20 20 Fight

The morning sun announced the start of another round of death game.

The dense forest with sturdy trees everywhere and wild beasts roaming around added a touch of fear in every person heart.

"No!!! please let me go I'll give you the scroll" a pitiful plea sounded in the forest as the camera turned towards it's direction.

Genin wearing a Sand village headband lay on the ground looking at the Shark face guy in front his face full of fear as he handed him his scroll.

"It's heaven again, your bad luck" said Kisame after checking the scroll as he grinned at the fearful ninja and his hands touched the sword at his back.

"No!!! I gave you the scroll please..."


The begging voice stopped abruptly after the sword slashed down killing him.

"You're too cruel" a soft voice sounded beside Kisame and a girl with brown hair and green eyes wearing a blue dress stood beside looking at him with disgust.

"You can't say that after you melt others" Kisame grinned looking at the two charred corpses behind her with some red lava on there body.

"Humph, I'm not a lunatic like you they attacked me first so they should have been prepared for the worst" snorted Terumi flicking the hair on her forehead.

"Terumi san we still don't have the earth scroll, what to do now" the quite looking girl asked Terumi a bit worried.

They have nearly killed four teams but they still couldn't get the scroll they wanted.

"We will go towards the tower; the exam is nearing to its end there will be a lot of teams near it" said Terumi after thinking for a while as the three of them marched towards the tower.


"We are near it" shouted Kurenai as the three of them looked towards the tower and moved towards it.

"Be careful" shouted Kozuki suddenly as they immediately jumped away from the tree as it exploded.


Dust covered the whole area as the three of them grouped together.

"Exploding Tags, there is an ambush" said Kurenai looking around vigilantly.

"Looks like there's a slightly capable team this time" as the dust cleared away an interesting voice sounded as three people appeared in front of them.

Both Kurenai and Shizune were scared silly looking at the person in front.

Blue skin, a shark like face with sharp teeth completely out of the category of humans.

"Wow! there's a handsome guy" said Terumi Mei as she licked her rosy lips looking at Kozuki.

"Mei Terumi" said Kozuki subconsciously looking at her as he recognized her from those unique green eyes and brown hair and the beautiful face.

"Oh! you know me" Terumi beautiful eyes blinked in surprise looking at Kozuki curiously.

"How do you know her" Kurenai said with a soar voice looking at Kozuki suspiciously.

"I did some investigation before the exam so I know them" told Kozuki as he couldn't tell her that he knew from the plot.

Kurenai suspicious eyes finally returned to normal as she looked back towards Kisame her expression solemn as she could sense he was strong.

"Can I know why you blocked our way?" asked Kozuki though he had a guess already.

"Hehe we can't find the scroll we need, so will you give yours obediently or by force" said Kisame grinning as pulled the sword from his back.

"Kurenai, Shizune you deal with the last girl leave these two to me" said Kozuki looking at his team as he knew the fight was near.

"No, I want to fight that girl" said Kurenai pointing at Terumi as she didn't know why she got angry looking at her smirking face and took out a Kunai running forward attacking her.

"This girl..." Kozuki held his forehead in headache and finally decided to believe in her strength.

As both Kurenai and Shizune started their fights, Kozuki also wanted to move his muscles a bit.

"Kisame Hoshigaki I hope your strength is as scary as your face" Kozuki smiled as he looked at him.

"I have never killed a Konoha Ninja before but today you'll be the first" said Kisame a bit angry at his words.

"Is that so?" a voice fell in Kisame's ears from behind as his pupils shrank and immediately looked back but only a fist came in his vision.


The fist hit Kisame on his chest creating a large sound as he flew away destroying five or six trees before finally stopping.

The other two fights stopped also after hearing the loud voice.

"Kisame got hurt" Terumi beautiful eyes widened in shock as she never expected that monster to get hurt.

Cough... Cough...

A sound came from the destroyed area as Kisame got up coughing blood as he looked at Kozuki with shock.

"What fast speed I couldn't even see him" thought Kisame as he knew this time he may have started a fight with a monster more frightening then him.

"You're strong" said Kisame looking at Kozuki with blood flowing from the corner of his mouth his face looking extremely scary.

"But I'm not weak either" said Kisame as he started making seals and shouted.

"Water style! Raging Waves"

Huge waves of water roared towards Kozuki destroying everything in it's way.

"What Amazing Amount Chakra" thought Kozuki looking at the wave as strong as an A rank Jutsu and could understand why he was called a tailless beast even without Samahada.

"Now you won't be able to move at that absurd speed" said Kisame looking at his attack that was about 10m in height and that left no room for Kozuki to move enveloping him completely.


At this moment when Terumi, Kisame and the rest thought that Kozuki would be submerged in waves, they heard a slashing sound and red light flashed by as their eye's nearly popped out of there sockets looking at the scene in front.


The 10-meter-high water wave was cut from the middle and the ground behind had a long deep gully caused by the slash.

"Impossible" Kisame was the first to speak as he never heard of such swordsmanship.

The power of that slash was nearly comparable to A Rank Jutsu.

The expression on Terumi face also changed thinking "Damn how can there be such a monster"

Then she looked at Kozuki who had a relax expression and no tiredness, clearly explaining he could pull out a few more of such attacks.

"We might be in trouble" said Terumi her expression solemn.

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