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Chapter no.67 Sen no Tenrui ( A Thousand Heavenly Tears )

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Kiba Inuzuka was fuming.

The reason?

He was stuck with what he considered the worst possible team.

First, there was the "emo bastard" Sasuke, which was enough to irritate anyone, but to top it off, he also had to deal with Hinata, who, in his eyes, was practically useless because of her association with Naruto.

As if waiting for their new sensei wasn't nerve-wracking enough, the classroom door swung open, admitting two adults—a man and a woman.

Kiba's nose twitched in disgust at the overpowering smell of tobacco emanating from the man, who was nonchalantly smoking a cigarette.

The woman, on the other hand, caught his attention for a more pleasant reason—she was strikingly attractive.

"Please, let the pretty woman be our sensei," Kiba silently prayed. "God, you've already messed up my team, at least give me this."

He felt he deserved at least this small favor after being saddled with such teammates.

Kurenai spoke up.

"Team 8, with me," she announced crisply, dashing Kiba's hopes.

"Fuck," Kiba muttered under his breath.

"Team 10, with me," the smoking man added, identifying himself as Asuma.

Kiba's frustration only grew.

"What's wrong?" Asuma asked, noticing Kiba's annoyed expression.

"You smell," Kiba blurted out, his dog Akamaru barking in agreement.

Asuma frowned, sniffing his own shoulder in confusion.

"He means the cig, Asuma," Kurenai interjected, causing Asuma to glare at Kiba for suggesting he was smelly, especially in front of Kurenai.

As Sakura, Tenma, and Shino walked over to Kurenai, Hinata, Kiba, and Sasuke gathered around Asuma.

Trying to ease the tension and noticing Hinata's anxious shifting from foot to foot—a subtle sign of her inner turmoil.

Misunderstanding the source of her nervousness, Kurenai tried to reassure her, "Don't worry, Asuma here is a good man you can trust him."

She hoped to ease Hinata's apparent concern about their new sensei, not knowing that Hinata's thoughts were actually preoccupied with worry for Naruto's new role in the ANBU.

Her choice of words, lacking context, seemed to cast a dubious light on Asuma, making him sweatdrop.

Hinata responded, "Don't worry, Kurenai sensei, I'm sure Asuma sensei will do his best."

Kurenai was taken aback by Hinata's lack of stutter, her eyes widening before she smiled, pleased by Hinata's newfound assertiveness.

"I'm sure you'll do great," she said, then turned to leave, leaving behind a bewildered Asuma who somehow took the comment as directed at him.

Kiba sighed deeply, his thoughts bleak. "Great, useless teammates and a useless sensei, just my luck."

"Anyway, Team 10? I'm Sarutobi Asuma and I'm your sensei, so follow me."


Under the cooling shade of a large tree, Team 10 sat attentively—or at least as attentively as they could—as Asuma leaned casually against the trunk, cigarette in hand. He tapped the ashes off the end and locked eyes with his new team.

"From this day forward, I'll be your jounin sensei. You will train under me, take missions under me, and I am now responsible for your well-being," he declared with a grave tone.

Then, a smirk crossed his face.

"That is, after you pass your final test to become genin."

Kiba, puzzled and a bit annoyed, furrowed his brow.

"Wait, I thought we already did that? Didn't we just graduate?"

Asuma chuckled at the interruption, enjoying the moment.

"Come on. Anyone can reel off a few memorized test answers and crank out the most basic level jutsu, right?" He glanced at Hinata and Sasuke, who remained unfazed, "Well, regardless, that was just to scout out candidates who might actually make it as ninjas. The truth is there's a 66% failure rate for kids at your level."

Hinata seemed slightly distracted, her leg bouncing subtly with nerves. Sasuke remained stoic, taking in the information without visible concern.

Kiba, on the other hand, was visibly shaken by Asuma's revelation.

"You know, I discussed this with the Hokage beforehand, and to be honest, I don't really want a team," Asuma continued, laying a white lie to test their resolve. "I have the freedom to make this test as tough or as easy as I want, and I'm thinking of something so challenging, even a seasoned jounin would think twice."

"That's not fair!" Kiba exclaimed, his voice loud and filled with indignation. "You can't just fail us because you're lazy!"

"Arf!" Akamaru barked in agreement.

Sasuke and Hinata remained silent, each confident in their own abilities to handle whatever challenge Asuma could concoct. Despite her usual calm, Hinata's restless leg betrayed her anxiety.

"Tough," Asuma retorted sharply, silencing Kiba with his firm tone. "I'm a jounin, an elite. I've earned my spot ten times over, and I'd much rather not spend the next few years wiping noses and powdering bottoms."

Kiba's temper flared under the afternoon sun as Asuma's challenge hung heavily in the air.

"So you're just going to drop us? You brought us all the way out here just to tell us you're failing us like that? Just getting rid of all of us?"

"No," Asuma replied calmly, the smoke from his cigarette curling into the air.

"I never said I was going to just get rid of you. I said I never wanted a team, not that I didn't want to train anyone. I'm willing to take only one of you as an apprentice. The rest are out of luck."

The trio exchanged tense glances.

Sasuke broke the silence, his voice cool and measured, "Which one of us?"

Asuma's smirk was faint but clear.

"That's up to all of you. I don't know the first thing about any of you, so how would I know? All I want is the best."

"I am the best," Kiba declared confidently.

"Barking dogs seldom bite," Asuma retorted, earning a threatening growl from Akamaru at his feet.

"What determines 'the best'?" Hinata inquired.

"You can decide that after a healthy three-hour discussion amongst yourselves," Asuma suggested nonchalantly.

"Like hell we will," Kiba snapped, his frustration boiling over. He sprang forward with a sudden burst, his hands and feet coated in chakra.

"Shikyaku no Jutsu!" he announced, his form shifting to mirror that of a four-legged beast.

Asuma easily dodged by squatting down. Kiba tumbled forward, rolling on the ground to regain his footing, as Asuma watched, unimpressed.

"What was the plan, genius?" Asuma taunted.

"The plan was to kick your ass and prove that I'm the best!" Kiba yelled back, his voice echoing through the training field.

"How's that working out for you?" Asuma quipped.

"Pretty great, now Akamaru!" At Kiba's command, Akamaru launched himself towards Asuma, his teeth bared. Simultaneously, Kiba gathered chakra into his hands, swiping towards the ground and channeling his energy into his hands.

"Earth Style: Earth Claw!"

As Kiba's hand moved, the dirt beneath them hardened and took the shape of a giant claw made entirely of stone as he performed his upper cut.

"Between a rock and a hard place, huh, bitch!" Kiba yelled.

"Cute," was all Asuma said before he simply raised his foot and kicked.

It wasn't a trained martial arts move, more like an informal stretch, but it landed squarely.

Kiba was sent sprawling back onto the ground, wincing from the impact which jolted through his body, sharp and punishing.

His side ached where he'd landed, and a dull throbbing started to set in.

From the corner of his eye, Kiba saw Asuma casually grabbing a barking Akamaru by the nape and gently setting him down on the ground.

Akamaru, undeterred, scampered back to Kiba's side, positioning himself defensively between Kiba and Asuma.

Asuma's smile was almost friendly as he watched them regroup.

"Next time, you might want to think your plan all the way through."

Asuma casually slotted a new cigarette between his lips, his gaze shifting to Sasuke and Hinata who stood a short distance away, observing the scene. Sasuke's eyes, red with the activation of the Sharingan, carefully analyzed every detail of the recent skirmish.

Meanwhile, Hinata was busy adjusting the straps of her Neko Te.

"What about you two?" Asuma called out, igniting his lighter and bringing it to the new cigarette.

"The loudmouth is right," Sasuke declared coolly, his voice cutting through the air. "Whoever beats you is the best."

Asuma flicked his lighter with a smirk. "Okay then, Mr. Last Uchiha, prove it," he taunted. Almost instantly, Sasuke vanished, reappearing above Asuma with an axe kick aimed at his head.

Asuma channeled chakra into the lighter's metallic body, significantly reinforcing its structural integrity.

His hand shot up in a swift, precise movement, meeting Sasuke's descending foot with the tiny, chakra-infused object. The lighter, now as hard as steel, created an effective barrier against Sasuke's attack. The unexpected resistance halted the momentum of Sasuke's foot abruptly, sending a sharp jolt of pain through his leg. The shock of the sudden stop reverberated up his calves, causing his muscles to tense and ache from the abrupt force counteraction.

While blocking Sasuke, Asuma's eyes darted towards Hinata, who was charging in with a palm strike.

"You know, you aren't as shy as Kurenai described," he commented, slightly confused as she stopped a few inches away.

"I have learned to take charge," Hinata replied, as Asuma sensed her gathering wind chakra at her palms.


"Wind Style: Gale Palm."

A powerful blast of wind erupted towards Asuma, who had already vanished, replaced by a log through the use of a substitution jutsu.

Sasuke landed beside Hinata, both regrouping as they observed the log that had taken Asuma's place.

Meanwhile, Asuma, now several yards away, couldn't help but smile.

"This year's genins are something else," he mused, thinking this charade to impress Kurenai might not be such a waste of time after all.

His contemplation was cut short as Sasuke initiated another attack.

"Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu," Sasuke announced, sending a large sphere of fire hurtling towards Asuma.

Simultaneously, Kiba, having recovered from his initial defeat, charged in alongside a clone of himself, both ready to strike. "Imitation Human Ninja Art: Beast Human Clone!" Kiba announced as he and his clone coordinated their assault.

From one side came Sasuke's fireball, and from the other, Kiba and his clone.

Asuma, unfazed, quickly reacted.

"Fire Style: Tar Trap," he declared, spitting out two globs of tar towards Kiba.

The tar exploded on impact, spreading rapidly to entangle Kiba and his clone in a sticky, immobilizing mess.

As Sasuke's fireball approached, Asuma prepared his counter.

"Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu," he countered, launching his own fireball.

The two fiery projectiles collided mid-air, erupting into a spectacular display of sparks and smoke as they cancelled each other out.

As the smoke cleared, Hinata surged forward, her movements a blur to the untrained eye.

Asuma, recognizing the lethal combination of Gentle Fist and the clawed weapons, decided evasion was his best strategy. "Gentle Fist with a claw that can lacerate my skin. No thank you," he muttered to himself, focusing intensely on Hinata's movements.

Hinata advanced rapidly, her hands a flurry of motion as she aimed precise two-finger strikes at Asuma's vital chakra points.

Asuma moved with a fluid grace that belied his size. He twisted and turned, his body weaving through the small gaps left by Hinata's swift jabs.

Each of Asuma's dodges was narrow, barely escaping the piercing tips of Hinata's Neko Te.

Hinata feinted a strike to Asuma's midsection, only to redirect her attack towards his shoulder at the last moment. Asuma, anticipating the change, leaned back just in time, feeling the air shift as the Neko Te grazed past him.

Asuma's attention was abruptly drawn to a sinister black glob arching through the air towards him.

His eyes widened in recognition just as the tar trap exploded at his feet, immobilizing him with its sticky embrace.

He glanced up just in time to catch Sasuke smirking, having successfully copied the Fire Style: Tar Trap jutsu with his Sharingan. Asuma barely had a moment to register his surprise before his senses alerted him to another imminent threat.

Hinata, having momentarily retreated, now surged forward with an enormous outpouring of chakra.

Asuma watched, almost in slow motion, as chakra manifested from Hinata's hands into the form of two ferocious tiger heads.

The Neko Te on her fingers glowed ominously, resembling the fearsome teeth of the spectral tigers.

With a fluid motion, Hinata swiped at Asuma, her claws cutting through the air with lethal precision.

Asuma reacted instinctively, his body responding with the trained reflexes of a seasoned shinobi.

He summoned every ounce of his agility to evade the attack, his movement so swift that the cigarette dangling from his lips was severed into fragments by Hinata's strike.

Hinata, undeterred, launched another attack, her body a blur of focused energy and deadly intent.

Asuma, realizing the gravity of his predicament, tore his feet from the sticky tar with a forceful jerk and leaped upwards. The ground where he had just stood bore the scars of Hinata's assault, deep gashes etched into the earth itself.


Kiba's confidence wavered as he observed Hinata's display of skill and power, qualities he had never really associated with her before.

The realization that he might be the weakest link in the group stung his pride deeply. He had always considered Hinata one of the more negligible ninjas during their Academy days, and seeing her now, so formidable and precise, forced Kiba to confront his own inadequacies.

Feeling a warm lick on his cheek, Kiba looked down to see Akamaru gazing up at him with encouraging eyes.

"Yeah, you're right," Kiba murmured, shaking off his self-doubt. "It's not like us to wallow in self-pity. Let's show them what we're made of."

Fueled by determination, Kiba and Akamaru synchronized their movements for their next attack.

"Beast Human Taijutsu Secret Art: Fang Passing Fang!" Kiba announced.

The duo spun rapidly, transforming into blurring twisters that kicked up dirt and grass as they raced towards Asuma.

Asuma, already busy dodging Hinata's ferocious Twin Tiger Fist, now found another challenge barreling towards him. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Sasuke weaving hand signs, likely preparing a jutsu to further complicate the assault.


For the first time, Asuma truly understood the appeal of teaching.

The potential each of these young ninjas held was beginning to unfold before him, sparking a sense of excitement he hadn't expected to feel.

He watched Sasuke's precise movements, the calculated calm in his Sharingan-lit eyes, and thought about the arsenal of jutsus he could teach him.

The kid could probably learn faster than I can teach.

Turning his attention to Kiba, who was just pulling himself out of a particularly agile maneuver with Akamaru, Asuma imagined integrating earth-style techniques like the Head Hunter Jutsu into Kiba's repertoire. 'Imagine Kiba, burrowing and striking like a massive earth dragon,' he thought, almost laughing out loud at the sheer destructiveness that could offer in a battlefield scenario.

Then there was Hinata.

Asuma felt a particular spark of interest in mentoring her.

'Wind style chakra flow with those precise, deadly Neko Te of hers? She'd be unstoppable.'

The potential synergy between her natural taijutsu prowess and wind-enhanced weapon sent a shiver of anticipation down his spine.

He glanced around at the young faces, their expressions mixed with determination and anxiety, and felt a surge of responsibility. What had started as a mere charade to impress Kurenai had morphed into a genuine desire to see these young shinobi soar to new heights.

His posture relaxed, and a genuine smile spread across his face, replacing the earlier smirk of indifference.

Asuma wanted more than just to teach them; he wanted to inspire them, to forge them into the best shinobi they could be. For the first time in a long while, Asuma was truly excited about the future.


In another training ground , Ino held her stance firmly, squatting as she executed the hand signs for the Mind Transfer Jutsu. Her fingers were steady, her gaze locked on her target—Kakashi, who appeared trapped by a shadow that stretched out from Choji.

"Are you going to give us those bells, Kakashi-sensei?" Ino called out, her voice echoing slightly through the trees.

Kakashi, caught in the shadow imitation technique, managed an eye smile in her direction.

"Awe, but I am not even the real Kakashi," he teased.

With a puff of smoke, the figure Ino had targeted dispersed, revealing itself to be a mere shadow clone.

The shadow retracted swiftly back to Shikamaru, who muttered a resigned, "Troublesome."

Choji, sensing the break in action, didn't miss the opportunity.

"Can I eat now?"

"Yes, you can eat," Shikamaru granted, rubbing his temples as Choji eagerly grabbed a bag of chips from his pack.

"Come on, you two, we have to find that white-haired handsome bastard," Ino urged, not letting her frustration show too much.

Hidden within the dense foliage of the treeline, the real Kakashi was indeed watching them.

He flipped through the pages of his beloved orange novel, giggling softly to himself.

"Oh, Tsuna-chan."

His amusement was short-lived, however, as his gaze drifted back to the trio.

'As expected of the Ino-Shika-Cho trio, great teamwork,' he thought quietly, admiring their coordination and effort. A moment of contemplation crossed his face.

Hmm, I guess I could pass them.

A shame I couldn't train sensei's son.

Kakashi looked up at the sky, his thoughts drifting to old friends and mentors.

"Obito, do you think sensei would be mad that I couldn't teach his son? What would Kushina think?" he wondered aloud, seeking answers he knew wouldn't come.

The silence that followed was filled with the rustle of leaves and the distant sound of his students regrouping.

Kakashi's eyes lingered on the sky a moment longer before he returned to his novel.


Kurenai's frustration was palpable as she surveyed her new team.

Sakura lay unconscious, caught by a basic genjutsu that Kurenai had hoped she would resist, especially given her reputed "perfect" chakra control. Beside her, Tenma mumbled incoherently, was also in a genjutsu, his performance barely scraping Genin level.

And the only one who seemed to have any right to be there was—

Kurenai's thoughts were interrupted as two small insects emerged, crawling towards Sakura and Tenma.

With precise bites, the bugs administered a jolt that should have snapped them out of the genjutsu.

Tenma jerked back to awareness with a startled jump, but Sakura remained motionless, still lost in unconsciousness.

Kurenai exhaled deeply, a mixture of resignation and resolve settling in her.

Sigh, I have a lot to fix in this team.


[ Higurashi Shop - Smithy ]

[ Item: Reiki Suna ]

  - [ Description: Iron Sand that has been imbued with chakra, used to forge medium grade chakra metal. This chakra-infused iron sand is one of the principal economic exports of the Village Hidden in the Sand, playing a significant role in its economy and craftsmanship. ]

Naruto's gaze drifted from the system over the heap of iron sand Mr. Higurashi had placed on the worktable.

The sand was typical iron sand, though some grains were lined with pure, milky streaks that caught the light in an unusual way. He watched curiously as the sand was positioned near a series of mechanical contraptions that connected to the water wheel outside the smithy, creating a rhythmic clanking that filled the air.

"Mr. Higurashi, why are you using this sand for chakra metal and not like ore or something?" Naruto asked, turning to observe the blacksmith carefully measuring and marking clay molds with a vernier caliper.

Mr. Higurashi glanced up, his hands steady and practiced.

"Hmm, that's because chakra metal ore is one of the rarest items in this world. A lump of chakra metal ore, if sold, can feed a civilian family for generations," he explained, setting aside the caliper to pick up Tenten's blueprints.

"Plus, it's easier to make chakra metal with Reiki Suna since Konoha has a lot of trade routes with Sunagakure no Sato," he added, his eyes scanning the detailed plans Tenten had drawn up.

"So, which one is better, chakra metal made from Reiki Suna or actual chakra metal ore?" Naruto's curiosity piqued, and he leaned in closer, eager to hear the answer.

"Ore," Mr. Higurashi replied instantly, his voice overlapping with another's.

Naruto turned to see Tenten walking towards them, her appearance changed into what he could only describe as a blacksmithing outfit. She wore a sturdy leather apron over her usual clothes, her hair pulled back into a practical ponytail that kept it clear of her face. Her hands were clad in thick gloves, ready to handle the heat and demands of metalwork.

"Definitely the ore," she added, "but we make do with what we have, right?"

"Why?" Naruto asked, his interest piqued.

"You see those white streaks in the sand?" Tenten asked, pointing towards the sand.

"Yeah," Naruto checked again.

"That's what we need to extract; that is what chakra metal is. You can imagine how much more we can get from a pure ore of this stuff. Hence, why the highest grade you can get from Reiki Suna is medium grade, while an ore of chakra metal can go to high grade with some skill, and if the artisan is a master, the ore can sometimes go to pseudo supreme grade or even supreme grade," Tenten explained as she moved towards her father to check if everything was set up correctly.

"What's the difference between the grades?" Naruto asked, his curiosity piqued.

"Simple, it's all about chakra flow," Tenten began, turning to face him.

"Low grade chakra metal, from which most kunai and shuriken are made, has a very low chakra flow."

Naruto's eyes widened.

"Why not just use normal metal then?"

"Try to throw normal metal with your full strength. Normal metal isn't capable of withstanding the force generated by a shinobi," Tenten explained.

"So medium, high, and supreme grades have better chakra flow?"

"Yes, but that's not the full picture," Tenten said, glancing towards Mr. Higurashi as he began to prepare the smithy.

"Medium grade allows for actual chakra flow and even elemental flow if you have the skill. High grade allows for the peak of these skills."

"And supreme grade?" Naruto prodded, sensing there was something special about it.

Tenten paused, her expression serious. "Supreme grade allows the weapon to generate its own chakra flow."

"So, it's alive?" Naruto asked, half-joking yet intrigued by the concept.

"Yes and no," Mr. Higurashi chimed in, as he directed the airflow to the tatara—a clay furnace designed for smelting.

"I've heard rumors that the Samehada of Kirigakure is alive. I can't say how much of these rumors are true, but a weapon made from supreme grade will have its own chakra flow mechanism. The user can activate its ability by just channeling chakra into it. For example, the Kiba of Kirigakure grants one of the highest controls over lightning manipulation even to an inexperienced genin because it was made from supreme grade chakra metal."

"Why are all these supreme grade weapons from Kirigakure?" Naruto asked.

Tenten looked at her father, waiting for the answer.

She was just as curious as Naruto was.

Mr. Higurashi paused his work, giving naruto and Tenten a thoughtful look before beginning his explanation.

"Before Kirigakure was founded, the entire nation was a hub for pirates, mainly because it was an active sea route used by many nations, especially the Iron Nation. They were the only ones in the world with the natural resource of chakra metal ore."

"So, the pirates were able to steal the chakra metal ore and make their own supreme grade weapons?"

"Yes and no," Mr. Higurashi replied. "They were able to steal the chakra metal, but creating supreme grade weapons is difficult. Even masters of blacksmithing can't always make supreme grade weapons. But those pirates had a lot of ore, and with the 7 greatest pirates of that era demanding the best, hundreds of blacksmiths were forced to attempt to make them. I've read that if a blacksmith failed to produce anything less than pseudo-supreme grade, they would be executed on the spot by the pirates."

"What a waste of talent," Tenten interjected, shaking her head in disapproval.

"It is, but this bloody history gave birth to seven supreme grade weapons wielded by the seven greatest pirates of the Warring States Era. Eventually, these seven supreme weapons came into the possession of Kirigakure when it was founded," Mr. Higurashi continued.

Naruto whistled, impressed.

"That was an awesome history lesson."

"Well then, I should be going," Mr. Higurashi said as he picked up the molds.

"Wait, aren't you going to help?"

"No, I have a shop to run, and I have to make these molds for your weapon. I trust Tenten's skills. You should too," Mr. Higurashi replied, his tone indicating finality.

"I do," Naruto responded confidently, without hesitation which made Tenten blush slightly at her friend's unwavering belief in her.

"Good, now go help her, brat," Mr. Higurashi chuckled as he left the smithy.

"Help with what?" Naruto asked, turning to Tenten.

Tenten pointed towards a pipe connected to the bellows, which had a rod attached to it. "I want you to channel chakra into that rod," she instructed.


"Simple," Tenten explained, "your chakra will mix with the air coming in from the bellows, powered by the water wheel outside, to sustain the flames enough so that the Reiki Suna is smelted in the clay furnace."

[ Quest Title: A Blacksmith's Assistant ]

[ Description: Assist Tenten in crafting her first high-grade weapons, leveraging her skills and your assistance to create superior armaments. ]

[ Reward: ]

  - [ 20% increased chance of attaining a high-grade chakra metal weapon ]

  - [ 1000 Experience Points ]

[ Failure: ]

  - [ Reward a medium-grade chakra metal weapon. ]

[ Warning: ]

  - [ Rewards will be given at the start due to the unique nature of this quest. ]

[ Action Required: ]

  - [ Confirm acceptance or declination of quest ]

"Wait, we're creating a high-grade weapon?" Naruto yelled, shocked, since the system was clear that Reiki Suna could only make medium-grade weapons.

"Worth a shot, am I right?" Tenten said with a shrug.

"But..." Naruto started to object, but Tenten cut him off.

"I know, Naruto, but I feel it in my bones that I can make a high-grade weapon even with Reiki Suna," Tenten asserted with confidence.

Naruto was reminded of Tenten's second class: Herald of Hephaestus.

"Let's do this," Naruto said as he accepted the mission and moved towards the rod, beginning to channel chakra into it.

Tenten stood before the clay furnace, her face set in concentration as she began the meticulous process of smelting the Reiki Suna.

Each granule of iron sand was placed carefully into the furnace, where the heat slowly transformed them into a more malleable form.

Over the hour, Naruto, at her side, fed chakra into the bellows, maintaining the intense heat needed.

As the smelting process ended, Tenten, with practiced hands, extracted the glowing metal, beginning the arduous task of folding it.

Each fold was precise, hundreds of layers compacting together to expel impurities and make concentration pockets of chakra metal.

The tamahagane took shape, a shimmering block of potential that Tenten carefully broke apart.

She scrutinized each piece, selecting only those with the highest concentration of chakra metal.

Her eyes, sharp under the flickering forge light, missed nothing.

This cycle of smelting, folding, breaking, and selecting repeated, a dance of creation that lasted hours, until two buckets stood filled with the finest chakra metal pieces.

By the time Hinata entered the smithy, both Naruto and Tenten were covered in sweat and soot, their clothes sticking to their tired bodies.

Tenten leaned heavily against the worktable, her hands resting on the cool surface as she tried to catch her breath.

The heat from the furnace had left her cheeks flushed, and her hair, though pulled back in a tight ponytail, had a few stray strands sticking out wildly.

"You guys look like you need a glass of water," Hinata commented, holding the molds that Mr. Higurashi had given her.

Tenten managed a weak smile, feeling the ache in her muscles with every small movement.

"Water sounds like heaven right now," she murmured, wiping her forehead with the back of her soot-blackened hand.

"And Naruto, why don't you take a rest? Normally this process takes days to complete since no one can maintain a consistent chakra flow for hours on end. How about you work at the smithy and not at the ANBU?" Tenten smirked.

"Water," Naruto weakly said as Hinata snorted.

"I'll get you guys some cool water, and by the way, I passed my second exam and became a team Genin."

In response, Tenten's head hit the worktable, and Naruto's head hit the wall.

"Thanks for the vote of confidence, you two. I think I can make you two some soup," Hinata smirked at the two's groans.

"Don't worry, I'm joking," Hinata said as she placed the molds down and left.

"What now?" Naruto asked.

"Melt the chakra metal and pour it into the mold, and I'll do the rest," Tenten said as Naruto nodded and asked, "How about an hour of rest before that?"

"Agreed," Tenten said.


[ Morning ]

The pre-dawn air was crisp as Naruto and Tenten stepped out of the Higurashi Shop, just as the first hints of light began to paint the sky.

Hinata had already left several hours ago, heading home since she couldn't stay the night.

"You know, I was skeptical about an umbrella as a weapon," Naruto remarked, hefting the metal umbrella in his hands.

It was more a shield than a traditional rain umbrella, its circular shape almost as wide as he was tall.

The surface was adorned with intricate geometric patterns arranged in concentric circles, radiating from the center to the edge.

"It's not just an umbrella, it's a concealed multi..." Tenten began to explain, but Naruto was already pointing the umbrella towards a nearby tree. He channeled chakra into the tip of the umbrella handle.


The explosive seals activated, sending a barrage of senbons flying at high speeds. The needles tore through the tree bark, embedding themselves deeply.

"You know, I was right beside you the whole time it was made," Naruto said, a grin spreading across his face as he watched the tree.

"Shut up, I wanted to do the cool intro thing. Let me have that," Tenten retorted.

Naruto's pulse quickened with excitement as he channeled chakra into the umbrella's handle, swinging it toward the tree.

With a flick of his wrist, the canopy detached and soared through the air like a giant fuma shuriken, slicing toward the tree with deadly precision.

He watched, almost in slow motion, as the canopy cut through the air.

His fingers twitched on the ninja wire attached to the handle, pulling gently.

The canopy responded beautifully, carving a sharp arc through the tree, cutting it as easily as a hot knife through butter. Catching the returning canopy, he held it in one hand, the shaft in the other.

"Let's test the shaft," Naruto said, a grin spreading across his face.

He focused his chakra into the storage seal at the end of the shaft, and the tip of a spear materialized with a soft metallic sound.

He performed a simple thrust, extending his arm fully, his body following the motion in a clean, direct line—precise and controlled.

When the spearhead vanished with a flick of his chakra, Naruto switched seals.

Instantly, an axe head formed.

He adjusted his stance, widening his feet for balance.

He swung the axe in a powerful, arcing sweep, imagining it cleaving through an enemy's defenses.

A quick shift in his chakra, and the axe transformed into a halberd head.

Naruto stepped forward, executing a series of fluid, sweeping katas that mimicked the movements of cutting and hooking, the halberd's blade catching the light as it spun.

Even without the transformations, the shaft served well as a metal staff.

Naruto spun it expertly, his hands moving along its length with practiced ease.

He then applied a subtle pressure, and with a twist, the staff segmented into a tri bo yao, or three-section staff.

Each segment connected by a short chain, he swung it around his body in a dynamic display of martial prowess, the weighted ends creating a mesmerizing pattern.

"You should name it," Tenten suggested gently, enjoying the responsibility she was giving him.

"Really?" Naruto looked at her, his eyes wide with surprise and something softer, more touching.

"Of course," she affirmed, her tone soft. "I made it for you, after all."

Naruto turned the weapon in his hands, his gaze thoughtful. After a moment, he lifted it, the early morning light catching on the intricate details.

"Sen no Tenrui," he declared with a dramatic flourish.

"A Thousand Heavenly Tears."

Tenten couldn't help but chuckle.

"That's a bit cheesy, don't you think?"

"It's poetic!" Naruto protested, his voice rising in mock indignation.

"If my jokes are bad, your naming is worse," she teased back.

"So, you admit your jokes are bad?"

Tenten just huffed, rolling her eyes.

"I can't wait to show this off in the ANBU. When they ask who made this masterpiece, I'll tell them my girlfriend did."

Tenten felt her heart skip a beat.


She knew Naruto didn't grasp the full meaning of the word, but the way it sounded coming from him stirred something warm inside her.

She blushed, not wanting to correct him, nor wanting him to stop.

"Just don't say that," she managed, her voice softer than she intended.

"Why not?"

"If they knew I made something so incredible for you, they'd all want one. Then you'd be stuck helping more in the smithy," she said quickly, covering her deeper feelings with a practical excuse.

"That makes sense," Naruto nodded, then paused, a mischievous glint in his eye.

"But what if I say it was made by my mysterious girlfriend?"

Tenten's blush deepened, her heart fluttering uncontrollably.

"They won't believe you have a girlfriend."

"Don't worry, even the ANBU wouldn't consider you to be a girl."

Tenten couldn't help but laugh, her heart lighter despite the serious undertone of their conversation as she licked his shin for the comment.

She didn't want to admit it, but she liked her orange flopper.

She wanted to always have this— to hear these stupid jokes, to get into these stupid arguments, to be his friend, and maybe someday even more.

Tenten shook her head; she didn't like him like that or did she?

Ten ten didn't want to let him die, so she gave it her all to create a weapon to keep him safe, like a part of her that would always be beside him.

"Why are you laughing?" Naruto asked.

Tenten reached out, her hand gently brushing against his whiskered cheek, giving him a warm, blushing smile.

"Don't die in the ANBU, okay? I still have a lot of stupid jokes to tell you."

Naruto snorted.

"Nah, I think death might be better than your comedy."

She shot him a look, half amused and half serious.

"Promise me you'll be safe."

He paused, the lightness in his expression softening into something more solemn.

He lifted the newly crafted weapon, placing it on his shoulder, the canopy casting shadows across his face as the sun began to rise behind them, painting the sky in hues of orange and pink.

"I promise."

Tenten nodded, satisfied with his promise but knowing she'd worry regardless.

She hoped for many more mornings just like this one.

One where she got to see Naruto happy and safe.

[ Item: Sen no Tenrui (A Thousand Heavenly Tears) ]

- [ Description: A high-grade chakra metal weapon disguised as an umbrella, crafted with multiple hidden weapons through Fuinjutsu. This masterpiece was created by Tenten for Naruto Uzumaki, embodying her sense of responsibility, anxiety, and affection. ]

- [ Passive Effects: ]

- [ Chakra Flow Efficiency: Increases the efficiency of chakra and elemental flow by 40%. ]

- [ Active Effects: ]

- [ Armor Class (AC): +20 ]

- [ Strength (STR): +10 ]

- [ Dexterity (DEX): +10 ]

- [ Critical Hit Rate: +20% ]

- [ Durability: 10k/10k ]


[ Author Note:

You just read the chapter, 6k words and all, now read my thoughts on the why, how, and what?


1- The beginning portion established an interesting dynamic about what everyone else is doing, and I hope you guys liked Asuma's development as he wants to be a genuine teacher and not just part of a charade that could help him and Kurenai get closer or bond over.


2- Chakra Metal:

I actually based chakra metal and the entire refining process on how actual Japanese steel is made, which most of you probably caught on from the line about folding a hundred times. You heard it everyone on the internet, a Japanese katana is made by folding steel a thousand times, etc. Well technically, it's folded 12 to 16 times. Anyways, how do you guys like the whole world-building aspect of chakra metal?


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4- Naruto's umbrella weapon.

Why did I give him that?

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A- Do you guys remember the whole Gaara in the Chunin exams arc where he killed and the blood didn't reach him because he was holding an umbrella? That was so cool that I always wanted to include something similar in my story so I gave Naruto the umbrella weapon: whose tip can fire senbons like a gun, whose canopy can turn into a fuma shuriken, whose shaft can turn into an axe, spear, halberd, and staff.

Why didn't I add a katana into the umbrella? Simple, Naruto gains his katana via ANBU.


B- It was a unique weapon to give Naruto since he is a weapons master, he can pretty much wield any weapon, but I didn't want to take away Tenten's shtick of carrying a storage scroll with a lot of weapons. If you are reading this on Webnovel, I have shared images of the umbrella weapon made by yours truly. Or just visit these link:













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