1 The Fish Cake and Chilli Pepper - A Spicy Dish

A little light flew across a wast dark space without a real aim or goal in mind. It flew like a little moth to other sources of light that showed themselves from time to time.

Those other sources where the many worlds of fiction and fantasy. Whatever one may imagine, it was here.

And the space between that connected them was known as the karma path. A void-like space that every soul would wander until its memories vanish from its being.

The little light that flew around was no exception. And it was about time for itself to be reborn. So it closed in on another brighter light and looked inside it. There the little soul could observe many images of the world.

It was a world of fantasy. One where the military was made out of ninja. Normally the little light would go on just like it did many times before.

But when a certain scene appeared in front of its spiritual eyes, it could just not avert its attention from what happened.

A man with blonde hair fought a masked person in a 1 on 1 fight. What made this interesting was how the blonde man had to fight with a handicap.

With an infant in his embrace and what probably was his wife in danger, lead him to do drastic measures. Some of which may have been unnecessary.

Events continued on and from that fight, it only became worse for the blonde man until a tragedy finally occurred.

The man was together with his wife. And both of them were pierced by a giant foxes claw straight through their bodies. And only just in time to defend a little infant soul in front of themselves - their child.

"I remember this...", mumbled the soul who was watching. Continuing to look further and seeing how the surviving youth matured into a young man, something came back to its mind. "Naruto...I remember...All this sadness he was filled with. All the prejudice and hate that was thrown at him for no reason..."

When the soul saw the now recognizable figure that was a young Naruto sitting on some stairs and crying his heartache out, it saddened the soul even more.

"Cant I help him?" The soul tried to interact with him but couldn't. Something akin a barrier hindered it. "No use, huh? What is this place anyway? I remember being in the hospital after I had surgery done. Wait...I remember. I felt intense pain and then...Nothing...Did I die?"

*You did, little soul.*

The sudden appearance of this new voice somewhat surprised the little light and it looked around where it came from.

*Don't search. I am not to be seen.*

As if accepting that as the most normal thing, the light stopped searching and looked back at Naruto.

The entity that talked a second ago watched the little light with some curiosity.

*Are you saddened?*


*You don't need to be sad.*

"But I am. This guy. I feel for him. My heart aches when seeing him sad. I want to help him. I want to change things. I think he would have a much better life if he had someone to lean on. To confide in."

*Why would you care so much for this mortal? Every soul has its hardships that it needs to go through.*

"He...made me laugh." the little light seemed to shine brighter when was remembering the good times it had while watching the anime.

"He gave me good memories. Is it wrong to want to help him in his time of need? I feel guilty about watching his life going this way without being able to help. It's weird. I do remember now that this world should only be the construct in the mind of someone that created it. But here, it feels so real suddenly... "

*That is because it is real. Many realms are connected through dreams. Maybe someone just brought the story of this world on to paper in your old world. But I have to say I am curious to why you suddenly got your memories back.*

"Why...Does every soul need to forget everything when they are dead?"

*Correct, but you remarkably remembered just before your time is up in this space.*

"What will happen to me now?" The little light tried to stretch its translucent shaped hand towards the barrier of the world.

The entity stayed silent for a little bit.

*Do you wish to enter that world? You know it is a world where war is a constant companion. Not only for that planet you gaze upon but also interstellar...*

"Can I? But then again, I am not Superman or the likes. I doubt I can achieve something great in that world."

*Didn't you say you wanted to be there for that child?*

"True, but for protecting what is important to me I also need strength, no? I wouldn't want him to be even sadder just because I may have died...Nor would I like being a constant burden...So it's complicated I guess."

Once more there was silence as if the entity looked through something and then came to a conclusion.

*I have a proposal then. I will revert the time of this world to the start when this boy sees the first day of light. I will also gift you with The Gamer ability. You are familiar with it, no? After all, it was the last thing you read on your laptop in your old world. With that, you would be there for him and have a possible way to become strong. But it would all depend on you.*

The little light became somewhat agitated when hearing those words but immediately got skeptical.

"What is the catch? An entity that seems to be a god just gives presents for nothing? I don't buy that."


"Thought so..."

*Strange. Only becoming suspicious of me after I am being friendly, are we? Did the thought never cross you that I may be a Devil?*

"Now that you say that...I guess I am somewhat trustful to strangers. Well, if you are the Devil then say the catch and I will accept. At least I will know what I am in for."

*You are very interesting. Well, in exchange for this power, all the positive karma you collect in that world will not be put on you. So you may be reborn as a low animal in your next life. Worse, if you accumulate too much bad karma your soul may even go to something akin to what you mortals call hell. Are you still okay with that?*

"That's all? That price is very easy to pay. I am okay with that."

*I think you don't really understand what it implies...Bad Karma can also be accumulated just by people hating you...When negative emotions collect around somebody they also invite disaster...But you made your choice. The time is up. Good luck with your new life. Just to make it interesting, I will let you have those scrambled up memories of yours that you currently have. For some events, it will probably be very useful. At least if you can remember by the time you are out of your toddler stage.*

"Wait, toddler stage? Oh crap!! WAIT!!!"

But just when he shouted that everything became white and dark once more.


Konoha - Around the time when the Kyuubi attacked.

"I told you... it's my duty as a father....", gasped the blonde man and held his red-haired wife close all the while trying to push back the claw that penetrated them both.

"Then all the better, since I am the mother.", answered the woman confidently back.

"I didn't want our children to be alone, Minato." The woman was starting to cry shortly after looking at two little infants in front of herself on a ritual pedestal.

Golden chains where still outstretching themselves from her back, avoiding the blond-haired men and holding the demon fox behind them in place.

It looked at them both maliciously and regretted that it didn't succeed in its last action to kill those two infants.

Now the golden chains were gripping the fox tightly once more and the man would soon seal him in these vessels.

"Kaito...Naruto. I love you. Grow up healthy."

"Thank you, Kushina..." Minato responded and then closed his eyes.

"...Hakke Fuuin"

With that, the story starts anew.


"DAMN IT, YOU BRATS! GET BACK HERE!" A man was chasing two little kids with a broom. One kid had a head full of blonde hair while the other kid had them in the color of crimson red.

Both of them legged it as fast as they could with their clearly shorter legs. All the while grinning mischievously from one ear to the other.

"Better keep it up, Naruto!", shouted the red-haired kid back while running in the front.

"Wait, brother! If we go that way we are..." Just when the blondie said that a shinobi appeared out of thin air and glared at them.

Both of them could only stop in their tracks and grin sheepishly at the person in front of them.

"Ah! Finally caught up to you. Now you will get the beating of your lifetime. Oh!" The man chasing them noticed the shinobi and became polite. He even slightly bowed.

"I will take over from here. You can go back.", said the ninja.

"Ah, yes. Of course." The man legged it before he got into trouble. Those two probably did something so they would get their punishment in some way or another.

"Is it the old man again?", asked the red-haired kid once more.

"I think the third was especially infuriated today...Naruto, why are you playing such pranks? And Kaito. Helping your brother doing them makes it even worse. Shouldn't you show good behavior as the older brother?", answered the Shinobi. He clearly knew these two and their troublemaking.

"We are twins. There is no older or younger.", shrugged the red-haired kid that was named Kaito.

Shaking his head in defeat the shinobi grabbed them both and went off to deliver them to the Hokage.

"Do you think gramps is really mad this time?", asked Naruto.

"Very likely. Coloring his mantle into a yellow color was probably a little bit too far this time. But whatever." Kaito grinned again "It was fun."

"Hehe" Naruto also grinned in response.

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