Naruto : The Stormbringer Book

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Naruto : The Stormbringer


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Transmigration to the world of Naruto wasn't what he wished, but he had to make do with what he had. Waking up in a new body, living his childhood all over again but in a world full of killers! What luck, is what he thought. Raijin, an unlucky fellow, must surviv— no, scratch that. He must THRIVE in this world, for that is his resolution. A few warnings before you read: 1. No harem. (Haven't even decided on romance yet, we will see as the story goes) 2. Not a lot of time skips. (There may be some at the beginning, but it's to pick up pace) 3. Slowburn. 4. Shamelessness. Disclaimer: Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, and other Naruto spin-offs and movies are all owned by Shueisha, Pierrot, TV Tokyo, and Masashi Kishimoto. References and content all belong to their respective owners. Any original content I won't possibly get sued for belongs to me, such as, but not limiting it to, original characters and unique plots/sub-plots. First-time author here! Hope you guys stick with me, I swear I will get better with time. Just wait for it! The cover is not mine. The art belongs to voidartwear.


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