204 Chapter 204 So-Called Peace

"Well, let's not talk about it. What are you doing here this time? Shouldn't the Twelve Guardian Shinobi guarding the Daimyo? So why did you all came to this small place?"

Kakashi asked his doubts. After all, this is indeed a very unusual place for them.

Seeing that Asuma and Chiriku should be looking for their companions, there should be more than two of them at this place. What did happen that make the Twelve Guardian Shinobi dispatch so many people?

It should be known that the Twelve Guardian Shinobi are all very powerful shinobi, an important force in the hands of the Daimyo.

These shinobi are not all from Konoha, and more of the power that was obtained by the Daimyo in the Land of Fire.

The Daimyo looks very influential, but in fact he is just an empty shell.

Between Hokage and Daimyo, although it seems that the Daimyo has a higher status, but if Hokage ignores the Daimyo, the Daimyo can do nothing to it.

After all, Hokage controls the army of the Land of Fire.

It's like the Daimyo is the emperor, and Hokage is the marshal who leads the army.

The Daimyo can appoint Hokage, but if Hokage doesn't listen to him, he can do nothing about it.

The Daimyo just occupies the higher status.

Therefore, as the Daimyo is also ambitious, he naturally won't really let himself have no power at all.

Thus, the Twelve Guardian Shinobi was formed.

Twelve Shinobi with the power of a Jōnin is definitely a very strong force.

What's more, these twelve Jōnin are not ordinary Jōnin. Several of them are Elite Jōnin.

With such a force, even if it was someone with Hokage level strength, they won't dare to say that they will be able to defeat the Twelve Guardian Shinobi.

The reason why the Twelve Guardian Shinobi are formed is for balance.

Its existence is good for both the Daimyo and Konoha.

And this kind of guardian Shinobi, who is similar to the status of a bodyguard, generally won't leave the Daimyo.

After seeing them here, it's no wonder that Kakashi is curious now.

Asuma looked a little embarrassed, but after thinking about it for a while, he then said: "Kakashi, there is a disagreement within the Twelve Guardian Shinobi, and it splits into two parts."

"Split? Why?"

Kakashi was a little surprised. As a direct force of the Daimyo, it is ironic to be split.

Asuma is also a little embarrassed, but things had already happened and there was no need to hide it even if he was embarrassed.

"Their idea is different. I, Chiriku and the other four people think that Hokage is necessary. But Kazuma and the other five believe that Hokage has destroyed the balance of the Land of Fire and should disappear. They are now planning to assassinate the Hokage."

"Assassination the Hokage?"

Kakashi was taken aback for a moment, 'How can they be so confident to do that?'

Even if the current Sandaime Hokage's physical strength is not as good as before, but his combat strength is still very good.

If it is the Twelve Guardian Shinobi are all together, it is still possible. But if there are only six people, it won't be possible.

"Yeah, this is not a small matter. Whether it is successful or not, it is a bad thing to happen. And how can I let them go to Konoha to kill that Old Man."

Although Asuma is very dissatisfied with Sandaime, in the end, Sandaime is still Asuma's father, so he naturally didn't like if someone try to kill Sandaime.

"Haha, it seems that you still care about Sandaime-sama."

"Hmph, don't think too much about it. I just don't want Konoha to fall into chaos."

Seeing that Asuma has become a tsundere, Kakashi shook his head and said nothing, but the memory in his mind suddenly emerged.

'Kazuma? Twelve Guardian Shinobi?'

A trace of light Kakashi's eyes for an instant. 'It turned out to be like this. So, there seems to be something that can be retrieved'

"Kakashi? What are you thinking about?"

"Oh, it's nothing."

Just then, Pakkun and Bull came back.

"Kakashi, we found it."

Hearing this, Asuma and Chiriku looked happy.

"Lead the way," Kakashi said faintly.


"Wait a minute, Kakashi, there are four of us. So, Chiriku, you should go and call them here, I and Kakashi will go there first."

"Okay, I'll go and call them now."

"Bull, you will go with Chiriku now and take them there later."


Bull left with Chiriku, while Kakashi and Asuma followed Pakkun.

Asuma's expression is not calm, and it can even be said that his expression is very complicated at this moment.

Seeing this, Kakashi said with a smile: "Asuma, it seems that your relationship with Kazuma is very good."

"Kakashi, let me tell you, I have really had a great time in the Twelve Guardian Shinobi these days. No one there will consider me as Hokage's son. They are very sincere to me. I am very pleased with this. I just didn't expect that the situation would become like this."

Asuma was a little sluggish. It was obvious that this incident is not a small blow to him.

Kakashi knew even more that after this incident, the Twelve Guardian Shinobi of Asuma's generation will end, and Asuma will return to Konoha.

"Asuma, companions can only be together with the same ideas, but after your companions have different ideas, it is difficult to continue to coexist."

"I know, Twelve Guardian Shinobi is Daimyo's force. But it definitely doesn't mean that Hokage need to be eradicated. Although Kazuma's purpose is peace, I can't accept his method ."

"Yeah, it's all for peace. There are too many people like that in this world."

Kakashi looked up at the sky, feeling a little sad.

Many people in this world become the villain in this world because of peace.

Nagato, Madara, Obito, Itachi. They are also wanted peace, but they do it in ways that ordinary people would not choose.

And Kazuma is obviously one of them. It's a pity that his strength is very weak compared with the previous few.

"Kakashi, what do you think is peace?"

"Peace, it is too difficult. There will be interests between people. People gather in a village and become a country. These interests will become even greater. But when these interests has reached a certain limit, war will break out. So, unless people are able to understand each other, war will break out sooner or later."

"Is there no other way?"

Asuma clearly knows that it is unrealistic to want everyone to understand each other.

"No. Shodaime-sama at the end of the Warring States Period wanted to achieve peace through the mutual understanding and balances between force, but unfortunately, this method failed."

Originally, the distribution of Bijuu was for each country's force to be balanced and not dare to start war easily, but now the Bijuu has become a tool of war. Kakashi has to say that this is a kind of irony.

Hearing this, Asuma just stay silent and thinks about it.

Kakashi sighs, 'Peace. It won't be easy to achieve.'

Human beings are creatures that are never satisfied.

Greed is something that every humans have.

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