17 17 Kakashi's Challenge


The hot sun shone on the village revealing the prosperous Village below.

As the days till Chunin kept reducing, the atmosphere of village kept getting lively.

Ninja from Kirigakure and Sunagakure and other small villages could be seen on the streets adding a different touch to the village.

Today is the day for the start of Chunin exams and the first exam will be held at Konoha Ninja Academy.


Ninja Academy.

The corridor on the third floor was crowded with Ninja from different Villages.

"Ha-ha...these Konoha Ninja's look pretty weak" a blue skinned guy with a shark like face wearing the Kiri Headband stood in the corridor.

"Kisame don't you dare cause trouble here" a cold voice reprimanding Kisame sounded beside him as Kisame grinned revealing his shark teeth.

The girl who just spoke know was around 9 or 10 wearing a blue dress, brown hair that covered her left eye and a face so beautiful like carved personally by the god.

"Terumi san isn't that Kakashi Hatake White Fang Son" the third teammate of Terumi's squad was a quite looking girl who pointed towards a direction.

"He's said to be the most talented Ninja in Konoha, I wonder how he looks under that mask" Terumi was curious looking at Kakashi who stood at the corner with Obito and Rin hoping him to be a handsome guy.

"Hey Kakashi aren't you a Chunin already" asked Obito curiously looking at him.

"Minato-Sensei said only you two won't be able to take the exam, a three-person squad is needed so I was allowed specially" said Kakashi looking a bit lazy showing signs of his future already.

"Then won't we win this exam; I mean you're so strong you can definitely defeat everyone here" said Obito though he hated Kakashi for his cold attitude but even he had to admit that Kakashi was a genius.

Kakashi didn't say anything just kept looking at the entrance since there was a guy he didn't have much confidence to defeat.

As the time kept passing, the candidates around kept increasing.

"Look we are nearly late because of you Kozuki" said Kurenai a bit angrily who wore a white fighting dress and a ninja bag tied at her waist.

"Sorry... I nearly forgot about the exam" said Kozuki a bit embarrassed since he didn't have much excitement for exam as he knew no one was his opponent.

"Seriously how can you be so carefree" said Shizune to Kozuki who didn't show much excitement for the exam as both her and Kurenai were so excited for it.

"Oh if it isn't one of my eternal rivals" a passionate sound fell in Kozuki's ear and he didn't need to look for who it was.

"You look you can't wait anymore, Guy" said Kozuki to Guy who was all pumped up.

" Of course! My youth will shine lighting the entire world" said Guy loudly giving a thumbs up and big smile as his teeth shone brightly.

Kozuki was speechless as the corner of his mouth twitched and immediately moved away from Guy not wanting to be known of someone of the same group as him.

Kozuki looked for Kurenai and Shizune who weren't beside him anymore and soon found them talking to Rin.

Arriving near them, Kozuki also spotted the rarely seen Kakashi and future big boss Obito.

"Kakashi never expected you to be here" said Kozuki to Kakashi but he already had a guess why Kakashi was here.

"You don't look nervous for the exam "asked Kakashi seeing the carefree Kozuki.

"Don't I look nervous?" said Kozuki putting a fake fearful expression on his face as Kakashi's eyelids twitched.

"Kozuki if we fight I hope you don't hold back because I won't" suddenly Kakashi said these words looking straight at Kozuki with a serious expression.

Kozuki didn't expected such words from him but he really wanted to tell him that you can't handle my full strength but nonetheless he agreed to his challenge.

"I'll give my all" nodded Kozuki as he brought his fist forward and bumped it with Kakashi's fist representing their friendship.

Soon after the Proctor arrived who announced for the start of the 1st exam which was the written exam.

Kozuki using Observation Haki easily passed the exam and both Kurenai and Shizune were already excellent students so they easily passed the first test as well.

After coming out of the exam room, Kozuki and the rest were lead towards the venue of the second exam.


Outside Death Forest.

"So, it is this place after all huh" thought Kozuki looking at the huge and dark forest in front of him.

Death forest was a dangerous forest with wild beasts roaming around and if not careful even experienced Ninja would lose there lives.

Suddenly, Kozuki's Observation Haki spotted a powerful and cold aura moving towards this direction quickly.

After a few seconds, all the remaining candidates saw a figure wearing a grey armor and a Konoha headband on his forehead and black trousers with pale skin and pair of snake like pupils arrived in front of them.

"Orochimaru" said Kozuki in his heart as he looked at him and recognized him immediately and sensing his cold aura he could guess that Orochimaru had already started his experiments long ago.

But Kozuki wasn't afraid of him since he had enough ability to even tame the mad researcher.

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