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The sun shone on the village as it revealed the streets sounding with cries of businessman, laughter of children running around, conversations of passerby as this proved the richness of the village.

Village Hidden in The Leafs, Established by the First Hokage, Hashirama Senju and his friend Uchiha Madara.

Despite fighting 2 wars, this Village still holds the position of the strongest in Ninja World.

At a Dango shop near the end of the street, a boy who was about 5 years old with black hair that curled up to face the sky, a cute face but what the most noticeable was his pitch black eyes that revealed matureness out of his age.


"The price has increased again" said the black haired boy while holding the Dango stick and looking at the withered wallet extremely depressed.

"Come again Kid" said the shop owner who was happy as his business was going well.

"Hard days are near" thought the Boy as he started to eat his food while marching towards his home.

"I'm home" shouted the Boy after he arrived at his home that was at the end of the village not big just a small house that had cracks at numerous places and a courtyard with numerous potholes.

The boy didn't get an answer of his shout and he wasn't surprised since he lived alone, this was just an habit to relieve his lonesomeness.

"It's been 2 years already" thought the boy as he changed his clothes wearing black sleeveless shirt and knee length pants.

The boy's name is Kozuki Shiro. But he has a big secret, he is not from the Ninja World precisely his soul is from a parallel blue planet.

The predecessor couldn't handle the trauma of his parent's death two years ago and died as a soul from another world took over his body.

Kozuki when learned through his predecessor's memory that this world had Ninjutsu, immediately knew that he had traversed to Naruto World.

He was a diehard fan of Naruto in his previous life as he had watched every episode of it and even the next Boruto series he had everything at his fingertips.

Kozuki was happy at first traversing to Ninja World, but when he started practicing the Ninjutsu left by his Jonin parents who died in the mission.

He learned that his Ninjutsu talent was average, at best he could become an ordinary Jonin.

This was an immense blow to Kozuki's Confidence, as he knew that later in the plot Jonin was only qualified to be a cannon fodder.

God Closed the door, but opened a Window for him.

Like every Traverser, he has a cheat which would help him towards greatness.

"Today I'll be able to reach it" said Kozuki with some excitement holding a long black sword with some red patterns on it as he arrived at the courtyard and started swinging the heavy sword with difficulty.

Two hours later

4998....4999...and... 5000


Kozuki fell down as the sword fell down as well but Kozuki didn't care as his body was trembling from the hard exercise and sweating all over but he had a smile on his immature face.

Ding! [ The Template "Akagami Shanks" has been unlocked to 10%].

"Finally I have reached it" said Kozuki as he felt a warm current flowing all over his body reducing his fatigue and strengthening his body.

"Show me the panel" mediated Kozuki silently in his heart as a blue panel appeared in his mind.

Host: Kozuki Shiro

Age: 5

Template: Shanks



Kenbunshoku Haki (primary)



Kozuki has a system that can extract Template's of different characters from different anime world and the first one he extracted was Red Hair Shanks of the Pirate World.

Kozuki was excited when he knew that his first Template was Shanks.

According to Kozuki, Shanks strength was nearly the same as Madara, he may even defeat him due to his different abilities.

"It's Observation Haki" said Kozuki in surprise as he didn't expect to unlock one of the terrifying abilities of the Pirate World.

Observation Haki is mainly a sixth sense that allows you to sense a person's aura, or sense his intent predicting his next move and extreme Haki even allows to see the future.

Kozuki was in a good mood after getting a powerful ability, so after taking a bath he wanted to treat himself to a big meal.

But seeing his shrunken wallet he became depressed again and went out to hunt since this was the only thing he could do to earn money.

The relief money he got from the village as an orphan was enough for a six child but the problem was that he wasn't an ordinary child.

He had the monstrous physique of Pirate World and naturally his appetite wasn't small So he had to hunt to make ends meets.

Late at night, Kozuki returned after selling the hunted animal and fell sleep immediately tired of the work.

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