19 19 Cruel Exam

It's been three days since the start of second exam.

During these three days, they didn't encounter any other team so they couldn't get any scroll.

The three of them would stay at a place to rest, recovering their stamina and would search for other teams the rest of time.

If he wanted Kozuki could easily found a team but he was too lazy to do it as he was enjoying the free time without any mission.

The agile shadow of the three flashed at the dense forest leaping from tree to tree moving forward at fast pace.

Xiu... Xiu...

A Kunai pierced the trunk in front of Kozuki and other's as they stopped immediately.

"Well, what do we have here, two little girls and a kid" Three tan-skinned Ninja with Scars on there face and a headband of Grass village appeared in front of them.

"Let me deal with them" said Kozuki indifferently as he moved forward.

"No, let us handle it" said Kurenai stopping Kozuki as she and Shizune both stepped forward.

"Ha-Ha you want to fight us" the three grass village ninja's in front started laughing at Kurenai and Shizune and said viciously.

"First we just wanted to take your scroll, but now you'll die because of your stupidity"

The three of them had a cruel expression on there face looking at both girls and Kozuki was completely ignored by them judging him to be the weakest.

Kurenai and Shizune didn't have a change of expression on there calm face after hearing their words since during these six months they had seen enough cruel scenes.

The Ninja in front attacked them holding the Kunai in their hand moving towards them.

Shizune and Kurenai took out some Shurikens attacking them.

"Ha-ha this won't do anything good" the three of them laughed at there attack dodging the Shurikens as they already were in front of them.

"Go to death" said the grass village Ninja viciously as the Kunai in his stabbed towards Kurenai heart.


The flesh piercing sound rang as blood spurted out like a fountain dying the ground red.

"You...."the scene changed suddenly as both the Genin who attacked Kurenai and Shizune stood in front of each other both of there Kunai piercing each other's heart.

"Illusion" both of them had the same last thought as they fell down lying motionless.

The last one was scared silly as he fell on the ground looking at the corpses of his teammates.

"Please.... let me go" said the last one looking at Kurenai and Shizune completely losing his spirit to fight.

"Be a good person in next life" said Kurenai looking at him with a calm expression and the Kunai in her hand slashed at his neck as blood splashed and the ninja holding his neck fell down joining his other two teammates.

"Were we too cruel?" asked Shizune after hesitating for a while looking at the ninja killed by Kurenai.

"They wanted to kill us so they should have been ready to be killed" said Kurenai as she squatted down beside the corpse searching for the scroll.

"She's right, Shizune kindness to the enemy would only harm you" said Kozuki as he arrived near them.

"I understand" said Shizune as she also squatted down searching the other two corpses.

"We finally got it" said Kurenai with a smile as she held an earth scroll in her hands and came forward handing it to Kozuki.

"You both did well" said Kozuki praising them on the fight earlier as he put the scroll away.

Kozuki was really surprised by Kurenai's talent in illusion and he saw why she was the strongest illusionist of Konoha not counting the Uchiha.

"We'll rest here tonight and leave for the tower tomorrow morning" said Kozuki to them as he went out to hunt for the dinner.

Kurenai and Shizune immediately started collecting the wood around for fire.



The fire in the middle burned illuminating the area around as fragrance of roasted rabbit on it spread everywhere.

"No matter how many time I eat it's still so delicious, your cooking is delicious Kozuki" said Kurenai happily eating the rabbit sitting around the fire.

"If you sell it in the village, you'll be famous in no time" Shizune really loved his cooking.

"Sometimes I really hope to live an ordinary life without any killing but even to live an ordinary life strength is required" said Kozuki as he lay on the ground looking at the sky full of stars.

"We will all get stronger together" said Kurenai as she arrived beside him sitting next to him.

"Together huh" muttered Kozuki as he didn't know what future holds for him.

Soon, the night passed and after taking a good full night rest, they set off towards the tower.

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