170 New Book

Well, 168 chapters, and finally, I was able to end it.

We all read fanfictions to remove the regrets from the original; I tried my best to make it so and good enough to lessen those regrets.

There were mistakes, plotholes, which I will not repeat in the next fanfiction.

As I had said many times before, when I started writing this book, I never intended to finish it, so I only had a rough plot in my mind.

The ending wasn't rushed as their was nothing left to write about anymore.

He had already defeated Kaguya with one strike, so unsealing her again would have been just a waste of time.

Many times after reading the comments I wanted to drop it especially at that point, but than didn't, thinking that "since I have started it, I might as well go through with it"

The last whole month I have been rewatching Naruto including the filler episodes just to do a better job in Aokiji Yuki.

I will think thoroughly about the plot, which way should I take it, no kid's love, and no more cringe content.

And for Shizune worry not Kozuki has shared Pure Gold with nearly everyone close to him, she will be forever young, only the Naruto Volume has ended.

After Aokiji Yuki, I will be back with Multiverse Template System.

Aokiji Yuki will start on 5th February.

Naruto: Satoru Gojo

This book is on my another account Shinigami_8468.

It is an original not a translation and I have already uploaded 16 chapters.

Thank You