Naruto-The secret sage

Given a second chance by a R.O.B Kenzo traded his knowledge of the Naruto story in exchange for being born a sage. Keeping his power a secret Kenzo must make his way in the unforgiving and dangerous world he has found himself in.

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79 Chs

End of battle

I noticed this and mentally cursed as my sensei was trapped between fight and flight at the worst possible time. Abandoning my target I rushed over to that group of ambushers but was stopped as my previous target raised an earthen wall in my path. 

'Tch , of course these bastards have a plan to prevent me from reinforcing those two after exploiting my sensei's phobia. Fine then , lets see you stop this! Sage art: Destruction pearl!' I thought as the poison around me tightened and condensed into a single marble as black as the void above my right palm. 

I wound back my arm and my muscles swelled as I focused my strength there before I threw the marble at the largest concentration of enemies.

"Dodge!" I yelled and the enemy tried to stop me but they were too late as the marble broke the sound barrier after piercing through the earth wall like paper.


The marble struck the ground right in the middle of the enemies in an instant before detonating. My beasts, fellow student and sensei managed to get mostly out of the way before it went off but some of the attack hit them. Skin, flesh, blood, stone and metal vanished as the highly corrosive poison evaporated everything in a ten meter radius of where the marble impacted. This attack consumed even itself as the pressure had scattered it's energy wildly but it had proven effective.

Of the twelve ambushers only five still lived and even then they were missing a good amount of their bodies be it limbs, flesh or organs. Those on my side weren't unscathed either as they also lost some skin and flesh from the residuals at the edge of the attack. The only enemy still in fighting shape was my initial target and they immediately tried to flee.

"Since you came why don't you stay!" i yelled as I flickered in front of them and threw out a palm perfectly flat and covered in chakra flow that they turned to dodge but ended up only taking nonfatal damage but were impaled on my arm none the less.

"DIE!" I spat as I flooded their body with lightning making them fry around my arm.

The battle was over but there were no enemy survivors as they all activated a suicide explosive seal on their heads destroying their brains while killing them.

"Are you alright?" i asked seriously after gathering up with them.

My sensei was treating Shizune and my beasts injuries when I got there and it was Shizune who answered me.

"We took some damage but it would be much worse if you hadn't used whatever that was or warned us beforehand. What was that anyways? You've never used it before." Shizune asked and I could tell that my sensei was also listening even if she wasn't looking at me.

"That was Rens poison taken to the extreme, a toxin so powerful that it corroded all it touched without discrimination. Even when I am the one controlling it I have to be careful that it never comes in contact with me directly by coating myself in a layer of chakra. I don't like using it because it destroys nature in that area." I said honestly as both mine and Shizunes gazes fell on the wide bald dead zone where my poison once was.

"Hanzo the salamander has a similar attack that he also dislikes using for the same reason. The poison swamp jutsu." My sensei said after she finished treating Shizune.

"I suppose that I should feel honored to be compared to such a legendary figure." I joked with a smile.

"That wasn't a compliment brat!" She said in mock anger but i could tell that she was still reeling from the fight.

This was not a pleasant experience for her especially as she got faced with a lot of heavy shit all at once. Her phobia, will to protect Shizune and myself, suicidal ambushers, and my admittedly ill thought out final attack all at once. While as a ninja I was sure she would recover soon enough it didn't mean she was in a good place mentally.-

I collected all the bodies of our ambushers and sealed them in a scroll to present to the Hokage when we saw him as it was clear that these people knew stuff they shouldn't. Stuff that only the village should know and that meant there was a mole or a traitor somewhere. I also didn't get a big head about the victory over this group of special Jonin or Jonins as none of them where truly trying to kill us and were acting strictly to capture or cripple. A fact that my sensei made abundantly clear as well.-

I was strong, way stronger than anyone my age should be in fact. But I was only as powerful as a particularly lopsided special Jonin and not even one at the peak but towards the lower middle of the pack. Taijutsu was my strongest trait beyond medical ninjutsu but against a skilled special Jonin or Jonin I was only a slightly more tricky opponent to kill. It wasn't even a matter of how dangerous my techniques were but sheer experience and tactical knowledge difference. My sensei also told me that in a way she was also responsible for my level of power as she hadn't taught me much about combat but focused on medical ninjutsu instead.-

While that was true there was nothing wrong with that since while she was able to fight that wasn't her main profession unlike myself. I was a battler plain and simple so obviously learning medical ninjutsu didn't really help much in this regard. Don't get me wrong there was some overlap as I knew the sensitive and fatal parts of the body to attack as a result and could to a degree use chakra scalpel offensively but that was about it.-

Well I suppose I could technically also use what she taught to create poisons but that wasn't really my path. Rens ability was different as it was literally just chakra use but gathering plants and refining them over several generations to get a poison wasn't an appealing idea for me. Anyways the rest of the trip back to the village was uneventful as there were no more ambushers lurking along the path. It had been nearly seven months since I left the village originally so I was curious to see if there had been any change in it since then.-

The two shinobi guarding the gate to the village verified our identities and welcomed us back while being especially respectful of my sensei. We didn't relax though but rather stayed in a state of readiness until we got in front of the Hokage himself. The old man took one look at us after we entered his office before the smile on his face fell away.

"What happened?" he asked sternly.