every Genin squad that was still alive looked towards the Fire Dome and had similar reactions. None of them imagined that such a high-level battle would happen during their Chunin exams. The only exception was Kabuto who thought, 'As expected, Orochimaru-sama wants to eliminate Fujin here. That said, considering that he has survived for so many minutes, Fujin is likely far stronger than I speculated. Eh? What is that?'

It had only been a few seconds since they saw the Fire Dome when a change took place that shocked everyone who was looking at it! Neji exclaimed in shock, "Impossible! How can something so powerful be created so quickly!"

However, the one who had the most intense reaction wasn't Neji. Instead, it was Temari who couldn't help but exclaim loudly, "That's impossible! How can that appear here!"

Kankuro had a grim expression as well as he looked with fear in his eyes.

A few seconds ago, Fujin was standing at the center of the Wind Domain, seeing flames spreading throughout it. However, unlike what Orochimaru imagined, there was no fear or panic on his face!

Instead, he looked offended as he thought, 'I admit that I couldn't find a way to deal with Kisame and Nagato's ability to absorb chakra, but do you really think I would use this technique without having dealt with such an obvious weakness?'

Under Fujin's control, the Winds began flowing in a particular manner within his Wind Domain! Outside the Wind Domain, Orochimaru frowned as he saw the winds gathering most of the flames within it and containing the fire within a certain path inside the domain. He muttered, "As expected, he wouldn't leave such an obvious flaw…"

Suddenly, his eyes widened as he observed, "That's!" Soon, a grin appeared on his face as he realized, "I see, he utilized my jutsu in such a manner. Hehe, Rasa would explode in rage if he saw this."

As the winds took control of the flames within the Wind Domain, they took the form of a dragon! A dragon made of Wind, Fire and Yang chakra! The three elements mixed together extremely well and formed something that hadn't been seen in the Ninja world for over a decade!

Even Renjiro, Hoka, Anko and the Anbu observing the fight were shocked as the Fire Dome disappeared and a massive Scorch Dragon appeared in the skies!

Even though Fujin still hadn't managed to fuse Fire and Wind chakra accurately within his chakra network, he was very close. He could easily replicate the effects by merging the two elements outside his body.

Normally, that wouldn't be very powerful and a lot of chakra would be wasted. However, this particular Scorch Dragon was made of 5% of Orochimaru's chakra along with a considerable amount of Fujin's chakra! As a result, its scale was massive!

Fujin looked straight at Orochimaru, who stopped being playful and raised his guard to the limit. It didn't take a genius to know what Fujin's next move would be!

He controlled the entire Scorch Dragon and launched it at Orochimaru without holding anything back!

'Water Release: Exploding Water Shock Wave jutsu'

The size of the Dragon meant that there was no way to completely avoid the attack. Orochimaru needed to defend. He used another 5% of his chakra to supercharge the Water jutsu and strengthen it with Yin chakra to restrain his Yang chakra.

The Scorch Dragon slammed into the massive waves! A large amount of water turned into steam as the Scorch Dragon drilled right through it! Its power weakened, but not by much.

Orochimaru bit his thumbs and slammed both his hands into the ground.

'Summoning jutsu: Triple Rashomon!'

Three massive gates appeared in front of Orochimaru! The Scorch Dragon crashed into the first gate and its head exploded. The explosion destroyed the first gate, nearly destroyed the second gate and caused some damage to the last gate! However, the gates stopped the explosion from reaching Orochimaru and he just felt the heat waves.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it. After all, the Scorch Dragon's body was huge and was over a hundred meters long. Its remaining part split into two and moved around the gates.

Orochimaru cursed, 'Damn! I shouldn't have put so much chakra into the Majestic Destroyer Flame!'

He immediately flickered away. Orochimaru had already anticipated that he wouldn't be able to block the Scorch Dragon head-on! He just wanted to reduce its power so that he wouldn't take too much damage from it.

Even though the Scorch Dragon had evaporated a lot of the water from his previous jutsu, most of the water was still remaining and had spread evenly in every direction. Orochimaru immediately took cover behind it as the remaining Scorch Dragon exploded releasing intense heat waves in every direction!


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