157 156 Anger

Outside Konoha.


The rain poured down from the dark clouds as lightning flashed, illuminating the dark sky.


The rod passed through flesh as blood spilled around.


Kozuki waiting for his death, suddenly frowned as the expected pain never came, and he felt some warm blood spilling on his face.

Kozuki opened his eyes and found a figure in front, her eyes looked into his eyes, but blood flowed from the corners of her mouth.

A black rode had passed through her chest, and her breathing was a bit heavy, but she had a weak smile on her face.

"Finally, … I was able to help you..."

Kurenai brought her trembling hand forward and touched the cheeks of Kozuki caressing them gently, her eyes wet with tears.


The next moment, the hand left the cheeks of Kozuki and Kurenai fell aside motionless.

Blood continuously poured down from her wound, dying the wet ground red.

Thump... (Fast Heartbeat)


Kozuki seeing Kurenai falling aside was left stunned, and a look of despair, anger, and sorrow appeared in his eyes.


Kozuki's loud roar reached heaven, and Isshiki, who pulled out the rod from the chest of Kurenai, was suddenly pushed back by massive air pressure.


The sky suddenly turned red, and everyone in the Ninja World was left stunned by this change.


Hidden Mist Village.

"What's happening"

Mei Terumi looked at the red sky with shock, and she could also feel a deathly aura covering the whole world.

Akatsuki's Hideout.

"This aura..."

Looking at the red sky above and sensing the familiar deathly aura, Fukashi immediately recognized it.

"What is that monster doing?"

Fukashi saw such a significant change and wondered what that monster was trying to do.



In Konoha, Tsunade also saw the sudden change and felt the familiar aura; she quickly gathered some Anbu and left towards the direction of Kozuki and others.


Outside Konoha.


Kozuki roared with anger as a dark red aura erupted from him as changes began to occur in his body.

A mask appeared on the face of Kozuki, and it changed more and more, and Kozuki's roar suddenly turned frightening, mixed with the voice of a monster.

Kozuki's red hair began to grow, and his skin began to turn pale, and mass began to form at his left shoulder.

In a matter of seconds, a new arm was generated, and two long horns pointing downward appeared on the head of Kozuki.

Long black nails on both hands and black markings on his chest, Kozuki was utterly unrecognizable from before since his face was also transformed.

With a white skeleton-like face and sharp teeth, Kozuki looked entirely like a monster.


Kozuki or Vasto Lord Kozuki stood up, roaring with a red aura hovering around him as a long black blade appeared in his hands utterly different from the black and silver oversized sword from before.

"What's with this monster?"

Momoshiki and Isshiki floated together in the air as Momoshiki said with fear in his eyes.

Looking at the red sky and the hollow Kozuki, he was scared silly as he couldn't understand what power was required to turn the sky red of a whole planet.


Soon the roar of Kozuki stopped as he lightly flicked his sword, and the Kilometres of ground behind Kozuki burst open by the air pressure of the blade.

"This monster..."

Seeing the destruction caused just by flicking the sword, fear appeared in the eyes of Momoshiki and Isshiki.

"Quickly... we have to leave..."

Momoshiki said desperately to Isshiki, who quickly took out the turtle, and a colorful portal opened behind them.


Momoshiki, who was about to enter the Portal, suddenly stopped in his tracks as his face had an unbelievable look on it.


Isshiki cursed as he saw a red line begin to appear from the middle of the head of Momoshiki, reaching the bottom as the divided Momoshiki fell on the ground.

Due to Shinigami's powers, even his soul was extinguished as Momoshiki died without even getting the chance to implant Karma.

Isshiki hurriedly entered the Portal, but he saw the monster following him and entered the Portal as well.


With her eyes half open and blood pouring down, Kurenai said while looking at the monster-like Kozuki and cried as she saw him disappearing in the Portal.

The colorful Portal soon closed, and Kurenai being weak due to childbirth and now injured seriously, passed out.


Time dimension.

"Die Monster"

Isshiki, in anger and despair, attacked the monster but only saw red light enveloping him.


Isshiki screamed in pain, but soon his voice died down, and no sign of Isshiki was left.

Kozuki, in this form, couldn't think anything, so he picked up the turtle a bit curious like a child and walked forward aimlessly and fell from the platform and was submerged by the colorful lights and disappeared.

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