6 Chapter 6

Arriving at the main house I shaw Shikamaru already setting up the Shogi board. When he saw me greeted me with a lazy smile.

"Yo Naruto. You are early."

"Yo, well I couldn't wait to kick your butt."

He looks at me challengingly.

"Don't think too highly of yourself. I will show you who will kick who's butt."

"Hahaha, how the tables have turned. When you were beating me, in the beginning, you looked so smug, where did all that smugness go. Let's play so that I can get my 246th win in a row."

He looked visibly annoyed at the mention of my win streak. I never knew that a Nara could be so motivated. He looks like he'd rather look at Guy and Lee hugging and crying the whole day than lose to me again.

"Tsk. Sit down and let us play."

I made the first move and he quickly moved his piece. While we were playing I started talking to him.

"So how is the training with your dad going."

Oh if looks could kill I'd be a goner.

"Because you like to show off he started to increase my training. Don't you know how much I have been suffering? Even my mom finds that he is training me to hard. And she always calls me a lazy and says that I should train. What a drag."


"What are you laughing at!"

"Nothing. I found it funny how you've been training so hard and still can't beat me. I might have to take a vacation for a few years so that you can try to catch up."

He looked like he wanted to explode, but the next moment he calmed down and had the same bored look as always.

"What a drag."

We went back to focusing on the game.

"After beating him a couple of times, his mother walks in with some drinks.

"You guys must be tired, here is some orange juice."

"Thank you Mrs. Nara."

"Tnx mom."

"You're welcome." Yoshino said while smiling.

She used to be really strict, but seeing that her son is being trained by her husband and that they are less lazy she is happy. Her warm and gentle nature is slowly coming out making the main Nara household a happier family.

From a window a man stood there looking with a contemplating look. He is 175.2 cm tall, he has dark hair tied up into a spiky ponytail, dark eyes as well as a goatee. And his most notable feature is the two scars at the right side of his face. He is known as Shikaku Nara, Head of the Nara Clan.

'I expected nothing less from Minato's son. But I can't accept that our clan that prides itself on our lazy- ahem intelligence can be outdone. Even if its a drag I'll make sure he is at least on equal footing.'

Naruto was enjoying himself not realizing what the clan head is thinking.

"Come on Shikamaru why are you taking so long."

Shikamaru didn't answer and only concentrated on the board. If you looked really closely you'd be able to see a couple beads of sweat flowing down. And then he made his move.

"Hehe, bad move!"

Shikamaru looked on with horror while I moved my piece.

"Checkmate! Hahahaha, to easy!"

"Whatever I'll defeat you the next round."

"Sorry but I have something I need to do. I'll come and kick your butt next time."

"You better give it your best the next time."

"We will see if it's needed."

"What a drag. See you later, bye"


Walking out of the Nara clan I walked straight to training ground 13. 2 weeks ago while I was sneaking around to level up my skill I overheard somebody say that Might Guy came back from a mission and is training in training ground 13.

It should be easy to guess why I'm looking for him. Even if I have been training with weights for a year, I haven't learned any taijutsu. So even if I have the power and speed of a genin I'd be easily defeated in a straight-up fight by a genin who knows taijutsu.

I tried to train in the Academy taijutsu style, but for some reason I found it really uncomfortable to use it. After trying it a couple more times I tried to think about why this was happening.

After thinking about it I slapped myself in the face. How could I be so stupid? Mizuki is a teacher at the academy. Even if I have a good brain if I don't use it, it's useless. Should I go to the Hokage? Nah, I can't do that since I have plans for Mizuki and the Hokage will be able to find out what is happening after a bit of spying. Thinking about who could help me, I suddenly thought of perfect guy.

That is what lead me to seek out the Green Beast of Konoha. Arriving at the clearing I looked at a man in green spandex kicking a tree. While I was looking and thinking about how to approach him someone stood behind me without me knowing.


Hearing someone speak behind me I quickly jumped away. Even though I was good at sneaking around its not like I never got spotted. Most of the time it was a ninja. So when I'm sneaking around I always stay alert 100%. If I meet an enemy I could die any second.

Finally looking up at the one who snuck up on me I see Might Guy. He is so fast! I doubt he was letting his clone do physical training so that means that he created a clone switched with it and came up behind me without me even realizing anything was wrong.

If I can get this guy to train me I'll become way stronger and I'll be left with fewer weaknesses.

"Do you know that it isn't nice to spy on people."

"I'm sorry I saw you training hard and didn't want to disturb you."

"So why did you come here."

"I actually came here to ask you for help with my taijutsu. You see I heard you were the best taijutsu specialist to have ever existed. And one of the strongest shinobi in the village, so I thought who better to ask than you."

'Haha, did you hear that my eternal rival Kakashi, ones I find you I'll challenge you to do 100 laps around the village on our hands.

A certain man wearing a mask and sitting in front of a stone with a lot of names on it sneezed and felt a chill running down his spine.

'Ugh, I suddenly got a bad feeling.'

"YOSH I like someone as YOUTHFUL as you. Tell me what you need help with."

"Well you see I am training in the academy taijutsu style, but when I execute the katas I find it really unconvertible. But I can't understand why. I'm able to follow the instructions perfectly fine."

"Well I don't mind helping someone with a lot of YOUTH! Show me how you execute it."

I showed him the taijutsu I learned. He looked shocked at my display.

"What is this! Didn't you say that you were practicing the academy style? This is completely wrong if you keep training in this you'll destroy your body."

"What! How can that be I got it from the library in the academy." Naruto acted surprised.

"I don't know how it got there, but you shouldn't train in this anymore and find a new style."

"But were should I get a new one from. The academy only lets you get one and they won't believe me if I say that I got this one from the library. I'm also an orphan so I don't have much money and even if I had it's not like anyone would sell anything to me." I sad in a sad voice.

'Wait that blond hair and those whiskers, isn't he Naruto Uzumaki the Jinjuriki. I guess that explains a lot. I don't have anything against him and since he is so passionate about taijutsu I'll teach him a thing or two.'

"YOSH, don't worry I'll teach you a style that you can use."

"What! Realy? Thank you guy sensei."

'He called me sensei! YOSH I'm so happy.'

"Of course, I don't go back on my word. But you haven't told me your name."

"Oh, yeah sorry. My name is Naruto Uzumaki. Nice to meet you guy sensei."

"Nice to meet you to Naruto"

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