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Choji and Shino make their way towards the fighting ring and everyone was looking forwards to this battle.

"Start," said the Proctor.

Choji started the battle with his punches but Shino was able to evade almost all of the punches with just simple dodges.

Choji was not very fast but he was strong. Shino himself did not have much physical strength, in fact almost all of his attacks were based on his insects.

Shino started to suck Choji's chakra with his insect, but the Akimichi clan were born with more chakra than any normal other shinobi and thus it took some time.

Choji when learn that his chakra is getting sucked out because of the insects, started using his best technique and attacks Shino to end the battle faster before his chakra runs out.

"It's not going to work for you Choji. It's more logical to give up and save your chakra" Shino said in his calculative voice.

Choji was also getting tired.

"Come on Choji, I will let you eat anything you want if you win this match" motivated Asuma from the sideline.

After hearing this it was like Choji had awakened the super saiyan inside him. His power just multiplied without using any kind of technique or transformation.

Jin was thinking about whether the Akimichi clan is the decedent, considering how much they eat and adore food.

With his burst of energy, Choji started to push back Shino who did not have any powerful attack to take care of Akimichi.

In the end, Shino was able to outlast Choji thought and he won the match.

"Winner Aburame Shino," said the proctor.

Choji came out from the fighting ring with a cast-down look. Shino was stoic as ever even after winning the battle.

"The last match is between Jin Takashi and Gaara of the Sand," Proctor said and announce the next participants to enter the ring.

Jin was waiting for his chance to come and Gaara himself was super excited about this battle.

Gaara already waited for a long time and now his wish to deliver his mother some good blood is going to be fulfilled.

Naruto loudly cheered Jin. Even every member of Team 9 and Sasuke cheers for Jin.

Teams 8 and 10 thought did not understand who was Jin (because he was not in their class and did not interact before) and why other teams were cheering for him.

"Oi forehead, Why are you cheering for this guy" Ino ask.

While Ino already knew that Jin is really strong. She saw his match with Lee in the semi-finals, one month ago, but she does not know Jin personally.

Now she was wondering how Sakura knew Jin.

"He is not any guy Ino Pig. He is Jin Kun and he helps us a lot in the forest of death. Not to mention he also saved us in one of our mission which suddenly increase in rank" Sakura said with a proud expression, telling her rival that she know someone so awesome while she does not.

While they were talking about the entire past with Jin. Jin himself came to the fighting ring with who was giving Jin deadly glares.

Gaara himself saw how much powerful Jin was in his battle against Lee and for the first time he knew that he will have a hard time defeating someone.

What Gaara did not know was that Jin was already much stronger thanks to his insane training regime which he pull to master the Ultra Instincts in the one-month preparation time.

Although he was not successful in completing the second stage of the technique he was able to increase his power quite a bit.

"Match Start," said the Proctor.

As soon as the match started, Gaara started to attack Jin with his Sand. Jin wanted to see how strong Gaara was currently and thus he started defending all of his attacks.

One interesting fact about Gaara sand is that the speed of his sand decreases as far as the sand goes.

Meaning the defending speed of the sand is strong as it usually takes action when close to Gaara but the attacking speed is not that great.

This when included with Jin's already amazing speed increased after the training. Gaara's sand could not even touch Jin.

Naruto was cheering Jin from the sideline while Sakura and Team 9 were doing the same.

Surprisingly no one was cheering for Gaara. Not even his siblings.

Maybe their trust in Gaara is so much that they did not even see the need to cheer for him.

Gaara kept attacking Jin while Jin was easily evading almost all of Gaara's attacks.

Jin did not even remove his gravitational pressure yet. He was just plain faster than Gaara's attacks.

And also had Passive instincts so there is hardly anything which can touch him.

After keep dodging for some time he got a better understanding of Gaara's attack pattern.

Then he went for the offence.

The only problem was that he was not fast enough to overtake Gaara's sand defensive speed.

He knew that to fight him and hurt him he needed to take down his gravitational pressure.

And thus he did just that.

"Remove Gravitational Pressure" mutter Jin to himself and deactivated the Pressure.

The 20x pressure which was holding him down directly went to normal and Jin could feel his entire body 20 times lighter and faster.

"Alright then, Let me show you how strong I have become after going through all that hellish training," said Jin.


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