25 Chapter 25 : Chakra Flow

He visited the library, and searched in all 4 sections he had access to. Surprisingly, he didn't find a single scroll on what he wanted. He thought, 'This is surprising. Does it mean that they are kept in a higher section or do they not provide that technique for normal ninjas?'

While leaving the library, he analyzed for a bit more, 'Yeah, that might be the case. Infusing chakra into weapons isn't that big of a deal. If I recall right, most Samurai were able to do it. However in Konoha, Asuma was the only one I recall to do it. And Danzo too was able to do it, but his method was different.

Anyways, I suppose I'll have to try it myself. I don't think Genki or his friends might know this.'

On the way back to the mini forest, he thought of various ways to do it. His first thoughts were, 'Lets just try to flow my chakra through a kunai like I try to do it when trying to cut a leaf. Only, instead of trying to cut the kunai, I'll try to make its edges sharper.'

He then tried to implement that trick, however he had many troubles in doing it. He had instantaneous success in what he was trying to do as he was able to imbue his kunai with his chakra on his first try. However, the chakra amount that got imbued was very low and even after trying to infuse more chakra in it for 2 days, he didn't improve much. Also while the kunai's sharpness and penetrating capabilities improved, it wasn't much and he didn't make any improvements over the couple of days.

He thought, 'What a bummer! This seems to be a dead end. I guess having a chakra blade might aid, but something seems wrong. Perhaps I'll improve if I stick to this, however it'll probably take years. I need to think of another way.'

He thought for a few hours, and then it clicked him. He decided to go the Hunter X Hunter way. He thought, 'Yeah, that's right. I could try the similar way as in Hunter X Hunter. I'll first try to release my Chakra and coat it all over my body. And then try and extend that coat to cover a kunai I'm holding. While the method is very inefficient, it should allow me to learn it faster. Once I'm able to do it, I'll have to practice doing it without coating my body and directly infusing Chakra into the kunai.'

Coating the entire body with Chakra wasn't something any ninja preferred to do. The reason was simple - insufficient Chakra. Doing it would exhaust the chakra of the user very quickly. From what Fujin could recall, apart from the Jinchurikis, only the Raikages coated their body with Chakra. Others would at most coat a body part or weapons to enhance them.

Fujin began training in the new way. And it was very exhausting. In merely 7 minutes, he ran out of chakra. However, he could see that he was making some progress in extending his chakra to his kunai. It was slow, but a steady growth he observed in 7 minutes. He guessed that in around 10 attempts, he'll be able to perfectly coat the kunai with his chakra.

However, with the chakra exhaustion, he could probably only train it around 3 or 4 times in a day. Not to mention, there was much more to do after coating the kunai with his chakra. Not wanting to waste weeks on this, he decided to buy soldier pills.

After resting for a couple of hours, he went to his home to get cash and then left to buy the pills. He transformed in an alleyway and went to a shop that sold soldier pills. Soldier pills were extremely useful for a ninja. When he read it the first time, he was a bit amazed by it. A top quality soldier pill, could provide around 30 times the chakra of an average Jounin. And it didn't do it right away, but provided the chakra in small parts, every hour, consistently over 3 days. It also released enzymes which stimulated the ninja to stay awake for 3 days. That's why someone who consumed a soldier pill could fight for 3 days straight.

Unknown to Fujin, there were also better soldier pills, but they were custom made for top ninjas and not available for everyone.

Fujin decided to buy soldier pills of medium quality. These were mostly used by chuunins. Fujin's own chakra reserve now was much higher than an average fresh genin. It was probably better than an average Genin. In the next year, his chakra reserves should grow to the same level as the weaker chuunin academy teachers.

Despite not yet having chuunin level chakra reserves, he still decided to buy medium quality soldier pills because of how exhausting the training was.

He bought 5 pills, for a total of 10,000 Ryo. The prices did make him curse out and also thank the fact that he had started learning Fuinjutsu.

The next 3 days, he trained a lot. On the first day itself, he was able to coat his kunai with chakra. He then charged it with wind nature, and that had an immediate impact on the kunai's sharpness and penetrating power. The chakra extended the kunai's range by 5 cm.

He experimented a bit with his new ability. He thought, 'Excellent, I can cut through branches like I am cutting through thin air. While I can't cut a tree, it's because the size of the kunai is too small. With a sword even that shouldn't be an issue. The kunai is also able to penetrate deep within a boulder. I recall Naruto and Asuma being able to penetrate through a boulder in one of the fillers, so I could try that. Honestly, if an enemy underestimates me and tries to block the kunai, then he'll be very badly injured.

But I do need to reduce the amount of chakra I need to do this. The next part of the training should be to directly try to coat the kunai without coating my whole body too…. So how should I proceed?'

The thought for a bit and then concluded, 'Just directly trying to coat it will probably end up in failure. I should instead try to coat only my hand with chakra and then try to extend it to kunai. I guess I could also try to train in how to infuse chakra in my punches in this way too. While it won't be Tsunade level, the power of chakra infused punches should completely outmatch the power of normal punches.'

He then proceeded trying to coat only his fist with chakra. It took a few hours to be able to do that. He thought, 'Okay, this wasn't so hard.'

He then tried to extend that chakra to kunai. While he was able to extend it, the amount of chakra he could now extend to the kunai was much lesser. He thought, 'I see, since I'm just coating my fist, that's why the amount of chakra I'm extending is much lesser. So basically I'll have to concentrate more chakra in my fist.'

He then started to concentrate more chakra in his fist. This was much harder than expected. It needed a very high level of chakra control to be able to do that. Luckily for Fujin, he had trained his chakra control a lot. It took a day for him to be able to double the chakra he could concentrate in his fist. Not satisfied with the amount, he kept on trying more.

However, soon 3 days were about to be done. Hence he decided to rush back home before it. As soon as it was 3 days, exhaustion hit him real hard. The side effect of using soldier pills was bad. Luckily it was only a short term exhaustion and didn't have any long term effects. He straightaway went to sleep, without setting any alarm.

When he woke up, he looked at the clock and thought, 'Oh, it's 8:10 am. Wait, I fell asleep yesterday at 4:30 pm. So I slept for over 15 hours? Damn the exhaustion hits hard! Also I'm very hungry right now!'

After brushing and cleaning up, he grabbed a couple of ration bars and ate them. He did his morning workout, though it was 3 hours late, and decided to go out to eat meat for lunch in Yakiniku Q. He rested for the rest of the day, and the next day, continued his training.

It took another 3 days for him to double the amount of chakra he could concentrate in his fist again. He thought, 'Wow, I wonder how strong my punch is now. Let's test out on a boulder.'

On punching the boulder, a lot of cracks appeared on the boulder, but Fujin was screaming internally, 'Bloody hell! This hurts like a bitch!' After a few moments, he checked his fist, and thought 'Wow, there are no visible injuries. Though it hurt a heck of a lot, it didn't cause any bleeding or injury. It only caused a few small scratches. I guess I have really become strong!'

He spent the next 15 days increasing the amount of chakra he could infuse in his kunai and also making the chakra much sharper. While just infusing wind chakra in it had made it very potent, he had to shape his chakra to form a thin edge that aligned with the edges of his kunai for maximum effect. By the time the vacation was over, his kunai could penetrate through three 4 metres wide boulders and get stuck in the 4th boulder. And the range of his kunai, due to chakra flow, was increased by 15 cm.

However, he noticed that once he was able to increase the amount of chakra infused in the kunai and make it much sharper, it started to deteriorate the condition of his kunai. 2 days before the vacation was over, the kunai with which he was practicing with crumbled.

He sighed thinking, 'Well it was a kunai I picked up in the forest. I wonder if a new kunai will last longer. I guess I'll need to buy a few kunai later on. I should also check on the prices of chakra blades.'

The day before the academy started, he visited the best weapon store in Konoha to look for chakra blades. He hadn't transformed this time and just went in as an enthusiast. The reason was that he wanted to show an interest in it and the fact that the shopkeeper was a retired ninja who's chakra was almost twice that of Genki.

The prices however shocked him. He thought, 'What the fuck? A small chakra knife costs 2 million Ryo? Heck, why didn't Kakuzu steal Asuma's chakra blades instead! And though they don't have any chakra swords, the details in the book say that the cheapest one costs 7.5 million Ryo!'

The prices got him thinking, 'Damn, what should I do? The costs are too high. If I focused a lot on Fuinjutsu, and sold a lot of seals, I might be able to make that much in a year or two, but it'll attract a lot of attention. Not to mention that the chakra swords have to be custom made, so trying to get it with a random disguise will most probably not work. I really doubt that the village won't pay any attention to such a big purchase. If I wait till I can earn by doing missions, I doubt I can earn this much till I am able to do rank A missions. That's a long time away!'

He thought for a bit more, and then it clicked, 'That's right, I do have the option of asking it as a reward from Hiruzen. This year, I'll train a lot to dual wield swords. And even show off my training a bit to show everyone how interested I'm in swords. And Genki knows that my nature affinity is wind. So they will get the hint.

Though there are 2 main problems. The first being that pretty much everyone will know about it. The 2nd is whether Hiruzen will actually reward me something so expensive!'

He thought for a bit more, 'Oh well fuck it. I can bypass the first issue by asking Hiruzen to hold onto my swords. When I'm confident that I can take on jounins, I'll ask him for the swords. As for 2nd, if he refuses, then I will ask him for smaller chakra blades. With all the crap he talks about the Will of Fire, it'll be damn fun to see how he would refuse a young kid twice!

Sadly, I have built a rather mature and a bit nervous image. So I can't throw tantrums if he refused me twice. Though I'll definitely have my revenge if he says no twice despite boring me for hours year after year with his brainwashing speech! If he declines, then in the future, I'll fund Naruto's pranks by supplying him with various seals. Then I'll enjoy watching the mess he makes of Konoha.'

With those thoughts, he laughed like a devil. If Hiruzen was aware of Fujin's thoughts, he'd have probably shivered!

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