27 Chapter 27 : Kenjutsu

From the next day, Fujin restarted his Fuinjutsu practice by leaving a clone back home. He hadn't practiced it much in the last 2 months as he couldn't leave clones behind when he did Ninjutsu training. He still had a few basic seals to learn. Fujin guessed that it'll take another 2-3 months to be done with them. Then he could move on to the next scroll.

One dilemma he had was whether he should leave one or two shadow clones back home? Since the time he had started to practice shadow clones, his chakra had grown to over 3 times. According to the scroll, if a shadow clone could use two thirds of its chakra before dispelling, only then it is considered a proper shadow clone. According to that logic, Fujin could make only 1 proper shadow clone. However, practicing Fuinjutsu for 7 hours didn't require that much chakra. So he could leave 2 shadow clones if he wanted to. On analyzing, he decided, 'For now let's just leave 1 clone. I'll see how the academy goes for the first week and then decide.'

The day after that, Genki handed Fujin the scroll for Great Breakthrough jutsu. Fujin started learning it the very same day. It was very similar to Breakthrough jutsu. Just had a lot more power. He managed to learn it on the very same day. Though there was still a lot of room for improvement. The power had to be increased a lot, and hand signs had to be reduced to zero. He recalled, 'I remember Orochimaru making a mess of the forest in the chuunin exams with this jutsu. So there's a lot more I need to do to increase its power. But at least this jutsu is learnt. I'll keep the scroll with me for 3 weeks, and then return it to Genki.'

Later in that week, Genki checked everyone's affinity. Unsurprisingly, most had the Fire affinity. The remaining were split between the Earth and Water affinities. No one had the Lightning affinity, and Fujin, who's affinity was already known, was the only one to have the Wind affinity.

Genki also explained the jutsus to the class. The lightning one basically just formed strings of lightning that could shock anyone it touched. But it lacked power and was pretty harmless overall. The water one involved spitting out one small jet of water.

Fire Release : One jutsu however surprised the whole class. While it was a simple jutsu that involved producing a heat ray with one finger, it was the most basic jutsu from a set of six jutsus. Each of the six jutsus built up on one another and the last one, was a very powerful Rank A jutsu.

This information got Fujin very interested in the technique. Right now, he had the knowledge of only 1 rank A jutsu. Having another he could learn would increase his fire power a lot. However, he controlled his desire for the jutsu due to 2 reasons. He hadn't yet trained his fire nature, and this jutsu didn't seem like it could be enhanced with his wind release jutsus.

In all, the 5 jutsus could be used alongside the basic skills Genki had taught. Fire Release : One jutsu could start fires. Fish Spit jutsu could douse it. Gale jutsu could cover tracks. Rock Shield jutsu could defend and create a cover to hide. And Static String jutsu could paralyze small animals for a minute or two. So they were pretty handy.

Next week, Genki announced, "Today we will be learning about swordsmanship. I have invited a guest teacher to guide you."

Genki had thought about this after Fujin asked him to teach him how to use swords. He concluded, 'Swordplay training can be done by everyone. So it won't be fair to only arrange it for Fujin. If someone of the 30 students have innate talent for swordsmanship, then it'll be a good find. Even if no one has interest in it, just learning how to use another weapon would be helpful for them. I'll just talk to Lord Hokage and try and arrange someone for this job.'

Fujin was surprised by the announcement, but on thinking more, he realized that it was very reasonable.

Everyone went to the academy training grounds. On entering, they saw Genki talking with a tall, muscular guy who carried one sword on him. Genki introduced him, "He will be teaching you how to use swords. His name is Nakaya Michi. He is a chuunin like me."

Everyone greeted Michi respectfully. Michi first started by giving a background of swordplay. He gave a rather passionate speech about being a swordsman. He talked about the first and second Hokage using swords. He also talked about treating the sword as an extension of your body. Fujin was getting serious 'Guy' vibes from this guy.

After 15 minutes of his speech, he then got to the basics of swordplay. He taught how to hold the sword, what stance to take, how to swing it and so on. Fujin paid a lot of attention to his instructions. However not everyone was interested in it. The students from Nara, Akimichi, Inuzuka, Aburame and Hyuga clans showed zero interest in it.

After a week, Michi asked who all were interested in pursuing swordplay seriously. Aside from Fujin, only 1 civilian kid and one from the Hatake clan decided to practice it seriously. Michi talked to all 3 of them to understand more about them, and why they wanted to pursue swordsmanship and to what degree they wanted to learn it.

On asking that question to Fujin, he replied, "I want to develop my swordplay as much as I can and make it my main mode of combat in close distance."

Michi then praised and asked, "That's a good attitude. You'll be a fine swordsman one day. But do you have any ideas on how to proceed ahead in using swords?"

Fujin wasn't sure what all options were available in Konoha. So he shook his head and said, "No, I am not aware. Can you tell me what all the paths that are available?"

Michi replied, "Well in Konoha, we have a lot of dances that go along with swords. For example, I know the Dance of Crescent Moon which is one of the strongest Kenjutsu in Konoha. There are many basic styles that you would need to learn before you can do this Kenjutsu."

Fujin blinked, and replied with a question, "Dance?"

Michi laughed out loud and then replied, "Well they ain't exactly dances. They are just movements that have to be done in a particular pattern. That pattern helps you create some effects which are very lethal in a battle. Like some movements create after images, or make you disappear or make it seem like you ain't moving. But since those movements seem like an elegant dance, it was termed as such."

Fujin put up his thinking face and thought, 'Well I obviously know that. However, the dance, while having good effects, is in itself very restrictive. A good opponent can easily disrupt those movements. Baki could straight up defend it by having stronger defensive means. That's why that Hayate guy died so easily.

Though if someone learns all these styles, they could come up with a very advanced Kenjutsu style, but that'll easily take a decade or more. Not the kind of time I have. I just want a straightforward approach with swords. High offensive power, enough proficiency to defend with the swords and my agility to dodge or chase if need be. With wind chakra flow, just this much will be extremely lethal against any normal ninja.

Now how to convey this to him. I can't just say that your styles are weak! I can't just say that if Madara asked you whether you can dance, and if you showed him your Dance of Crescent Moon, then he might bang his head on the ground and go back to his grave! Wait, that doesn't sound like Madara. No he might instead drop a few meteors. Yeah, that sounds like him.'

He then answered, "For now I don't want to learn the various dances. I just want to learn how to do a strong frontal assault with swords."

He then paused for a few seconds and said, "Umm.. I don't know if it's possible or not, but is there any way to make the swords more lethal by using chakra or send flying slashes?"

Fujin had to be very careful here, after all, the library had no mention of chakra flow. So he had to present it as his own idea.

Michi was initially a bit disappointed with Fujin as he didn't want to learn the various sword styles of Leaf. But he was very surprised when he heard the question, 'Did this brat think about Chakra flow by himself? Also aren't those samurais able to send chakra flying in the form of slashes? This kid has a very innovative way of thinking. Sadly, I myself haven't learnt Chakra flow or Samurai Sabre Techniques.'

He was a bit distressed over it, 'Now what to do. It's super embarrassing to tell him that I don't know it. Dance of Crescent Moon doesn't require chakra flow. Also learning it will take a lot of time and effort, which is why most of us don't learn it.'

He thought a bit more and finally sighed and said, "What you are talking about is chakra flow. We send chakra through our swords to make them stronger. However, it is a very complicated technique and very few in Konoha know it. So don't worry about it right now.

As for flying slashes, Samurais are able to do it, however their techniques are a secret, so learning it will be difficult."

Fujin showed disappointed expressions. He thought, 'Wow, this guy is useless! Couldn't he at least get someone who knows that to teach me?'

Looking at Fujin's disappointment, Michi consoled him saying, "But you don't need to worry, those are very high level concepts and you could have an opportunity to learn them in the future. For now, I'll drill all the basics in you."

Fujin nodded at him, thinking, 'Sigh, my expectations have grown a bit too much. This guy doesn't really owe me anything. I guess having a class teacher who is so helpful increased my expectations a lot.'

He then thought for a bit more and concluded, 'Well if Hiruzen denies me chakra blades, then I could ask him to arrange someone to guide me in Samurai Saber Techniques. Even though Michi said that those techniques are a secret, it's highly unlikely that no one in Konoha knows it. Also, now that Michi has mentioned it, I do have an excuse to explain from where I learnt about it.'

After that discussion, Michi started teaching the basics to all 3 students.

Later that day, Fujin bought a sword for himself. The sword was normal, but it's quality was better than a normal kunai. It cost him 22.5k Ryo after some bargaining. The reason to buy it was because he couldn't practice Chakra flow with the sparring swords in the academy.

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