Naruto : The Wind Calamity

The MC transmigrates into Narutoverse in the body of a civilian orphan. Luckily for him, the transmigration results in chakra being unlocked. Follow the story of the MC as he grows in power and stabilizes himself into the world of ninjas and trains to be the strongest.  Warning :  1. The MC won't be op for a long time. All his power would be gained via hard work and training over years (so if u want an op mc right from the word go, this one ain't for you) 2. No harem (probably no romance either) 3. There will be a lot of killing (maybe gore too, not sure if I can do gore right though) 4. The story will start slow. Quite a few of initial chapters will be around training, orphanage and academy life, instead of directly becoming a Genin. 5. MC is a careful person, he won't put his life at risk unless there is no other choice. 6. I haven't read (nor will be reading) Baruto. So Baruto plotline won't be considered much in here. What to expect : 1. Smart and consistent MC  2. Lots of training 3. MC manipulating the plot to his advantage 4. A lot of original arcs.  5. Plot will mostly stay the same (at least till Shippuden), but I won't repeat any scenes/dialogues that took place in the manga (as I'm assuming you've already read it). Disclaimer : I don't own Naruto or its characters (except the original characters I create). The image used in the cover isn't mine and belongs to R. J PS : It's my first fanfic, I'm hoping it turns out good. All reviews and constructive criticisms are welcome. Grammar and English should be fine, but I'm not sure how good the dialogues and scenarios will be. Hopefully I'll improve as this fanfic progresses forward.

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Chapter 3 : And the Training begins...

On waking up the next morning, Fujin looked out of the window, to notice that the sky was still dark. He thought, 'Whoa, I woke up really early. Seems like it's just 5 am yet. Oh well, I basically slept the whole day yesterday, little wonder I woke up so soon. Anyways, I suppose I'll have to make a habit of it if I really intend to get strong. On the plus side, the damned headache has finally gone away!'

He got out of his bed, to notice that Eichi and Daisuke are still fast asleep. Not expecting little kids to wake up anytime soon, he freshened up and got out of his room. He then walked out of the orphanage building. The orphanage had a decent size playground for the kids towards the north side. Whereas, on the east and south sides it had a lot of trees which looked sort of like a mini forest. It seems that Konoha has a lot of such mini-forests throughout the village. And many such areas were used as training grounds for ninjas. Luckily or unluckily, there wasn't any such training ground in the vicinity of the orphanage. The western side had residential areas, and had a market a few hundred meters away. Fujin thought, 'The forest could potentially provide me some cover and privacy. While it's probably not the best place, it does provide me with an option to do some secret training. Other than that, I'd also need to see if and when I could have my orphanage room all to myself. Anyways, I suppose I should start with some warm up and see how much this body can be pushed.'

Finally ending his train of thoughts, Fujin started to stretch his body in order to loosen up the muscles. After around 10 minutes of stretching, he started to run around the playground. In his estimate, the circumference of the playground was around a hundred metres. He was able to complete the initial few rounds with ease, but soon started getting tired. After pushing himself to the limit, he was able to complete 28 rounds around the playground. Taking deep breaths, he thought, 'Wow, I ran nearly 3 kilometres! There's no way I could have ran even a kilometre at 5 years old in my previous life. And I don't recall this guy doing any exercises before I took over his body. I wonder if it's due to the bodies of the people in this world being much stronger, or if me unlocking Chakra made the body stronger somehow. I'm guessing it's the former as I just unlocked Chakra yesterday. Alright, I'll take a short break and get back to it.'

After taking a short 5 mins break, he continued his exercise by doing push ups. He managed to do 2 sets of push ups, each with 12 reps. It was followed by sit ups, for which he could do 4 sets of 15rep. Next he did squats and managed to do 3 sets of 12 reps. And lastly, he did pull ups, of which he could only do 8 reps barely. This exercise did push him a lot, but he didn't push them to the limit as it'd have been detrimental to push the body to its limits suddenly.

Done with the exercise, he returned back to the orphanage, had a bath, and put on new clothes. He returned to the room to see that it was 7:30am, and his roommates were still fast asleep. He thought, 'Interesting, I wonder when they wake up and if the time they wake is consistent. If they wake up only at 8, when breakfast is provided, then it could potentially give me the opportunity to practice leaf concentration early morning without letting anyone know. I should observe them for the next week to confirm it.'

He sat down in his bed, and took one of the leaves he had brought up while coming back from his morning exercises. Staring at it he thought, 'There are 5 basic natures that can be mastered - Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth and Water. In order to know my nature affinity, I'll need that chakra paper, but either way, all 5 natures can be mastered by every ninja. In the 4th great ninja war, Shikamaru had every ninja perform the Earth style - Earth Wall jutsu. This implies that the most basic jutsus of the 5 natures could be used directly without mastering the element like how Naruto did. However it'll be even better if all 5 natures are mastered, that would allow more powerful jutsus of all those elements to be used. Given how proficient Hiruzen was, I guess he had mastered all the 5 natures. I do wonder what my nature affinity is though, as that element would become much easier to master.

If I were to choose, my first preference would be lightning. It provides deadly attack, and if I could somehow replicate the way the Raikages used the lightning to boost their speed, power and defense, then I'd easily reach Kage level in strength. The next preference would probably be water. While I ain't a fan of water nature, Konoha should have the legacy of Tobirama and his water style jutsus. If access to them is gained, it can allow my power to reach Kage level too. The remaining 3 have their issues. While wind style is very deadly and versatile, there isn't a single Kage level character who reached that stage thanks to his wind style jutsus. Even those Kazekages weren't Wind users. The only one I can remember is Danzo, and he was just ridiculous in that fight against Sasuke. Then again, becoming the first ninja to become Kage level by using wind style sounds fun. Earth style has good jutsus too and is probably the best nature after lightning, but almost none are used by Konoha ninjas, so getting access to them will be tough. While for fire style, though fire style had a few jutsus that seem to be very powerful, but it seems that almost all of them are very easy to dodge. The only top tier fire jutsu I remember is Amaterasu, which I sadly can't use. Only Madara's majestic flame destroyer seemed deadly and could be used by all, but I'm not sure if it'll be available with Konoha or not and whether a normal ninja could release that huge flame which Madara did. Still I guess I should be open minded as there may be many more jutsus here than was shown in Naruto series.

Either way, there's not much of an option right now. Of all the 5 natures, I only know the proper training method for wind nature as it was covered properly. The training for remaining natures will just be a wild guess for me. So probably best to delay their training till academy starts. Until then, I'll master the wind nature, irrespective of whether it is my affinity or not.' Fujin then channeled his chakra, and tried to cut the leaf into two.

The training continued without any success for half an hour, when a bell rang throughout the orphanage. The bell signified that breakfast was available. Eichi and Daisuke woke up as soon as the bell rang. Looking at Fujin sitting on the bed, Daisuke said, "Morning, you woke up early?". Fujin replied, "Morning, I had slept too early, probably that's why." Eichi then said, "Good morning, it's nice to see you ain't screaming today." Following which, both Daisuke and Eichi laughed at Fujin's expense. Fujin showed an embarrassed expression and replied, "Yeah whatever, I'll head down for breakfast. Make sure you two sleepyheads come down before it's all over." On hearing this, both Eichi and Daisuke ran to grab their toothbrush.

Over the next week, the same pattern followed. Fujin woke up early, did morning exercises, and noticed his two roommates seem to only wake up when the bell rang. And whenever he had the opportunity, he tried to cut the leaf. He also added practicing punching and kicking in his morning exercises. He noticed that Eichi and Daisuke were mostly out playing with everyone else. So the room was empty most of the time. This was especially true after morning breakfast (around 10am-noon) and a few hours before dinner (around 4-6pm).

With that information, he finally started practicing the leaf concentration exercise in order to improve his chakra control in that period. Here, a leaf was placed on the forehead, and all his chakra is directed onto the leaf, using it as the focal point. Along with improving chakra control, it also aided in improving concentration. Fujin recalled Naruto remembering its importance while mastering Rasengan. Fujin not participating in playing with other kids was suspicious, but thanks to the fact that the orphanage was already overcrowded, no one paid much attention to him. The screaming and falling unconscious event was long forgotten. Only his 2 friends were upset that he didn't play with them much any longer. In order to prevent any more suspicion on him, while doing the leaf concentration exercise, Fujin used to sit on the bed in such a manner that his back faced the door. If anyone abruptly entered the room, he'd instantly stop the exercise and make the leaf isn't visible to anyone entering the room. Luckily for him, there wasn't much interference.