72 72 Fourth Hokage


The Next Day.

"Sensei, can I remove this weights, it's really difficult"

Kozuki along with Shisui and Itachi walked on the streets of Konoha after a heavy morning training session.

"No excuses Shisui, I could easily handle this much weight when I was only 7"

Kozuki could only sigh with disappointment as the physique of a ninja was really weak compared to the inhabitants of pirate world.

"I really can't understand how you withstood this weight, Sensei"

Shisui who was already 9 years old wondered how a child of 7 handled this MUCH weight.

"Hey, move away, let me see..."

"Don't cause trouble..."

Suddenly, the three of them stopped as they saw a huge crowd gathered in front.

"What happened?"

Asked Shisui looking at the commotion.

"Itachi, go and see what's the matter..."

Kozuki said to Itachi who was standing next to Shisui.

"Yes, Sensei"

Itachi nodded as he quickly got mixed in the crowd in front and soon came back.

"Sensei, The Third Hokage nominated Namikaze Minato as the Fourth Hokage"

Itachi quickly told what he saw written on the wooden board to Kozuki.

"It's this time already"

Kozuki was a bit emotional as time passed so quickly.

Even if he did change the fate of many people, but some things were destined to happen and he could only face them.

"When is the inauguration ceremony"

Kozuki asked since as much as he remembered the Nine Tail attack was in the 48th year of the foundation of Konoha.

Currently it is 47th year, so the ceremony shouldn't be held too late.

"It's tomorrow Sensei"

Itachi quickly answered

"There's no training tomorrow, go home and get ready for the event"

"Yes, Sensei"

Both of them nodded and left quickly.


Hokage Office.

"Minato, I have nominated you as the Hokage, will you take this heavy responsibility"

Sarutobi sat on the tatami as Minato was on one knee in front, listening to him patiently.

"It's an honour for me to be worthy of your trust, Lord Third"

Minato always had the dream to be the Hokage.

In his view, anyone who is a Hokage would never try to harm the village.

Minato himself has a good heart and has always wanted to serve the village wholeheartedly.

But even someone as capable as him, failed to see the true face of Sarutobi.

If he knew what deeds Sarutobi did while being the Hokage, he would kill himself for ever kneeling in front of him.

"Haha, then I leave the village in your care"

Sarutobi laughed as he could see that Minato really respected him and would never be able to defy him.

He got himself a good puppet who he can easily manipulate and be the boss behind the scenes.

The news of the inauguration of the new Hokage, soon spread throughout the village.

The somewhat remaining effect of the war was also washed away by this news.


The next day


Today the sun hanging in the sky was exceptionally bright.

The streets were filled with people, as all of them marched towards the Hokage Building.

"After the war, it's the first time I saw smiles on everyone's faces"

Kozuki along with Kakashi, Guy and Obito walked towards the Hokage Office.

Obito commented looking at the cheerful crowd around as it has been a long time since he saw such a warm atmosphere.

"That's right, the youthful days of the village are back once again"

Guy nodded agreeing with Obito but didn't forget to give his iconic smile with his teeth glistering.

"Kozuki, I heard you took students from the Uchiha Clan, is it true?"

Kakashi ignored the two idiots beside him and asked Kozuki about the rumor that he heard.

"Yes, and they are both different from the other Uchiha, maybe one day they'll be your subordinates, so take care of them"

Kozuki knew that even if Obito and Rin were still alive, with Kakashi's skill it was a matter of time before he Joins Anbu.

Soon, during there conversation they finally reached the Hokage Building.

On the roof top, Sarutobi stood along with Konoha elders and some Konoha Jonin behind.

Soon, the protagonist of the day Minato arrived as well, as he stood in front of Sarutobi.

"I'm counting on you, Fourth Hokage"

Sarutobi handed the Hokage hat to Minato who took it respectfully.

"I shall dedicate my life for Konoha"

Minato wore the hat as he moved towards the end of the roof and looked at the crowd that was gathered below.

"I, Namikaze Minato, as the Fourth Hokage, hereby swear that to protect the village even if I had to give my life I won't back down"

Minato gave a long speech and after uttering his last lines he removed the hat and waved his hands towards the crowd below.

The whole crowd below detonated with thunderous cheers as they all shouted the name of Minato in his respect.

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