Naruto : The Wind Calamity

The MC transmigrates into Narutoverse in the body of a civilian orphan. Luckily for him, the transmigration results in chakra being unlocked. Follow the story of the MC as he grows in power and stabilizes himself into the world of ninjas and trains to be the strongest.  Warning :  1. The MC won't be op for a long time. All his power would be gained via hard work and training over years (so if u want an op mc right from the word go, this one ain't for you) 2. No harem (probably no romance either) 3. There will be a lot of killing (maybe gore too, not sure if I can do gore right though) 4. The story will start slow. Quite a few of initial chapters will be around training, orphanage and academy life, instead of directly becoming a Genin. 5. MC is a careful person, he won't put his life at risk unless there is no other choice. 6. I haven't read (nor will be reading) Baruto. So Baruto plotline won't be considered much in here. What to expect : 1. Smart and consistent MC  2. Lots of training 3. MC manipulating the plot to his advantage 4. A lot of original arcs.  5. Plot will mostly stay the same (at least till Shippuden), but I won't repeat any scenes/dialogues that took place in the manga (as I'm assuming you've already read it). Disclaimer : I don't own Naruto or its characters (except the original characters I create). The image used in the cover isn't mine and belongs to R. J PS : It's my first fanfic, I'm hoping it turns out good. All reviews and constructive criticisms are welcome. Grammar and English should be fine, but I'm not sure how good the dialogues and scenarios will be. Hopefully I'll improve as this fanfic progresses forward.

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Chapter 569 : Four Choices!

Hiroshi became slightly nervous on seeing the faint smile on Fujin's lips. While Konoha had a good negotiating team, the negotiations usually used to be very straightforward and Konoha would rarely use the threat of using force as that wasn't Hiruzen's style. If Hiruzen ever wanted to use force during diplomacy, he'd send Danzo to make a move in the dark.

However, there were too many suspicious things during this meeting. The first was the fact that there wasn't any Elder in the diplomatic team. The second was the fact that Fujin was leading the team. The third suspicious thing was the 9 new faces. And probably the most suspicious thing was that as many as 13 members of Fujin's team hadn't said a word since the meeting began!

Due to these four factors, Hiroshi had been on edge. He thought, 'Even though a lot of things are very suspicious, Konoha has a reputation to maintain. This should just be a pressure tactic. If they wanted to make a move, they wouldn't have sent a diplomatic team here. We can't show weakness!'

Hiroshi replied, "We are serious, Fujin-kun. Though I feel ashamed to say this, it is true that we can't afford to pay anything right now."

His words immediately attracted the attention of Homura and the other diplomats on Fujin's team. Homura thought, 'Right now… It seems like he is agreeing to owe us money. Not bad. It looks like Fujin's tactic of applying pressure is a success. However, it'll only be a success if he takes a step back and accepts this offer.'

The leaders on Kusagakure's side understood it as well. In truth, they had all decided to resist as much as they could. However, they were nervous due to those four points just like Hiroshi. As a result, no one opposed. Everyone's eyes were on Fujin.

Fujin's smile faded away as he shook his head and responded, "That is impossible. Irrespective of the fact whether we can afford to do so or not, we aren't running a charity. Nor is this situation something you guys can't handle by yourselves.

I wanted to discuss the costs for various degrees of cooperation that you might require from us. Unfortunately, you guys have done everything you can to not even begin that discussion for the last three hours. From the way you are going, it seems that won't change even if we negotiate for an entire week."

Everyone's eyes were glued to Fujin. Though no one said anything or showed it on their face, everyone was blaming him for their current situation. After all, had he been a bit flexible, the deadlock could have been resolved.

Fujin continued, "So, we will end the negotiations here. Instead, I'll present you the four choices that Kusagakure has for the time being. I don't care which one you choose nor will I debate about it with you. You can choose whichever you want as per your free will and what you think would be the best for Kusagakure."

Everyone, including the Konoha ninjas, was surprised by Fujin's words. Despite having been in several negotiations, they had rarely seen something like that. At the very least, no one had seen such a development on day 1 of negotiations. Homura watched curiously to see what Fujin was up to.

Hiroshi asked, "So, what are the four choices?"

Fujin pulled out a scroll and passed it to Hiroshi. As Hiroshi opened it to read, Fujin raised his right arm slightly and raised his index finger. He said, "Since you guys don't want to discuss different levels of cooperation, the help we will give you will either be complete or nothing.

Your first choice is to ask for our help. We will annihilate the rebel faction entirely. However, you will have to pay the cost mentioned in the scroll to get us to help you. And, the payment will have to be made before we make our move."

The Kusagakure leaders subconsciously rejected this choice. No one said anything and only looked at Hiroshi, whose expression became grimmer the more he read from the scroll.

He looked at Fujin and asked with a hint of anger in his voice, "Is this supposed to be a joke?"

Fujin plainly replied, "I am afraid not."

Hiroshi replied, "This choice is unacceptable to us."

Fujin replied, "Suit yourself. However, if you ask for our help at any time in the future, this will be the cost you'll have to pay for requesting our aid. It won't decrease even if you deal with some of the rebels yourselves. Anyway…"

Fujin raised his second finger and added, "Your second choice is to fight the rebels by yourselves. If you don't choose the first option, then Konoha will completely stay out of this conflict. We will only interfere if Iwa makes a direct move against Kusagakure as per our current treaty."

Hiroshi nodded. This was an acceptable option to them. Hiroshi asked, "What is the third choice?"

A smile appeared on Fujin's face once again as he raised his third finger. He said, "Your third option is to put the disguised threat in your message to Konoha into action. You could betray us and ally with Iwa, alleviating your current situation."

Fujin's words shocked everyone in the room. For the first time, everyone showed their true feelings on their face. Even Homura looked at Fujin with widened eyes wondering, 'What the hell is he planning?'

Kusagakure camp became nervous as well. None of them expected Konoha to directly call out their threat.

Before anyone could say anything, Fujin continued in a casual tone, "In which case, I'll kill all of you right here right now."

Those words were the last straw! Everyone in the room freaked out! The Kusagakure ninjas jumped out of their seats. The Konoha diplomats were shaking as well. They hadn't fought against another ninja for years. None of them were ready to fight. The Anbu became very serious as well. Their job had just become a thousand times more difficult.

The one who was the most dumbfounded was Homura! It had been decades since he retired from active duty. Even though he was still as strong as an Elite Jounin, he became nervous in that situation as well.

He cursed, 'Damn you Hiruzen! You never said that this boy was a lunatic! In my younger days, I could have fought my way out of this village. But in my current state, that will be extremely difficult. What is Fujin doing threatening them in their own village? We have only 22 ninjas, they have over a couple of thousand ninjas!'

As Homura expected, most Kusa ninjas drew out their weapons. In response, Konoha ninjas, except Fujin and Homura, did so as well. However, none of them actually made any move. Instead, the Kusa leaders began cursing aggressively!

"You dare to threaten us in our own village?"

"Even though we are a minor village, Konoha can't look down on us!"

"Do you think you can make it out alive if you attack us?"

"Since when did Konoha become so arrogant?"


Several more such statements were made, making the Konoha diplomats very tense. However, Homura became slightly relaxed and puzzled as he noticed two things.

He thought, 'That's weird… Even though they are showing an aggressive front, not one of them has any intention of attacking. I can understand that they will refrain from attacking as it'll bring Konoha's retaliation, but it is almost like they are scared of attacking. What's even more peculiar is that none of them launched any personal insults at Fujin despite his open threat!'

It was as Homura observed. Not a single person had any intention of attacking. And not a single one wanted to stand out in front of Fujin. While 'The Spectral Swordsman' was only a myth and a rumor in Konoha, no one in Kusagakure had forgotten about him despite Fujin not being very active for over a year.

They knew that whoever attacked first would lose their life. Even if they somehow managed to kill him eventually, none of them wanted to be a sacrifice for others. Similarly, they knew The Spectral Swordsman's reputation. None of them wanted to be hunted down by Fujin after the meeting ended. They had no confidence in surviving if Fujin decided to hunt them later.

Sitting calmly in his chair, Fujin asked plainly, "So, should I assume that you are making this choice?"

Hiroshi immediately said, "Everyone, calm down and return to your seats."

He looked at Fujin and replied, "Please don't joke around. Konohagakure and Kusagakure have been allies since the end of the First Great Ninja War. We have no intention of changing that. There wasn't any hidden threat in the scroll either. I am afraid that you might have misinterpreted it. Can you tell us what our fourth choice is?"

Fujin nodded and answered in the same casual tone while raising his fourth finger, "Sure, your fourth option is to lie to me and ally with Iwagakure after we leave. In that case, I'll return later and assassinate every one of you and kill every single person living in your houses."

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