Naruto: The Rise Of Roman Empire

Even if the Roman Empire was not the strongest empire or Roman civilization wasn't the strongest, you have to agree it was still one of the strongest empires and the most influential civilizations in history. Now, you might be wondering why I'm praising Rome so much. This is because I am the Emperor of the Roman Empire and its founder in the Shinobi world. I was actually from Earth and reincarnated into the Naruto world, where I awakened a system called the "Roman Civilization System." Don't think it's a super helpful system that gave me OP abilities or something, but it granted me access to all the technology Rome had, like concrete, roads, war fleets, etc. With my system, I was determined to conquer the entire world. I built roads in all of the conquered territories to loot them faste- cough cough I mean, to civilize them. When the Uchiha clan tried to attack me and my empire, I just fired Greek fire (real-life Amaterasu) at them while saying, "I am something of an Itachi myself." When the Uzumaki clan tried to oppose me, I paid their neighbors to attack them, and at the perfect moment, I attacked all of them and expanded my territory.

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Rome's Spirit

"What the—" Asura exclaimed in surprise as the woman appeared in front of him. It was clear he was pretty shocked by her sudden appearance.

He wasn't even shocked by remembering his past life because it just felt like a dream to him, and he had already lived 17 years in this world.

"Non aver paura, mio erede," the woman said, trying to put Asura at ease. But after seeing his confused face, she realized she was speaking in ancient Latin. She hadn't spoken to anyone for thousands of years, and back then, everyone around her spoke Latin. Quickly, she realized Asura couldn't understand her.

"Don't be scared, my heir," she said again, this time in modern English, and soon added, "I have no intention of harming you." Despite not having spoken to someone in thousands of years, she still knew almost all of the languages derived from Latin, including English.

"Who are you?" Asura asked, looking straight into her eyes with his deep, ocean-like blue eyes. One could say that Asura was really handsome, with his long blonde hair and blue eyes, which were common traits in the Namikaze clan.

"I... am Rome's spirit," the woman said after thinking for a bit to find the correct words to explain her position. But soon she added, "Technically, I am Rome, and you are my heir."

Although her words sounded absurd to Asura, for some reason, he seemed to believe them.

"So, tell me why you called me Rome's heir," Asura demanded, though his tone was calm.

It was actually his nature. Call it intelligence or luck, but Asura already knew that the woman in front of him couldn't really kill or harm him. The way she talked to him and tried to put him at ease reminded him of people in his past life whose necessity was Asura. They would attack strongly, but without him, their plans or lives wouldn't really work out.

However, he wasn't foolish enough to threaten someone like the woman in front of him. Who knows, she might still kill him even if he was her necessity. If you try to drive someone to the edge, they are bound to fight back.

Hearing his tone, the woman just chuckled for a bit before saying, "It is what it sounds like. You are the heir of Rome." She appeared behind him and hugged him by the neck, whispering in his ear, "You have to make Rome great again."

"Make Rome great again?" Asura muttered under his breath after hearing the woman's words.

"Yes, make Rome great again... Create the Roman Empire in this world and make us the highest form of civilization," the woman continued, hugging him even tighter.

"How?" Asura asked in a calm voice. He seemed to trust the woman's words, though he didn't know why they sounded so believable.

But if it was just about asking him to do it without any help or reward, he wasn't going to do it, no matter how cool the Roman Empire was. If this woman was just like those characters in fantasy games who appear, give you an almost impossible mission, and then disappear forever, Asura wasn't really interested in making the Roman Empire in this world.

You need to understand that this world was more dangerous than the one in the anime, and it is almost impossible to create an empire here.

"Of course, I will help you, my heir," the woman seemed to read Asura's mind and replied in a very pleasant tone. "I will give you access to all the technology that Rome had and provide Roman-based jutsus," she said before making a transparent golden floating screen appear in front of Asura.


  Roman Civilization System

1. Information about territory and people

2. Military

3. Economy and Infrastructure

4. Culture and Society

5. Religion (Locked for now)

6. Blueprints( Only Roman kingdom and Roman republic are available for now)

Please recreate the roman empire to unlock other functions of the system


As soon as Asura read the features of the system that appeared on the floating screen in front of him, information started to enter his mind. After this, he was sure that what the woman was saying was really true.

Though her words seemed believable to him from the start, he still had the feeling that something might go wrong. It was like locking your door and going out to buy something but constantly worrying if you locked the door or not.

"What is your name, by the way?" Asura asked the woman as he pushed her gently, stopping her from hugging him so tightly.

"I am known by many names, but you can call me Aeterna," she said with a smile, starting to float in the air.

"Hmmm... Okay, Aeterna," Asura said before looking around for a bit. He found his katana, which was stabbed into one of the Kaguya clan members' stomachs, almost tearing him apart.

Asura had killed about 406 Kaguya clan members alone, which was quite a big deal considering they weren't really cannon fodder. Some of them had the Shikotsumyaku kekkei genkai. Even though he almost exhausted his chakra and nearly died before Aeterna saved him, it was still an amazing feat.

"All of my army was destroyed," Asura muttered as he pulled out his katana, tearing through the stomach of the Kaguya clan member.

Asura was actually the youngest commander of an army in the Namikaze clan, and he was sent to attack the Hikari clan and Hikarigakure.

The Hikari clan had already been weakened by the attacks of the Kaguya clan, as their territory was the closest to them. This was what the Namikaze clan wanted to take advantage of. They planned to attack the weakened Hikari clan, take their territory before other clans could intervene. All the powerful clans had formed a sort of alliance to not attack each other due to the threat of the Kaguya clan. But if the Namikaze clan could take over the land of the Hikari clan quickly, no one should have a problem with it.

The Hikari clan was already weakened, and the Namikaze clan was still one of the strongest clans on the island despite being the youngest.

However, their plan was somehow leaked. The route they would take to attack the Hikari clan was revealed, and they were ambushed by the Kaguya clan's forces, which were 40,000 strong—almost double the number Asura had with him to attack the Hikari clan. Additionally, many shinobis from the Hikari clan joined the ambush.

The entire army sent by the Namikaze clan was destroyed. It turned out that the Hikari clan had allied with the Kaguya clan and had become their vassals, which was entirely unexpected.

And even Asura was only able to survive after he lured the enemies who were after him, trying to take his head, into the jungle and launched a sneak attack on them.

He took his katana, covered in blood and with many cracks on it, and started to head towards the direction of the Namikaze clan's territory to inform them about the loss. He was pretty sure someone from the clan's high command was the one who leaked the plan.

The plan, by the way, was made by Asura himself and took him nights of sleep to devise. He had to ensure no other clan could help the Hikari clan, and he even spent his own money to gather information about the exact strength of the Hikari clan's army.

So it was only right for him to hunt down the one who leaked the plan.

"Let's first skin the traitor, then stone him to death, and then put all of his family into a cage and throw in a hundred snakes," Aeterna said as she followed Asura while flying.

She was able to keep pace with Asura easily, even though he was from the Namikaze clan's direct bloodline, which was famous for being the fastest. Though not all members of the Namikaze clan were as fast as Asura.

Asura remained silent, his jaw clenched in determination. He knew he had to take swift and decisive action to maintain his clan's honor and to ensure such betrayal never happened again.

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