47 Before The Exams

Akashi was sitting in his office waiting for the Kage and all the teams to arrive, it should take that long. Akashi had long received the message that all five nations and their teams would come to participate. He also received the Uzumaki sealing scroll with the response from Konoha.

Because their power was good Akashi mostly trained the team on three things. Teamwork, jutsu variety, and chakra control. Because of the vast amount of chakra they possessed their control needed to be great also.

They were all very strong now and would have no problems in the strength part of the exam. But of course the Exam was not only about strength but also tactics and trucking and such. The exams would be harder than the original because of the increase in power.

There were a total of 5 teams from each village entering and with each team having a three man cell there would be a total of 75 people taking the exam. Because every village wanted to dominate they each put their strongest members on each team.

The only team Akashi thought might be a problem was the sannin. Even as genin they were strong and maybe even more because the chunin exams were now in place. He couldn't know exactly how strong they were but they would still be a problem.

All the others were relatively weak compared to his team. He also told his team to get as far as possible without transforming or using any beast chakra, the reason was he needed to see how strong they were in base form.

Before the test would begin he would let them explore the village and all that. Once the battle part of the exam came into play people would be able to watch, so they made popcorn, soda, hotdogs and other foods.

The 1st round of the exam was pretty simple but also difficult. The main location of the round would take place in a small clan area left behind by a now dead clan, the 1st round rules were that there would be a mockup of a small village (the clan area), each person has a unique 'target' in possession of information but they don't know who it is.

They get a short list of character/personality traits and why they were after them and then have to gather intel from the village and villagers to determine who their target is. The villagers and targets would all be shadow clones made by high ranking ninja, so they would know what information to give off and what to keep.

Completion time matters so impeding your rivals is encouraged however destruction of the village may scare off your target which would be a failure (allows for team combat/traps but necessitates stealth instead of brute force)

Akashi took a little bit of the hunter exams but added and took some stuff out. After rereading the rules he then teleported in front of his team who were preparing. Akashi couldn't tell them much about the exam but could still say a little.

Akashi spoke "In all honesty I think you will do fine. But there is one team who could maybe be a problem, they are all students all the third hokage and are very skilled. The first one had white hair and wears a weird robe. The second one was a girl with blonde hair. And last but not least was the third one he has long black hair and snake eyes."

The team took in the information and registered it. Because he never mentioned it Akashi's team was team 10. And Hiruzen's team was team 6. After telling them the information he left to wait for the kage.

-with Hiruzen-

At the moment Hiruzen, Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru were on their way to the Mountain village. "So, Sensei what's the Mountain like?" asked Jiraiya, both Tsunade and Orochimaru both were interested in this. "I don't know, I have never been there myself by I heard it was much more advanced than our village. I've also heard the food was very different so you might want to try some."

"I wonder if the ladies are better?" said Jiraiya in a very pervy tone while groping the air. Once she heard this Tsunade punched Jiraiya on the head making him fall down. "You idiot why are you so pervy!" Orochimaru felt he was too mature to get into this argument and focused on how best to go about the exams first.

There was no way for the other genin to know what the exams would be or how they would go. They could only use their brain and choose the best course of direction. After around 3 hours of jumping around Hiruzen said they were at the gate to the village.

Just at a first glance you could tell how well it was defended. There were guard towers all over the border and the entrance was very small so it could be used as a funnel if needed. Plus you didn't need to make it surrounded by walls thanks to the mountains surrounding it, if anybody had the chakra to walk up that mountain range they could dominate the world.

Once in the village they could tell what their sensei said about 'more advanced' everything was bigger, taller plus the technology was far better than that of the leaf village plus the housing was completely different also. "Well I have to go meet with the Yamakage, I will come back to get you before it starts." Then he left and the future sannin split up.

-Jiraiya POV-

After hearing from sensei that the food was different I walked to the food court of the village. After looking at the strange advertising of the food he decided to eat at 'Burgatory' he didn't know what a burger was but decided to try it.

Looking at the menu I had no idea what to get so I decided to ask what was the best. "Hey, what's the best thing to get here?" after thinking the person replied "I don't know about the best but the most popular would have to be the Whopper." he said pointing at it.

Seeing it I looked at the description. 'A sandwich is a ¼ lb* of savory flame-grilled beef topped with juicy tomatoes, fresh lettuce, creamy mayonnaise, ketchup, crunchy pickles, and sliced white onions on a soft sesame seed bun. Served with a small side of piping hot, thick cut French Fries or golden Onion Rings and a small fountain drink'

Although I had no idea what most of those things were he decided to get it. If it was popular it was probably good. I then waited for his food, once getting my food it seemed like a lot of food but I started to eat it.

Once he took a bite he then chewed, the savory flavor went into his mouth and erupted like a volcano of goodness. "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?" I accidentally shouted in the whole restaurant. I have never tasted anything this good in my life!

I quickly ate all of it and was going to get a second one but before I could Hiruzen popped up. "It's time, the exam will start soon."


I thought this was a good chapter to have before the exams begin. Edo Itachi vs Edo Madara (i swear if you say Madara is stronger than Obito but weaker than Itachi I will flip.)

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