43 Chapter 42: Graduation

The class was shocked at Yoma's words, with even Himichi usually stoic and umoving face changing to a shocked one.

Tsunade thought back to what Tobirama had said before she left the house "You have a big day today, so make sure you make it to the Academy on time."

'So grandpa decided to hold the exams early.' Tsunade thought to herself.

"I personally requested for the Hokage to allow me to decide what your graduation exam will be. After careful consideration, I decided that the final exam will be a battle. All 15 of you will have the task of making me take a step outside of the center of the training grounds. If any of you are able to, then you will be allowed to become a genin. However, if you are unable to force me outside the circle before the end of this period, you will remain in the Academy for another year. Now follow me." Yoma said while walking his stunned students to the training grounds.

The group arrived with Yoma going into the circle at the center of the training grounds while placing a flag in his pocket.

"You have 5 minutes to come up with a plan of attack. Use it to the best of your abilities." Yoma said while making a stone rise up for him to sit on.

Everyone came over into a circle and began to discuss their plan.

"So how are we supposed to defeat a retired Jonin?" Sakumo asked the question that was on everyone's minds.

"I'm not sure, I once heard from my father that Yoma-sensei was a powerful Jonin and extremely high ranked. I doubt that we can beat him." Shikai said.

"But we don't have to beat him, we just have to make him take a step out of the circle." Orochimaru corrected while pointing out that they didn't have to actually beat him.

"If you guys can hold him off for about 5 minutes, I think I know how to force him out of the circle." Tsunade said after thinking.

Everyone nodded as they all surrounded him. The first to move was Himichi, who immediately activated his Byakugan, before running straight at Yoma. He then began using the Gentle Fist technique to attack him.

However, Yoma was able to evade each of Himichi's attacks while lecturing him as he said "The Gentle Fist is extremely dangerous against opponents of your own level, however those who are stronger or faster than you can easily stop your attacks." Himichi was about to respond, but he was interrupted by Yoma.



Himichi kicked him in the gut and sent him flying out of the training grounds completely knocked out. Everyone seemed shocked at the force that Yoma had used when he hit Himichi.

"I will not show mercy on any of you. Treat this as if you were being ambushed on one of your missions!" Yoma said with a stern face while flaring his chakra at them.

The others immediately moved in together while showcasing the teamwork that they had built from all of their training sessions.

Sakumo was the first to arrive in front of Yoma with lightning coating his legs and blade, and he swung his sword he had gotten from his father directly at Yoma.

Yoma coated a kunai in Wind chakra and blocked the blade, but before he could attack Sakumo, he felt 3 different intrusions on his mind. He immediately disrupted his chakra and slightly turned his head to see Inoka and Shinku at a distance from his while Kenta was staring at him from a distance with a tomei spinning in his red eye. He then sent a genjutsu against both Inoka and Shinku to incapacitate them and then turned his full attention back to Sakumo.

He punched Sakumo in the chest to send him flying back while dodging a large punch from Choma, who he then flipped and slammed into the ground behind him. He was turning around when he heard 5 different voices scream out

"""""Fire Style: Great Fireball Jutsu!!!!"""""

A massive amount of fire headed for Yoma, but instead of stepping outside the circle, Yoma used a ninjutsu of his own as he said

"Water Style: Wild Water Wave!!!"

Yoma spits an equally impressive amount of water out of his mouth, which completely overwhelmed the Fire Release and attacked the senders of the jutsu. Jiraiya, Kenta, and Orochimaru were able to move out of the way, but Akari and Hiruko were hit by the technique and washed away on the wave.

Yoma then looked around and noticed some of his students were missing, but before he could ponder on it further, he froze in place as a shadow connected to his. He quickly flared his chakra to disrupt the Nara's jutsu, however, that time was all someone else needed to take advantage of as he heard someone quietly say

"Secret Technique: Insect Sphere!"

A large number of insects gathered together and covered Yoma, while at the same time, they started eating away his chakra. But the Yoma who the bug hit dissolved into a puddle of water as the real Yoma came from the air and yelled

"Water Style: Water Bowl!"

A jet stream of water erupted from his hands and washed away all the bugs before the could hit him, after which he changed the direction of his jutsu to where the Shikai and Shiro were, taking them out.

He then looked in front of him to see Jiraiya, Orochimaru, Sakumo, Dan, Kenta, and Duy, all standing in front of him.

Duy moved first as he yelled "1st Gate of Opening! Open! 2nd Gate of Healing! Open!"

He and Sakumo then ran straight toward Yoma at high speed and used high teamwork to throw attack after attack at him. Orochimaru and Jiraiya ran behind Yoma while Kenta and Dan ran up to assist Duy and Sakumo.

The high level of teamwork that the group displayed surprised Yoma, but he then increased his speed and struck both Duy and Sakumo with a single kick, knocking them both out. Kenta attempted to use another genjutsu using his Shaingan, but Yoma kneed him in the face before using his body as a weapon as he hit Dan with it. Just as he was about to turn around to see what Jiraiya and Orochimaru were planning, a voice was heard throughout the entire training grounds.

"Uzumaki Sealing Technique: Gravitational Domain!!"

Immediately after, Yoma felt a large amount of pressure beginning to weigh on him as the ground beneath him began to crack.

"What.. is.. this?" Yoma asked between rough breaths as even though he could move, he felt as if he was moving through water.

"A technique that the Uzumaki Clan uses in large-scale battles. It increases the gravity of anyone who is not wearing a special seal. While I can't use it immediately due to my level of sealing not being high enough, with them buying enough time for me, it was easy to make. Although I couldn't increase the gravity enough to completely take you down since it would take more time and you would probably notice." Tsunade explained.

"How were... you able to.. not let me notice... you doing it?" Yoma asked, still confused as he felt he would notice if he saw her setting up a sealing formula.

"By using my Water Release to make me completely invisible, although I can only erase my visual presence since the jutsu is not yet complete." Tsunade said.

She then walked up to Yoma and pushed him completely out of the circle and onto his back. After that she shut down the gravity seal and walked over to him.

"So did we pass sensei?" Jiraiya asked as he and Orochimaru walked over to him, a bit wobbly since they used most of their chakra in the earlier Fireball Jutsu.

"Yeah, you brats have passed. You are now genin of Konohagakure." Yoma said with a smile on his face.

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