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Naruto has always had video games to fall back on growing up while the rest of the village pretty much treated him like garbage. What happens when Naruto wakes up to find his life has become one of the video games he loves so much. -------------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto. Any similarities between real people, living or dead, or places, standing or demolished, in this story are just coincidences. But if you like what I do and want to support me, you are more than welcome to donate on Place of Patrons.

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Chapter no.71 Party System

[ Author Note:

Hello everyone,

Yesterday, I conducted a poll across Royal Road, Webnovel, Scribblehub, and Patreon to decide whether Naruto should reveal the system to Hinata and Tenten.

Here are the results:


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Total votes: 100

Percentage for Yes = (59/ 100) * 100 = 59%

Percentage for No = (41/ 90) * 100 = 41%

The results are in, and based on your votes, I'm excited to weave this new plotline into our story.

I know many people don't like the system trope, and I'm with you, but I am confident that I can pull it off.

How am I going to do that?

By not repeating the same mistakes as other authors. I have written down what I won't do at the end of the chapter.

To everyone who is considering dropping this fanfic because of this trope, that is completely fine—it's your choice what you want to read.

However, I would sincerely encourage you to at least give it a chance.

I have given you 70 chapters of an amazing story—your words, not mine!

Using this goodwill, I want you to trust me as we move forward.

Some of you commented that I could have continued the story without this trope, but as the author, I know what the future of this story entails, and this plot point is very important.

Here are some quick answers to some of your questions:

Will Danzo know about the system?

No, Danzo won't. Rather, he will be aware that Naruto has some secret, but he will be cautious about doing something significant because of an event that occurs later when Danzo tries to extract memories from Tenten or Hinata. Something big happens, which I won't spoil, but it keeps Danzo in the shadowbs.

Will Tenten and Hinata reveal the system to someone?

No, they literally can't because of the system's restrictions, and if they leave, their memories are sealed by the system.

Will the system cause Tenten and Hinata to take away Naruto's spotlight?

No, it won't. Naruto is the main character, and he will be treated as such. Therefore, Tenten and Hinata will be Semi Players, not full players, meaning they receive fewer benefits, etc.

I hope by answering some of these questions, I have at least given you the reassurance to give this trope a chance. I promise I'll deliver an amazing plot going forward.

Thank you for your continued support and for giving this twist a chance because of your trust in me.

Warm regards,

Adamos Amet.


[ Naruto's POV ]

Every year, on my birthday, I'd ask the Hokage for a new video game.

Throughout the year, these games became my world.

I'd dive deep into every aspect: reading lore, completing every side quest, and attempting challenge runs.

Sometimes, I'd craft theories about the game's lore and debate fiercely with Konohamaru about whose ideas were right.

Among everything in those games, one thing consistently resonated with me: the party NPCs.

They were more than just characters; they felt like friends who were always there, listening and adventuring alongside me. The thought made me chuckle—a little sad, maybe, but true.

I always felt a bit less lonely with them.

As I leaped from tree to tree, my eyes on the book in my hand—a leather tome emblazoned with the Uzumaki clan's red spiral.

[ Item: The Uzumaki Clan's Compendium ]

 - [ Description: Authored by Mito Uzumaki, this comprehensive book serves as a detailed collection of the Uzumaki clan's traditions, religious practices, and history. It was specifically made for Kushina Uzumaki as a heartfelt gift, ensuring that even in the foreign lands of Konoha, she would always have a connection to her roots and the rich heritage of the Uzumaki clan. ]

Tenten's voice cut through my thoughts. "Naruto, are you sure we aren't lost?"

I glanced down at the map in the book, confident.

"Yes, I'm following the map."

From behind, Hinata's gentle voice added doubt.

"Naruto-kun, I think you are using the map wrong."

"What do you mean?" Tenten and I asked in unison, our voices mingling with confusion.

Hinata approached, her eyes narrowing as she studied the map.

"The map has a compass rose that indicates both true north and magnetic north alongside the grid lines, which are about the right ascension and declination," she explained, pointing delicately at the map.

Tenten and I exchanged glances, both of us lost in Hinata's words.

"This map is a star chart," Hinata concluded. She placed her finger on the compass rose, channeling a bit of chakra into it. To our astonishment, a storage seal revealed itself, along with a planisphere, sextants, and almanacs.

[ Item: Planisphere ]

 - [ Description: A planisphere is a circular star chart that can be adjusted to display the visible stars for any time and date. It is an invaluable tool for astronomers and navigators alike, helping to identify stars and constellations, aiding in celestial navigation, and fostering a deeper understanding of the night sky. ]

[ Item: Sextant ]

 - [ Description: A sextant is a precision navigational tool used to measure the angle between an astronomical object and the horizon. This instrument is crucial for celestial navigation, allowing mariners and explorers to determine their latitude and longitude at sea by observing the positions of stars, the sun, and other celestial bodies. ]

[ Item: Almanac ]

 - [ Description: An almanac is a reference book filled with a wide range of useful information including calendar dates, weather forecasts, astronomical data, tide tables, and agricultural advice.

This specialized almanac contains detailed data on constellations and star positions as viewed from Konoha's skies. ]

A headache began to throb at the base of my skull.

Goddamnit, I would kill for the system to just put up a large neon orange sign that says 'follow this direction to location' rather than using this.

To my surprise, Hinata was already examining the items with a calm expertise. "Can you use this stuff, Hinata-chan?"

When Hinata nodded, a wave of relief washed over me, loosening the tension in my shoulders.

"How do you know this stuff?" Tenten inquired, her curiosity piqued as she watched Hinata set up the equipment.

"The Hyuga clan has a long history of making maps because of the long-range visual prowess of the Byakugan," Hinata explained, her hands skillfully aligning the planisphere with the stars now twinkling in the night sky. "Maps of other regions essentially allowed the Hyuga clan to be feared, as the clan could leak information about the topography, the architecture, the traps, etc., to enemy factions. This, coupled with the danger of the Gentle Fist, made the Hyuga clan something many people sought to befriend rather than antagonize. The Hyuga clan have kept this tradition of map making alive, and as the heir, I had to learn how to make and read maps."

I watched her, awestruck by her knowledge and the ease with which she handled the ancient tools.

"Awesome, I don't even know what I would have done without you."

Hinata blushed at my words, and Tenten nodded in agreement.

As Tenten leaned back against the bark of the tree and I settled onto the branch, my eyes were drawn once again to the system interface.

Ever since this system had become a part of my life, it had become my nightly ritual to fall asleep reviewing every skill, item, and notification it offered.

With a focused thought, I brought up a new tab on the interface.

[ Party: A party refers to a group of individuals working together as a team.

Each member brings unique skills and abilities to the group, contributing to the overall success of their missions. ]

[ Player Naruto: Party System Integration ]

 - [ Eligibility: Player Naruto can add any individual as a party member if said individual has max reputation and Mark of Orpheus and Eurydice with him. ]

  - [ Role: Player Naruto will be designated as the leader of the party. ]

[ Advantages ]

[ Semi-Player Status: Party members gain partial abilities of the system, such as access to new classes, feats, and stats points. ]

[ Confidentiality: Party members are prohibited from disclosing any information about the system or the party to non-members. ]

[ Experience Sharing: Party members automatically contribute 60% of their earned experience and any reward items acquired through quests or dungeons to the leader. ]

[ Communication: Party members and the leader can use a chat feature to communicate, irrespective of the distance between them. ]

[ Portal Feature: The leader can use a portal feature to either travel to the location of a party member or invite a party member to their location. ]

[ Skill Sharing: The leader can request to use a skill, feat, or class feature from a member temporarily. ]

[ Disadvantages ]

[ Limited Interaction: Semi-Player Status means party members cannot interact with the system interface, although viewing is possible. The leader must manually manage their profiles for tasks like stat distribution, reward allocation etc. ]

[ Reset on Joining: Semi-Player Status causes party members to reset to default settings when added to the party. ]

[ Memory Reset on Departure: If a party member is removed from the party by the leader, their settings revert to default, and their memories of the party are replaced with empty blanks. ]

[ Mark of Orpheus and Eurydice: ]

- [ Description: This status represents a bond of complete trust, loyalty, and love, akin to maximum reputation between a player and a non-player. It is achieved when a non-player transcends the Damocles's Sword status. ]

- [ Progression: Gaining 1000 reputation awards the player with the Revered status, the peak attainable through conventional means. Surpassing this threshold leads to the Damocles's Sword status, where the non-player perceives themselves as bound to follow the player's actions and words, which can be detrimental. ]

- [ Resolution: When a non-player moves beyond this negative perception and sees themselves and the player as equals, fully trusting one another, the non-player is awarded the Mark of Eurydice, and the player, the Mark of Orpheus. These marks are symbols of their true, undying loyalty and love. ]

- [ Holders: ]

 - [ Hinata Hyuga: Mark of Eurydice. ]

 - [ Tenten Higurashi: Mark of Eurydice. ]

 - [ Naruto Uzumaki: Mark of Orpheus. ]

A smile tugged at my lips as I realized I could add Tenten and Hinata as party members.

Under normal circumstances, the idea might have made me laugh, but not with them.

They were different; they held special places in my heart.

I trusted them.

It was the perfect night to ask Tenten and Hinata to join my party.

The dungeon would give a lot of generous experience, and I was confident that them being semi players would be very beneficial.

Just then, a few snaps in front of my face jolted me back to reality.

"We got the location, let's go," Tenten said, her voice firm.

I nodded, pushing myself to my feet as I followed their lead.

The idea of inviting Hinata and Tenten to join my party system was settled in my mind, but the challenge of how to broach the subject loomed large. It's not like I can just blurt out, 'Hey, you two, I've got this gamer system that turns reality into a video game, and I want you both in my party.'

I chuckled at the absurdity of my own thoughts.

Still, I needed an icebreaker, something to ease into the conversation naturally. Think, Naruto, think. How do you make something this outlandish sound... normal?

"Naruto." Tenten's voice trailed off as if she didn't know what else to say.

Her reaction was understandable, given that I'd lured them here under the guise of seeing a cool Uzumaki clan shrine.

And now, we stood before a Hokora—a small roadside Shinto shrine.

The shrine's wooden structure was gray and weathered, barely clinging to its original form. Its beams were bowed and splintered. The once vibrant vermilion torii gate was now faded and peeling.

The path was flanked by two stone lanterns, crumbling and overrun with ivy.

Above, the shrine's once-sturdy roof now bore the weight of a fallen tree, its limbs sprawled across the sacred structure in an unwelcome embrace.

My hand rested on the small shrine; my mind was blank, torn between the reverence I felt for this place and the practical need to move on.

"Okay, let's just head to the dungeon first, and then when I'm free, I'll fix this," I thought, pushing the urge to dive into the shrine's history to the back of my mind.

Priorities first.

Suddenly, I noticed Hinata's hand on the log. "Let's just remove this log and take the shrine away," she suggested, while Tenten was now squatting down, peering inside the shrine.

"You two, come check this out," Tenten called out.

Curiosity piqued, Hinata and I joined her. Inside the shrine, instead of the typical statue of a god, there was a statue of the Shinigami.

This was unusual—normally, Hokora did not house such ominous figures.

"Naruto, did the Uzumaki clan worship the Shinigami?" Tenten asked.

I shrugged, just as puzzled, and pulled out the compendium to check.

"Check the religion section," Hinata suggested.

As I flipped through the pages, I could feel their heads leaning over my shoulder, their breaths mixing with the musty air of the book.

I paused at the section on religion and took a deep breath before I began reading aloud. "Humans worship their desires—be it their desire for wealth, making money their god; their desire for justice; or their desire to make sense of the world, and so on. The Uzumaki clan's desire for knowledge led them to even transactionally worship the God of Death."

I flipped the page to see the next paragraphs filled with rules and etiquette on how to pray.

Tenten looked puzzled.

"That doesn't make any sense," she said. "How does one transactionally worship?"

"Maybe they offer money to the Shinigami," Hinata suggested quietly.

I shrugged, just as confused, and glanced back at the book for any clues.

Although there was no clear explanation of what transactional worship entailed, an interesting paragraph caught my eye as I skimmed through.

"Okay, so how do we take the shrine back?" Tenten asked, breaking the brief silence.

"Let's go inside first," I suggested, my voice steady. I focused my chakra into my canines and bit down on the skin of my fingers.

The sharp pain was quick as blood welled from the puncture, and I pressed my bleeding finger against the statue of the Shinigami, drawing a spiral in my own blood.

As the blood met the statue, the Fuinjutsu seal beneath our feet began to reveal itself. I stepped back instinctively, Tenten and Hinata mirroring my movements.

The Hokora and the surrounding forest were suddenly enveloped in a cloud of smoke. When it cleared, it revealed something much grander than the small shrine—a temple, the Uzumaki Clan Temple.

It was an imposing structure with a multi-layered roof that curled upwards at the edges. The wooden beams were fractured, and sections of the roof had collapsed.

"Why is it that Uzumaki clan anything is hidden behind these complex Fuinjutsu arrays?" Tenten muttered.

"It's because the Uzumaki clan were the greatest Fuinjutsu masters ever," I explained with pride in my voice.

"Yeah, but all of this for a shrine?"

"Meaning this temple contains something important," Hinata added, her Byakugan flaring to life for a moment before she abruptly turned it off and doubled over, vomiting.

Tenten, and I rushed to her side, worry etching our faces.

Hinata looked up at the temple with fear in her eyes.

"W-Whatever is inside that temple is something related to death," she whispered, her voice shaky.

I took a deep breath.

Opening my umbrella, I prepared for whatever lay ahead.

Tenten drew her katana and Hinata, though still pale, readied her Neko Te.

Together, we moved slowly towards the temple.

As we stepped inside the broken temple, a hushed stillness enveloped us. The interior was stark and almost barren, save for a dozen demon-shaped porcelain masks that hung ominously on the wall.

Their eerie presence filled the room with a silent foreboding.

Confusion swept through us, and I noticed Hinata hesitating, her eyes wide and reluctant to activate her Byakugan again. "Don't worry, I got this," I reassured my friends, even as a knot of uncertainty tightened in my stomach.

Closing my eyes, I tapped into my mind's eye, letting my senses stretch out towards the unsettling array of masks.

The chakra emanating from the masks was a dark, blackish-red hue, pulsing with an ominous energy that seemed to whisper.

It was a sensation that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up—an instinctual warning that this chakra was entwined with death.

My heart raced as I felt its morbid pull, a chilling caress against the edges of my consciousness.

Opening my eyes, I moved closer.

My steps were slow, each one heavier than the last, as if the very air around these artifacts grew denser, more resistant. Reaching out, I carefully removed one mask from the wall.

It felt surprisingly ordinary in my hands—just a piece of porcelain, with no signs of Fuinjutsu or any other enchantments on its surface.

Yet the normalcy of the mask's appearance belied the malevolent energy I had sensed. Holding it, I felt a strange dissonance between what my eyes saw and what my instincts screamed.

[ Item: Mask of the Shinigami ]

 - [ Description: A supreme grade chakra metal mask crafted by the Uzumaki clan, used to summon the Shinigami. ]

 - [ Passive Effects: ]

 - [ Aura of Death: The presence of the Shinigami is sensed by all within a 25 metre radius, inducing the status Irrational Fear in victims. ]

 - [ Active Effects: ]

 - [ Command of Death: The player may be able to issue a command to the Shinigami. ]

 - [ Warning: This item curses the user. Upon the player's death, their soul will be barred from the purelands, purgatory, and the Cycle of Samsara. ]

As I held the mask, my mouth opened and then closed, feeling uncomfortably dry as the realization dawned on me.

This was a supreme grade weapon, imbued with chakra flow potent enough to summon the literal God of Death.

"Naruto-kun," Hinata said, her voice laced with worry.

"What's that mask?" Tenten asked, her brow furrowed in curiosity.

"It's a supreme grade weapon capable of summoning the Shinigami," I explained, my voice steady.

As I threw the mask towards Tenten, her skepticism was evident, but it vanished the moment she caught it.

Her face paled, a silent testament to the mask's ominous power.

"The Shinigami," Hinata murmured in disbelief, her hand covering her mouth.

Meanwhile, I found the perfect segue into a conversation I had been dreading—the system.

Taking a deep breath, I activated Spirit Possession, allowing thoughts, ideas, and paths to flood my mind.

"Hinata," I paused, ensuring I had her full attention.

"Tenten," another pause to gather my thoughts, and perhaps their patience.

"Two months ago, I was just a lonely orphan, the dead last with nothing but a dream of becoming Hokage."

My words hung heavy in the air.

I took another deep breath, steeling myself for what came next.

It was now or never.

"But something happened," I continued, my eyes shifting to Hinata. "I gained a friend. I gained knowledge of the Uzumaki clan. I wasn't just an orphan with nothing to his name; I was Naruto Uzumaki. I began to gain more power, to improve, lifting the veil of ignorance around me and my life."

"Do you know what caused this change?" I asked, my voice almost a whisper now.

Hinata and Tenten shook their heads.

"The Uzumaki clan's Kekkei Genkai," I said confidently, though inside, I was anything but.

This was the only way I could explain the system to them, given I myself didn't fully understand what it was, how I got it, or why.

"Kekkei Genkai?" Hinata whispered, almost afraid to believe it.

"What, your Kekkei Genkai is to be less retarded?" Tenten joked, trying to lighten the mood.

I managed a small smile before becoming serious again.

"No, the Uzumaki clan's Kekkei Genkai is a Fuinjutsu seal that allows for my dreams to become reality—like a genjutsu upon reality itself," I explained, watching as their expressions went from incredulity to stunned silence.

I could almost hear their minds grinding to a halt, overwhelmed by the revelation.

"What this Kekkei Genkai did to me was make my world into a game," I added, just as the system tabs opened up in front of Hinata and Tenten, visually illustrating my words.

[ Notification: Party Invitation ]

 - [ Host: Naruto Uzumaki ]

 - [ Message: "I'm forming a team and I'd like you to join. Are you in?" ]

 - [ Response Required: Accept or Decline ]

The scene in front of me felt oddly nostalgic, mirroring the confusion and disbelief I had felt when I first encountered the system.

Tenten and Hinata both shouted "Kai!" in unison, attempting to dispel what they believed to be a genjutsu.

I struggled to keep a straight face, watching their futile efforts.

"Naruto, stop casting genjutsus on us," Tenten demanded, her voice tinged with frustration.

I raised my eyebrows, a playful smirk dancing on my lips.

"Look, you were just holding a mask that could summon a death god. Why isn't a gamer genjutsu something you can expect?"

"Because I don't want an existential crisis," Tenten yelled back, her voice rising in pitch.


"Genjutsu is just fooling the senses of an individual. If this 'genjutsu gamer' thing is real, then this universe is a living thing," Tenten said, her words tumbling out in a rush. I gestured with my hand, encouraging her to elaborate.

"Then what role do I have in this living organism? What does anything mean? What—" Tenten's frantic questioning was cut off by Hinata calmly clicking acceptance on the system interface.

"Thank you."

I said as Hinata smiled at me.

"I don't have any reason to not believe Naruto-kun."

"I can give you a hundred reasons that start with one word," Tenten retorted in a deadpan voice.

"What's that word?"

"Prank," she said flatly, and I raised my hand to object, then shrugged in admission.

"Okay, I'll give you that one, but trust me, this is real."

"Fine," Tenten said, her voice still laced with skepticism as she pressed acceptance on her own system interface.

[ Name: Hyuga Hinata ]

[ Status: Mark of Eurydice → Semi Player ]

[ Title: Genin ]

[ Level: 9 → 1 ]

[ Class: Shinobi → ---- ]

[ Race: Human ]

[ HP: 1150 / 1150 → 150 / 150 ]

[ AC: 17 → 0 ]

[ CP: 1000 / 1000 → 100 / 100 ]

[ Lineage Traits: Byakugan (Enhanced perception, 360° vision, ability to see chakra networks) → --- ]

[ Class Features: Gentle Fist (Precision strikes that target chakra points) → --- ]

[ Feats: N/A → --- ]

[ Stats: ]

- [ STR: 15 → 8 ]

- [ DEX: 17 → 8 ]

- [ CON: 10 → 8 ]

- [ INT: 12 → 8 ]

- [ WIS: 10 → 8 ]

- [ CHA: 10 → 8 ]

- [ VIT: 9 → 8 ]

- [ LUK: 10 → 8 ]

[ Stat Points: 0 → 27 ]

[ Exp: 0 ]

[ Allies: Naruto Uzumaki, Tenten Higurashi, Sasuke Uchiha, Kiba Inuzuka, Asuma Sarutobi, Konoha ]

[ Equipment ]

- [ Weapons: Basic Ninja Tools → --- ]

- [ Armor: Hyuga Clan's Mesh Armour → --- ]

- [ Gear: Baggy Jacket → --- ]

- [ Magic Items: Neko Te (Custom Made) → --- ]

[ Description: Member of the elite Hyuga clan, recognized for their doujutsu and unique taijutsu style. Hinata is the heir of the Hyuga clan, her dreams include trying to fulfill her mother's last words on kindness and to be with Uzumaki Naruto. ]

[ Name: Tenten ]

[ Status: Queen of Hands, Forge's Blessing → Forge's Blessing ]

[ Title: Genin ]

[ Level: 11 → 1 ]

[ First Class: Civilian Shinobi → --- ]

[ Second Class: Herald of Hephaestus ]

[ Race: Human ]

[ HP: 1256 / 1256 → 256 / 256 ]

[ AC: 27 → 0 ]

[ CP: 914 / 914 → 214 / 214 ]

[ Lineage Traits: ]

- [ Keen Eye → --- ]

- [ Nimble Fingers → --- ]

[ Class Features: ]

- [ Weapon Proficiency → --- ]

- [ Martial Spirit - Flames Of A Blacksmith ]

- [ Anvil's Resilience ]

[ Feats: ]

- [ Weapons Master → --- ]

[ Stats: ]

- [ STR: 19 → 8 ]

- [ DEX: 26 → 8 ]

- [ CON: 16 → 8 ]

- [ INT: 15 → 8 ]

- [ WIS: 12 → 8 ]

- [ CHA: 10 → 8 ]

- [ VIT: 19 → 8 ]

- [ LUK: 15 → 8 ]

[ Stat Points: --- → 27 ]

[ Exp: --- → 0 ]

[ Allies: Might Guy, Rock Lee, Naruto Uzumaki, Hinata Hyuga, Konoha ]

[ Equipment ]

- [ Weapons: Storage Scrolls → --- ]

- [ Armor: Chakra Metal Mesh Armor → --- ]

- [ Gear: Ninja Tools, Crafting Supplies → --- ]

- [ Magic Items: Tenten's Katana → --- ]

[ Description:  Higurashi Tenten is someone who wishes to make a name for herself through the art of weapons. She has a lot of dreams that burn brightly like the flames of her forge. Out of all her dreams, these burn the brightest — become the greatest weapons specialist in the world, make supreme grade weapons and make her wedding rings in the forge alongside Naruto Uzumaki. ]

Hinata's concerned voice broke through the tension.

"Naruto-kun, why can't I activate my Byakugan?"

Tenten, meanwhile, examined her fingers with a deep frown, clearly troubled by the changes.

"Okay, you orange flopper, you have ten seconds before I take out my pointy metal," Tenten warned, her patience wearing thin.

"Okay, okay," I rushed to explain, my words tumbling out in haste.

"When I added you to the party, your level reset."

"So we got weaker," Tenten concluded, her hand gripping the hilt of her katana, which she unsheathed slightly.

"But you guys can get so many benefits and get hella stronger very fast," I said quickly, just in time to catch the shuriken she threw at me.

I could feel the seriousness of the situation—we were on thin ice here.

"How?" Hinata asked.

"Let's just sit down and talk," I suggested, hoping to ease the tension and explain things properly.

A few minutes went by as I gave them the basic rundown of everything I knew about the system.

I stressed how it allowed for rapid growth and stat enhancement, which seemed to catch their interest gradually.

As I wrapped up the explanations, I prepared myself for the big question.

[ Achievement Unlocked: Selected as Semi-Player ]

[ Reward Options Available: Choose one of the following. Note: Selection will be randomized. Luck may influence the outcome. ]

[ Option 1: Feat ]

[ Option 2: Item ]

[ Option 3: Stat Point ]

"Wow," I said, marveling at the interface displayed before Hinata and Tenten.

"What?" Tenten asked, clearly annoyed at the thought of being weaker than Neji due to the system reset.

"When I got this achievement, I had like six options."

"Show off." Tenten muttered as she read through the descriptions.

"What should I select, Naruto-kun?" she asked, showing me her screen.

"Definitely a feat. I can't tell you how many times I've been thankful for my feats. Items are good, but stat points are frankly useless," I advised.

Hinata nodded in agreement, and I helped her select the feat option.

"What about me? Should I select a feat?" Tenten chimed in, looking hopeful yet a bit perplexed by her options.

"Your interface confuses me," I admitted.

"Why, because it's so sophisticated?" Tenten asked, a proud smirk playing on her lips.

"No, because it makes no sense," I joked, earning a light hit on my arm from her.

"How so?"

"Well, when you become a semi player, everything goes to default, yet you still have your second class and the class features. And from that shuriken you threw, I could tell that your shuriken prowess is still there, yet your weapon master feat is gone," I explained, trying to make sense of the complexities of the system with her.

"That's good or bad?" she asked, genuinely confused.

"I don't know, but I'm leaning towards good because we don't have to go through another death battle to awaken that class," I replied honestly, watching Tenten as she processed my words.

Her face showed confusion at first, then realization dawned, and a blush spread across her cheeks.

"Hmm, do you think I could unlock my weapon master feat?"

"I don't know. All my feats have been rewards from achievements or missions," I said, shrugging.

"Wait, did you get the weapon master feat from a quest with me?" Tenten asked, now browsing through my profile.

"Yeah, guess you now know why I can use weapons like a master," I replied, smiling as she chuckled.

"Lucky bastard, you know I had to work for years to earn my mastery over weapons," Tenten grumbled.

"Well, I had to deal with you for a week to get the feat, so..." I teased, dodging as she playfully hit my leg.

Her mock indignation only made me grin wider.

"I'm joking, but as I said, with the system, everything is easier." I tried to reassure her, hoping she'd see the potential benefits the system offered despite its initial setbacks.

"Okay, but how do I get my weapon master..." Tenten paused mid-sentence, her expression shifting from frustration to sudden realization. She jumped to her feet, a spark of excitement lighting up her eyes. "Wait, I got it!"

"Got what?"

"If I had the weapon master feat before this whole system BS, and I still have my knowledge and skills, then I should be able to unlock that feat again. I am going to do a Kata of all my weapons," Tenten declared, her energy infectious as she ran towards the center of the temple, beginning with her katana.

"Naruto-kun," Hinata called softly, pulling my attention back to her.

[ Feat: Master Chef - Passive/Active ]

[ Level: N/A ]

[ Description: The 'Master Chef' feat enables the user to create food that grants temporary effects when consumed. This culinary mastery combines precise chakra manipulation with exceptional gastronomic expertise, allowing the creation of dishes that provide various enhancements like stat boosts, status effects etc. ]

[ Passive Enhancements: ]

 - [ Precise Chakra Manipulation: Provides a 70% boost in overall chakra control and manipulation, enabling the infusion of food with specific chakra effects. ]

 - [ Taste of a Chef: Grants a superhuman level of taste, surpassing even the most seasoned food and ingredient experts. ]

[ Active Effects: ]

 - [ Random Effects: The effects of chakra-infused dishes are initially unpredictable. The wielder must practice and experiment with different recipes to understand and control the specific enhancements provided by each dish. ]

[ Conditions ]

 - [ Stat Influence: CP (Chakra Points), WIS (Wisdom), VIT (Vitality) and lvl (Level) stats influence the effectiveness and duration of the food's effects. ]

 - [ Cooking Proficiency: Enables the user to achieve master-level cooking on any recipe upon the first attempt, essential for the successful creation of chakra-infused dishes. ]

[ Special Notes: ]

 - [ Cookbook: All recipes and their respective stat effects are recorded in this specialized cookbook, serving as a reference and guide for the user. ]

"Can you make me some ramen?" I asked, looking up hopefully at Hinata.

"Right now?"


Hinata glanced around the desolate temple, then back at me with a sarcastic edge.

"I can probably make you a cobweb and dust ramen."

"Oh, I haven't had that flavor yet."

We locked eyes, both of us teetering on the edge of laughter, trying to see who would crack first under the absurdity of our conversation.

Just as I felt my resolve weakening, about to break into laughter, Tenten's voice cut through the moment.

"Yatta!" she screamed from across the room, snapping our attention towards her.

[ Conditions have been met for Feat ]

- [ Basic Knowledge: Being able to use at least 10 different weapons. ]

- [ Kata Mastery: Performing a proper Kata for each weapon. ]

[ Feat Achieved: Weapon Master ]

[ Semi-player Tenten Higurashi has unlocked her first feat on her own. ]

[ Achievement Unlocked ]

[ Name of the Achievement: "Forge Your Own Path" ]

[ Rewards: 10k Exp. ]

[ Tenten has leveled up × 5 ]

"Oh, this is bullshit," I muttered under my breath, my frustration evident as Tenten laughed beside me.

"Why?" Hinata asked.

"Well," I started, but before I could finish, Tenten chimed in playfully.

"I'll tell you, he's just jealous that I got so much EXP on the first try," she teased, poking me in the side to rile me up further.

"No, I'm just jealous that I had to deal with you for a week to get my feat while you get it willy-nilly," I huffed back, unable to hide my annoyance.

"So you admit that you are jealous," Tenten said, her smirk growing as she enjoyed this little exchange a bit too much.

"Fuck you, bitch," I retorted, as Tenten proudly took that curse as a badge of honor, but then I quickly turned to Hinata and softened my tone.

"Let's get you the weapon master feat."

"Why?" Hinata asked calmly, her curiosity clear.

"Simply because of the achievement. Plus, with the weapon master feat, your physical skills like Taijutsu automatically level up to level 10, meaning high Chunin level." I explained, watching their reactions closely.

Hinata and Tenten's jaws dropped in unison, clearly impressed by the potential upgrade. Their astonishment made me even more determined to help them achieve this.

Creating a shadow clone of myself.

"Follow him, Hinata. My clone will guide you to get the feat now that I know how to get it."

Hinata nodded in understanding as Tenten stepped forward, handing over her scroll of weapons.

[ 30 Minutes Later ]

I glanced at Hinata, who was sprawled on the floor, sweaty and out of breath. Her usually neat clothing clung to her, damp with exertion, and the baggy fabric of her training outfit made her appear smaller amidst the vast training hall. Despite the fatigue that marked her expression and the disheveled state of her hair, the look of triumph in her eyes was unmistakable—she had done it; she had gained the weapon master feat and achievement.

Tenten had taken over my mentorship role with Hinata regarding weapons. Frankly, my instructions like "do swish swish" were far from effective, and Tenten's approach was undeniably superior. She knew exactly how to explain the techniques, demonstrating with a precision that made every move clear and replicable.

"Well, I still have to choose: another feat, item, or stat points," Tenten mused aloud, clearly weighing her options.

"Your choice."

"I already got a feat, let's see what item I get from this system," Tenten decided.

I nodded and clicked the item option for her, equally curious about what kind of gear the system would grant her.

[ Item: Four Thieves' Thorned Ring ]

- [ Description: A ring that once belonged to three thieves who thrived during the poison plague, having discovered a ring that grants protection from all poisons. ]

- [ Passive Effects: ]

- [ Immunity to All Poisons: The wearer is immune to all forms of poison. ]

- [ Active Effects: ]

- [ Constitution Boost (CON): +5 ]

- [ Vitality Boost (VIT): +5 ]

- [ Health Increase: +1000 HP ]

- [ Durability: Indestructible ]

"That looks painful to wear," I remarked, eyeing the dark, intricate ring that was adorned with sharp, thorn-like protrusions, resting in my palm.

Hinata nodded in agreement, while Tenten, ever the curious one about craftsmanship, leaned in to examine its make.

"Now, what?" Hinata asked, her voice cutting through the momentary silence that had fallen over us.

"Now, we choose the classes," I replied with a smile, watching as Tenten slipped the Thorned Ring onto her finger.

Almost instantly, her eyes twitched, and a single drop of blood fell to the floor as the ring's thorns cut into her skin.

"You can take it off if it's too painful," Hinata suggested gently, concern lacing her tone.

"No, the pain is gone," Tenten said quickly, almost as if surprised by the sudden cessation of pain.

We all looked at the ring, noticing how the thorns seemed to merge with her skin, becoming one with her.

"Creepy," I muttered under my breath, a shiver running down my spine at the sight.

"Anyways, let's select a class," Tenten said, eager to move past the eerie moment.

[ Alert: Requirements for 'Shinobi' class selection initiated. ]

[ Required Stats: ]

- [ STR (Strength): 12 or higher ]

- [ DEX (Dexterity): 12 or higher ]

- [ CON (Constitution): 10 or higher ]

- [ INT (Intelligence): 11 or higher ]

- [ WIS (Wisdom): 10 or higher ]

- [ CHA (Charisma): 9 or higher ]

- [ VIT (Vitality): 11 or higher ]

- [ LUK (Luck): 12 or higher ]

[ Conditions can be met. ]

[ Leader has selected the Shinobi class for Tenten and Hinata ]

[ Select your clan affiliation ]

"Okay, so I know you two are excited by the long list of classes," I started, trying to bring some enthusiasm back into our little adventure.

"Long list, huh," Tenten snorted, her tone half-mocking as I glanced at their interfaces.

Tenten had two options:

[ Senju Clan ]

[ Civilian Shinobi ]

Hinata only had one option:

[ Hyuga Clan ]

"This can't be right," I muttered, scratching my head before tapping on the screen.

"Why?" Tenten asked, her curiosity evident in her voice.

"Like, my list was so long. I had the Senju, Uchiha, Nara, Hyuga, etc.," I explained, feeling puzzled by the discrepancy.

"Holy shit," Hinata exclaimed, her eyes widening.

"Ah, here we go," I said with a slight relief as I pulled more information from the clan affiliation tab.

[ Clan Affiliation: The world of Shinobi is divided into many factions and clans, each offering unique lineage traits and class features. ]

[ Please select your clan from the provided list; based on the analysis of the individual's bloodline, selected clan's lineage traits, class features, and skill table will be provided. ]

"Okay, so the list is based on your bloodlines, huh?" Hinata remarked, as she and Tenten turned their gaze toward me.

"Explain now why you had such a big list, fancy pants," Tenten challenged.

I shrugged and replied, "Player benefits, but my question to you, Tenten, is—did you know that you have Senju blood in you?"

"Obviously not," Tenten responded, her voice tinged with surprise and uncertainty. She seemed conflicted, grappling with the revelation.

On one hand, she was excited to know that she was related to her hero, Tsunade Senju.

On the other hand, she worried if her own achievements would be overshadowed by the legacy of the Senju clan.

"Well, that's because the majority of Konoha's bloodline has some traces of Senju in it," Hinata explained, capturing our full attention.

"Hinata, can you give more details on that?"

"How do I explain this?"

Hinata paused, then snapped her fingers as if she'd found the right way to convey her thoughts.

"Okay, so the ninja clans have been around for hundreds to thousands of years where the clan would only interbreed amongst each other but with the exception of letting talented people inside or political alliances drawn through marriage. This was all to keep their Kekkei Genkai's pure and powerful."

Hinata paused to let the information sink in before continuing.

"But around 80 or so years ago, the ninja villages began to form and now the clan wasn't the most important thing for an individual so during the early years, outside marriages were permitted but due to the clans seeing the dilution of their bloodlines, the majority of clans chose to shun outside marriages socially. But out of every clan in Konoha, the Senju clan were different—they actively celebrated outside marriages because to the Senju, Konoha was their family, not just the clan."

She took a breath, her explanation drawing to its crucial point.

"With the active promotion of outside breeding alongside the 1st and 2nd Great Ninja Wars, the Senju clan was essentially wiped out, with the majority of their bloodlines becoming part of Konoha, diluted to the point where no one could actually tell if they were a Senju or not. While Konoha lost the Senju clan, we gained a majority of civilians, due to the traces of the Senju bloodline, being able to use chakra. Hence why Konoha has the largest Shinobi force in the world and our average Shinobi is much stronger compared to a civilian Shinobi from other villages."

"Mystery solved. The system will probably awaken the traces of the Senju bloodline in you. You ready?" I asked Tenten, who nodded, her earlier reservations seemingly resolved.

"Yeah, I was hesitant because I didn't want to be defined by the Senju, but now that I think about it, that's stupid. The Senju will be just a part of me, like how it's a part of Konoha."

"Nice," I said with a smile, as I began selecting the options on the system.

[ Name: Hinata Hyuga ]

[ Level: 1 → 5 ]

[ Class: ---- → Shinobi of the Hyuga Clan ]

[ HP: 150 / 150 → 1150 / 1150 ]

[ AC: 0 → 27 ]

[ CP: 100 / 100 → 1000 / 1000 ]

[ Lineage Traits: --- → Pure Byakugan, Mind Reading (Locked) ]

[ Class Features: --- → Gentle Fist ]

[ Feats: --- → Master Chef, Weapon Master ]

[ Stats: ]

- [ STR: 8 → 26 ]

- [ DEX: 8 → 32 ]

- [ CON: 8 → 10 ]

- [ INT: 8 → 11 ]

- [ WIS: 8 → 10 ]

- [ CHA: 8 → 9 ]

- [ VIT: 8 → 13 ]

- [ LUK: 8 → 12 ]

[ Stat Points: 27 → 14 ]

[ Exp: 0 → 10K ]

[ Equipment: ]

- [ Weapons: → Basic Ninja Tools ]

- [ Armor: → Hyuga Clan's Mesh Armour ]

- [ Gear: → Genin grade Hoodie ]

- [ Magic Items: → Neko Te (Custom Made) ]


Hinata looked between the interface and me, back and forth, still seemingly trying to reconcile the new reality with her old perceptions.

"I told you so," I said with a smirk, unable to resist the urge to gloat a little.

God, that felt good.

As I turned to Tenten, she just gave me a knowing smile.

"I'll enjoy telling you that I said so," I added, the words light and teasing.

"Well, you earned it, so..." Tenten replied, her tone acknowledging the legitimacy of the system.

I then focused on her interface.

[ Name: Tenten Higurashi ]

[ Status: --- → Semi Player, Immunity to All Poisons ]

[ Level: 1 → 5 ]

[ HP: 256 / 256 → 2300 / 2300 ]

[ AC: 0 → 45 ]

[ CP: 214 / 214 → 1200 / 1200 ]

[ Stats: ]

- [ STR: 8 → 32 ]

- [ DEX: 8 → 37 ]

- [ CON: 8 → 15 ]

- [ INT: 8 → 11 ]

- [ WIS: 8 → 10 ]

- [ CHA: 8 → 9 ]

- [ VIT: 8 → 16 ]

- [ LUK: 8 → 17 ]

[ Stat Points Remaining: 27 → 14 ]

[ Exp: 0 → 10K ]

[ Equipment: ]

- [ Weapons: --- → Storage Scrolls ]

- [ Armor: --- → Chakra Metal Mesh Armor ]

- [ Gear: --- → Tenten's Katana ]

- [ Magic Items: --- → Four Thieves' Thorned Ring ]

I whistled appreciatively as I gazed upon the duos interfaces.

"How do you feel?" I asked, curious to see their reactions as they stared at their bodies, a mixture of awe and disbelief etched on their faces.

"I feel stronger, like I can truly understand the power of the Hyuga clan."

"I can see why the Senju were so feared. I feel like I am on top of the world," Tenten exclaimed, her excitement palpable. There was a vibrancy to her that I hadn't seen before.

"Try not to be too drunk on chakra," I cautioned, half-joking but also serious. "The Senju clan essentially made your chakra five times larger than it was originally, so..."

"It feels like all my life I have been standing up, and now I have finally sat down," Tenten said, capturing the essence of her newfound power in a surprisingly poignant metaphor.

Intrigued by her description and eager to understand more about how these changes might manifest in their abilities, I immediately began checking out the descriptions of their new traits and abilities.


[ Lineage Trait: Pure Byakugan ]

[ Description: A dojutsu that provides the user with a near-complete 359° field of vision. It enables the perception of chakra networks within living bodies and the intricate chakra grain in Ninjutsu. Each kilometer of vision used costs 1000 CP. ]


[ Lineage Trait: Mind Reading ]

[ Description: Leveraging the penetrating prowess of the Byakugan, this trait enables the user to observe and interpret the neurological signals within the brain, granting the ability to read minds. ]

[ Status: Locked ]

[ Unlock Requirements: ]

- [ WIS (Wisdom): 35 ]

- [ INT (Intelligence): 40 ]

- [ CP (Chakra Points): 10k ]


[ Class Feature: Gentle Fist - Level 10 ]

[ Description: A soft fighting style that damages the body internally by targeting the chakra network. Closing parts of this network can cause blockages, leading to organ rupture. ]

[ Passive Enhancements: ]

- [ Synergy: When combined with the Byakugan, this fighting style increases in potency by 50%, enhancing the effectiveness of both. ]

- [ Chakra Precision: Increases the precision of chakra targeting within the enemy's chakra network by 60%, making blockages more effective. ]

- [ Energy Conservation: Reduces the chakra consumption of each strike by 50%. ]

- [ Reflex Boost: Enhances the user's reflexes, increasing dodge rates by 50% during combat. ]

- [ Healing Factor: Minor wounds heal 50% faster during combat. ]


[ Active Boosts: ]

- [ Dot (Damage Over Time): Each successful strike increases passive damage inflicted on the enemy by 50%. This effect accumulates with each hit, intensifying the internal damage. ]

- [ Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms: The user envisions themselves at the center of an Eight Trigrams symbol and delivers a series of 64 targeted attacks to the tenketsu of any target within the symbol's perimeter. These strikes block the tenketsu, stopping chakra flow and reducing the target's mobility by 60%. ]

- [ Pressure Point Mastery: Consecutive strikes have a 60% chance to paralyze a limb of the opponent. ]

- [ Internal Echo: Strikes resonate internally, causing delayed burst damage that manifests seconds after impact, increasing internal damage by 60%. ]

- [ Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven (Hakkeshō Kaiten): The user emits chakra from all tenketsu, creating a protective shield by spinning rapidly. This repels attacks and any nearby objects, amplifying the repelled force by 60% of the incoming attack's force. ]


[ Lineage Trait: Sage's Life Force - Passive ]

[ Description: This innate ability enhances the user's chakra reservoirs, multiplying both the density and amount of chakra by 5 times ]


[ Class Feature: Jack of All Trades ]

[ Description: The Senju were a jack of all trades from genjutsu to Taijutsu to Ninjutsu, as long as it kept them alive, they learned it. ]

[ Passive Enhancements: ]

- [ Adaptability: Grants the user a 20% boost in learning and adapting new techniques. ]

[ Active Boosts: ]

- [ Battle Adaptation: Grants a 20% increase in attack power for every new opponent faced. ]


"Well, aren't you going to say it?"

Tenten asked, her tone playfully challenging as she caught my attention away from the inventory screen.

"Say what?" I replied with a smirk, feigning ignorance as I clicked the button on the interface.

"You know what I'm talking about," Tenten huffed, clearly expecting me to gloat further, while Hinata couldn't help but giggle at our exchange.

"Well, I figured I'll savor that look after this," I said, keeping them in suspense as I held up a key in my hand.

"After what?" both Tenten and Hinata asked simultaneously.

[ Dungeon Entry Detected ]

[ Welcome to The Masked Cult's Lair ]

[ Objective: Eliminate the cause of the cult. ]

[ Rewards:

-10K Experience Points.

-Unicorn's Horn

-Mandrake Root

-The Homunculus Orb. ]

[ Failure: Unknown. ]

[ Dungeon Difficulty: Intermediate ]

[ Warning: Level 10 or above is recommended. ]

[ Proceed with caution. ]

"Of course you can do that," Tenten remarked casually, though her eyes couldn't help but trail back to the peculiar floating door that materialized in the center of the temple.

Hinata, with her Byakugan activated, stared at the door in sheer disbelief.

"Space and time are bending?!"

"Hmm," I mused noncommittally, watching their reactions with interest.

"Let me guess, this is like a dungeon that the Uzumaki clan made for training or something?"

"Hmm," I repeated, offering no confirmation or denial.

It wasn't entirely accurate, but her assumption was close enough and it served my purpose.

"On the count of three," I announced, positioning myself confidently in front of the spectral doorway. I sensed Hinata and Tenten stiffen in preparation.

Hinata and Tenten nodded, their faces set with resolve.


[ Name: Uzumaki Naruto ]

[ Status: Chakra Imbalance (Difficulty in controlling chakra, -70% performance in executing simple Jutsus) ]

[ Title: Academy Student ]

[ Level: 9 ]

[ Class: Shinobi of the Uzumaki Clan ]

[ Race: Human ]

[ HP: 447 / 447 ] (Base 352 + 20 from Jacket + 50 from Pants + 25 from Gambeson)

[ AC: 47 ] (Base 22 + 5 from Gloves + 20 from Sen no Tenrui)

[ CP: 14k / 14k ]

[ Racial Traits: ]

- [ Chakra Chains ] ( Locked )

- [ Mind's Eye ]

- [ Healer's Body ] ( Locked )

[ Class Features: ]

- [ Scrolls Arts ]

- [ Fuinjutsu ]

[ Feats: Observer, Weapon Master ]

[ Stats: ]

- [ STR: 27 ] (Base 12 + 2 from Jacket + 2 from Pants + 10 from Sen no Tenrui)

- [ DEX: 33 ] (Base 14 + 3 from Jacket + 3 from Pants + 3 from Gambeson + 10 from Sen no Tenrui)

- [ CON: 12 ] (Base 10 + 2 from Gambeson)

- [ INT: 15 ]

- [ WIS: 15 ]

- [ CHA: 9 ]

- [ VIT: 19 ] (Base 11 + 3 from Jacket + 2 from Pants + 3 from Gambeson)

- [ LUK: ? ]

[ Stat Points Remaining: 9 ]

[ Allies: Konoha, Tenten Higurashi, Hinata Hyuga ]

[ Equipment: ]

- [ Weapons: Black Fingerless Gloves with Metal Back Plate ]

- [ Armor: Bright Orange Sleeveless Jacket, Dark Blue Gambeson ]

- [ Gear: Bright Orange Light Armored Pants ]

- [ Magic Item: Sen no Tenrui (A Thousand Heavenly Tears) ]

[ Exp: 45k ]

[ Description: Uzumaki Naruto is the dead last of the Konoha Academy, having failed the graduation twice before and clearly not prepared to graduate. While most of his past is a mystery, Uzumaki Naruto has found his clan. ]

[ Konoha's Barrier Office ]

Fū Yamanaka sat alert at his station, his yellow eyes intently fixed on the Fuinjutsu dome in front of him.

He was stationed at a branch of the Torture and Interrogation facility, specifically at the barrier office, which was entirely run by the Yamanaka Clan.

Their primary task was to create and monitor a barrier around Konoha that checked for chakra signatures.

Any unknown or suspicious signatures were immediately reported and closely monitored.

The office was strategically divided into two sections.

One section monitored all individuals entering Konoha, while the other kept tabs on everyone leaving.

Fu Yamanaka was an undercover Anbu Root Ninja and his role was crucial yet straightforward.

He was to monitor any ninja who might snap and attempt suicide, or any civilian who could be falsely declared dead for the Root.

For weeks, however, Fu's attention had been fixed on monitoring just one individual: Naruto Uzumaki.

The anomaly in Naruto's chakra signature disappearing a few weeks earlier had raised alarms, and with Shimura Danzo's taking a keen interest in the Kyubi Jinchuriki. Although the normal Root teams had been withdrawn since Naruto was recruited into the ANBU, Danzo had ordered Fu to keep a vigilant eye on him.

Fu was to gather intelligence on Naruto's movements, the people he met etc.

As Fu monitored the systems, his eyes suddenly widened in surprise.

The chakra signatures of Naruto Uzumaki, Tenten Higurashi, and Hinata Hyuga had vanished from Konoha's monitoring grid.

This was significant, and Fu knew he had to act quickly.

"I must report this back to Danzo-sama."


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7- Tenten's magic item: Four Thieves' Thorned Ring is a reference.

A reference to real life... kinda.

During the Black Death, four thieves in Europe famously roamed cities, selling what they claimed were magical cures to the plague. These infamous con artists capitalized on fear and desperation, concocting a mixture of herbs and vinegar, which they claimed could ward off the deadly disease, exploiting the vulnerable populace.

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12- Naruto's special status of Mark of Orpheus and Eurydice which transforms into Leader and Semi player status is a reference:

Orpheus and Eurydice is a tragic tale from Greek mythology that explores themes of love and loss. Orpheus, renowned for his musical talent that could charm all creation, falls deeply in love with the beautiful nymph Eurydice. Their happiness is short-lived when Eurydice is fatally bitten by a snake. Heartbroken, Orpheus ventures into the Underworld to retrieve her. His enchanting music softens Hades' heart, who allows Eurydice to return to the living world under one condition: Orpheus must not look back until they reach the surface. Tragically, just before emerging into the light, Orpheus turns back, causing Eurydice to vanish forever.


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