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What is Naruto The Thunder Calamity

Read Naruto The Thunder Calamity fanfiction written by the author Gustina_Kamiya on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering action, romance, reincarnation, overpowered, transmigration. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Synopsis: Just kidding, how can I lose when I have the Rumble-Rumble Fruit as an Uchiha?! WARNING, This is slow pacing fanfiction WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT FROM THIS FIC - MC from Uchiha Clan - Single Heroine Tsunade - Very Slow Pace - MC Hides His True Strength - MC ate Rumble-rumble Fruit but even after chapter 100~~ mc never use the devil fruit prower (You can see how very slow pace this fic based on this sentence) ----- Read +10 advanced chapters on my patreon patreon.com/GustinaKamiya

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In the bible there is 7 sins named pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth. This 7 sins ruled every world in ancient times. They were demons who lurks everywhere in the opposite dimensions. But due to restrictions the demons cannot harm humans and can only possess when a humans heart darkens with negativity. Then suddenly, the restrictions has been broken and every demons in the opposite dimensions begun to invade every world. The demons devour every humans they see and conjure every city. When the humans were almost instinct the angels of commandments and virtues appeared. They gave abilities to the remaining humans and choose 19 humans to become their vessels and bestow their powers to help the humankind kill the minions of the 7 sins. After struggling to fend of the monsters, the humans finally take back half of its land. They continue to grow until this day in preparing for invading the demons. Rringg Rringg Rringg "Okay class. That's it for today. Remember to bring your coloring book and colors on monday. We will draw the monsters you would want to defeat," "Yes. Teacher Nill," the kids shouted enthusiastically. "Now stand up. Bow, and goodbye," the kids age 7 bowed at me cutely. I really can't get use to this cute humans. How can they be so cute. The kids slowly walk out the classroom. I could see some of the parents waiting outside greeted me through a nod. I looked at the room. The chair and table is align and no trashes are scattered. The kids are all noble status so their etiquette and cleanliness are refine in a very young age. I could tell that they will be a great figure in the future. hoooh. Has it been a week since I came back home. My wife will surely roast me for sure. Ahem. Though I like it. Smile. Since it's Friday. I should go home. But before that I need to buy presents to the kids. I flick my finger and instantly my appearance chance. The eyeglass that I am wearing disappeared, my previous brown eyes turn to red and my long brown hair change to short white hair. Their is no need to change my get up because it really suits me. I just change the color of my top that is previously black to silver and put a thick back coat. "Perfect," when I look at my appearance in a mirror beside the board. " Sebastian," A black shadow appear in an instant. "

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is this one of those typical Chinese fic..hide the strength.get insulted.prove them wrong.ppl forget about it and repeat


What’s the point of having the power if he doesn’t even touch it for 100+ chapters? Please tell me he at least train the power but don’t reveal it in battle


trash translation... Thunder escape instead of lightning release... its pure mtl copy/paste and some sentences doesnt even make sense not to even mention how hard it is to read it


i didn't understand anything I read in this stupid novel . it has a lot of potential.but if u can't read it then it's trash


LITERALLY the first sentence is unreadble then it gets worse the more u read this is making my eyes bleed no one should ever read this.








is this a Translation ? if yes , Original link please. is this a Translation ? if yes , Original link please is this a Translation ? if yes , Original link please


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