1 Ch 1 : Transmigrated into Naruto world

- Konoha -

The sun shone over the village as it revealed bustling streets.

The laughter of the children running around, businessmen negotiating with each other and some ninjas patrolling could be seen.

Konohagakure, The Village Hidden in the Leaves, or as it's usually called Konoha is one of the biggest villages in the ninja world, a true hegemon with countless talented ninjas to top it off.

Twelve years ago the village went through one of the biggest calamities in their history: The Kyuubi Attack.

Despite losing their Fourth Hokage, Namikaze Minato, and countless other strong ninjas, Konoha was still able to maintain its position as one of the top ninja villages in the ninja world.


At a small apartment in Konoha, a man about 22 years old was holding his face while looking confused in front of a mirror.

[ The Teacher System has been bound.]

[ Please collect the newbie gift pack as soon as possible!]

When he heard this voice for the third time, Sanada wanted nothing more than to smash the dog head of the system.

Transmigrated to the world of Naruto has always been Sanada's dream or the dream of every Naruto fan.

But compared to the transmigrators who were bestowed powerful ability by the goddess or gaining a super-strong cheat system, his transmigration was really ordinary. He was just sleeping soundly at home when he opened his eyes only to find that he had been transmigrated into this world without his approval.

The reason for his frustration however was none other due to his system. At first, Sanada felt exhilarated when he heard that he had received a golden finger like other transmigrators. But when he tried to open the newbie gift that the system had issued before, his expression immediately turned awry.

[ Newbie gift pack.]

[ A newbie pack for a newbie transverse.]

[ Condition to open: Recruit a disciple with A grade or higher potential]


Sanada could only scream inwardly at his system.

Why would it even bother reminding him to collect the newbie gift pack if he couldn't even open it right now?.

Sanada though was not the type to continuously gloat over things. His priority right now was to find out his current identity and find how to not make other people suspicious of his transmigration.

Yup, the moment Sanada opened his eyes, he already knew that he was no longer in his original body and as such he should have taken someone else's identity from the Naruto world.

Looking at the mirror, It seems that his body has changed from his original nineteen years old to his current 22-year-old appearance due to the crossing. His body has also changed from a short 165cm into a 180cm tall with a well-toned muscular body.

The only thing that Sanada regretted was that his current body didn't have that heaven-defying appearance, and even from his standard, this body could only score about six or seven-point out of ten.

While Sanada was busy admiring his new well-toned body a few masked figures suddenly appeared in his apartment.

Before Sanada was able to say something, he saw one of the masked figures take out a piece of paper from his arms and read it loudly.

"Kaedehara Sanada, you have been called by the Hokage."

The masked figure looked at the dumbfounded Sanada indifferently. In fact, the masked figure didn't know why the third Hokage insisted on getting Sanada to take this job.

Nonetheless, he had done his job and had no other reason to stay here.

Before Sanada could react, the masked figure has disappeared once again, leaving Sanada alone in the apartment with a terrified look.

'I.. the previous me shouldn't be a very good talent that has attracted the attention of Sarutobi or Danzo, right?'

The thought of himself being brainwashed by Sarutobi or being Danzo's puppet filled his mind, and Sanada couldn't help but shuddered.

'Should I try to escape?'

That thought crossed Sanada's mind, but he refrained from doing so in the end. Escaping would only make himself be a target of Sarutobi and Danzo, and his fate would definitely become worse then.

Sanada gulped, prepared himself, and eventually went to the Hokage's office after having fully dressed up.

. . . . . .

- Hokage's office -

A few people that Sanada wasn't unfamiliar with were standing with annoyed expressions and in the middle, an old man wearing a red hat was sitting behind the desk.

Yep, you guessed it, the people in front of Sanada were none other than the famous figures in Naruto story.

From the 50-50 Kakashi, The simp Asuma Sarutobi, and the beautiful Kurenai.

But just when Sanda stepped into the Hokage office, the simp Asuma Sarutobi blocked him off :

"What are you doing, Sanada? Late half an hour for the Hokage call? Who do you think you are?"

"Ahh.." Sanada wanted to respond, but he didn't know what to say. He was late because he didn't know the road to the Hokage's office, but he obviously couldn't say it in front of them, right?

In the end, Sanada could only lower his head for the four of them and apologize.

Asuma seemed like he still wanted to pursue this matter, but fortunately, the Hokage was there to stop this useless confrontation.

"*Cough-Cough* Stop Asuma, Sanada must have his own reason to be late."

Hearing the word of the Hokage, Sanada's eyes instantly glimmer. Worthy of the wise and kind third Hokage that could even make a crying baby silent, he definitely wouldn't tolerate his subordinate being bullied by his own son.

Asuma heard the third Hokage's words and twitched, but he still didn't dare to disobey the Third Hokage's words and just let Sanada pass by.

Sanada walked past Asuma and arrived in front of the third Hokage. Sanada was just about to assume a lower posture once more and apologize, but the Third Hokage stopped him.

"No need Sanada, I didn't call you here to apologize. It is your first time being late and I don't really mind it"

"Kakashi there is always late to every meeting and he is still one of the best ninjas in Konoha."

The Third Hokage's eyes swiftly shifted towards Kakashi who could only scratch his head in embarrassment.

He then returned his gaze to Sanada before taking out a piece of paper from his desk.

"Ehem in fact, the reason I called you here is that I want you to be one of the genin instructors for the academies fresh graduates."

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